Kobe Bryant can score seven years in the face of tall people, and his athletic ability is still at its peak. He didn’t change hands when he dribbled in front of his body easily, which directly broke the national humiliation.

Ji Guo was ashamed to slide and move the opponent so easily. It was his intention that he kept the right breakthrough route and let Kobe break through from his left side smoothly. He helped him fill the position when he knew his brother would.
Black Mamba didn’t doubt how he thought that the two twins across the street had already arranged it in their hearts. It was unscientific to defend him.
In the cheers of Lakers fans, Kobe dribbled quickly to the threesecond zone and then bumped into Ji Guoqiu.
The two brothers cooperated tacitly, and the timing of the doubleteam was just right. In an instant, Kobe Bryant was blocked at the baseline and surrounded the Lakers No.24.
When people are surrounded by two line players who are seven feet tall and look exactly the same, they will inevitably panic and contribute a mistake. Kobe Bryant is still calm. Peter Pan knows that he has been tricked. Although he doesn’t know how the other side did it, he knows that there is absolutely no chance for the ball to attack the basket, and the ball will be broken. At this critical moment, he chooses to smash the ball into Ji Guo’s enemy’s foot and pop it out of bounds.
Kobe’s wit saved him from the embarrassment of threesecond violation, but there was not much left when the team attacked, and they still had seconds to complete an attack
At the moment, Deng Liwei felt that it was a wise choice for him to arrange two brothers to start. If Kaman changed the ball, Kobe would definitely attack the basket.
Kobe looked at the two brothers with interest. It was the first time he faced a twin opponent. It was very interesting. Just now, the defense made him feel scared. These two little guys were a little weird.
The Lakers reserve. This time, after Kobe received the ball, he sent it directly to the line, allowing Shaq to fight against the country.
Ji Guoqiu has long wanted to try this little shark. How much is it?
Bynum had five seconds left when he received the basketball attack. He immediately leaned back and squeezed Ji Guoqiu by strength, and then stepped on the restricted area line to shoot with a small hook.
Ji Guoqiu felt a strong attack on his opponent’s 275pound weight, and he still managed to cope with this by making his body stiff for a moment.
Get out of here!
Ji Guo’s shame didn’t know when he threw himself away. The defender rushed to the basket from the weak side. His left hand propped himself up on his brother’s shoulder and raised his takeoff height. His right hand blocked the finger tip with one hand and dialed out Bynum’s hook shot.
The fans were scared to death, especially the Lakers fans.
What’s the situation? Can a center with a height of 213m show a small hook and be flown out by a frontal fan? Lakers fans are unbelievable, especially the frontrow stars. At this time, I don’t know whether they are fighting for the camera or really being shocked. They have shown their superb acting skills. Various expressions of gods have appeared in these Hollywood stars’ faces. Now let’s see who is good at acting. It’s clear at this time who is grandiose in acting.
Charles barkley laughed in the live broadcast. Look at these stars’ expressions. They are so grandiose and do too much. Haven’t they seen Jabbar oneonone and been built by Chamberlain? Is it any wonder that Bynum learned from Jabbar’s success and was taken away? I can do it.
品茶Big ass despises sitting in the front row but not really watching the ball. Hollywood stars don’t forget to brag about themselves.
Clippers fans really like it more and more. The tacit cooperation between the two brothers and two people has made their opponents return in the basket more than once. They have become the patron saint of Clippers basketball. Excellent defense has made fans temporarily forget the despair caused by Brand’s injury because they have new hope.
The Lakers’ two consecutive attacks failed, and the Clippers turned around and covered the low ball, giving Maghetti a short chance.
Castle’s ball fell to the former player in time, and Maghetti quickly shot the basketball and fell to the basket accurately.
Maghetti scored the Clippers’ goal, leading the Lakers 50.
The scene shot gave Jackson a closeup at this time, and the expression of KFC’s master made people unable to see his true emotions.
Bryant took the initiative to ask for the ball and then attacked with it himself.
Lakers fans know that Kobe Bryant is going to show off. Jackson is not satisfied with the players on the court. You can’t see the murderous face of the black mamba, but you can see it at a glance.
Bynum took the initiative to pick and roll the Lakers. At this time, it is no longer a triangle attack. Sometimes it is more effective to play singles.
Mobry was blocked by Bynum’s generous body, and the boss put the old cat through a clean life with an acceleration, and immediately delayed Bryant’s teammates to win time.
Kobe Bryant has seen that these two twins have a tacit understanding and doubleteam speed. He didn’t go deep into the basket this time, so he didn’t get caught in the pie again. At the high position, he immediately stopped playing and flashed a file to quickly throw a basketball.
No one can stop Peter Pan from scoring this time except the basket!
The basketball hit the rim of the basket and popped up. Ji Guojiao gave Bynum an elbow in the basket and easily grabbed the rebound. The Lakers still didn’t score.
Ji Guo was ashamed to grab the rebound and immediately counterattacked the Cassell Clippers. Ji Guoqiu and Maghetti and Mobry rushed to the Lakers’ halfcourt Clippers for a threeline fast break.
The Lakers retired from defense. Who would have thought that Ji Guoqiu, a center, could directly break with the defender?
Bynum is still annoyed that he didn’t grab the rebound, complaining to the referee that he was taken by the root and didn’t notice that his opponent had already reached his own basket.
Although Kobe watched Mobry, there was a jordan farmar beside Chou He and Maghetti of Ji State.
Castle didn’t go as fast as the three men. He found the tall Ji Guoqiu, who took two steps to catch the ball and threw it at the other basket. Maghetti flattered and rushed to the middle to catch the basketball. Farmar defended the ball and slammed it into the basket with both hands.
Du …
Jordan farmar’s lack of calm defense not only failed to stop the Clippers from attacking, but also sent Maghetti a twoplusone chance
The Lakers field was beaten: 7. If the penalty was scored, it would be: Staples Arena. Lakers fans found it hard to believe that no one expected this result before the game. What did md say about the fish maw?
Jackson can’t help but call off the attack at this time. It’s good to say, but the team’s poor defense makes him sit still. The Diaoyutai players are too slow to retreat on the spot. This is the way to win, even if it is a fish like the Clippers.
The clippers didn’t know that Zen master was motionless, but they still defined them as fish maw.
Do you know what the Lakers’ defense is called? This kind of defense can be called Swiss cheese with many holes in it. How can you win the game by this kind of defense? Charles barkley laughed at kenny smith in the live broadcast.
At the end of the timeout, the Lakers didn’t make any substitutions, but the players looked more serious. I don’t know what it was like on the court
Chapter 26 Angry Little Shark
The Lakers players returned to the court and completed a triangle tactical attack. Kobe got a chance at the free throw line through the ball cover, and no one around him exaggerated.
Ji Guoqiu was blocked by Odom in the threesecond zone, and Mobry had already changed to the bottom corner before that. Kobe Bryant made an easy jumper and scored two points to help the Lakers get the first point today.
The crowd of Lakers fans immediately broke into huge cheers, and Clippers fans secretly despised didn’t you just get two points? Make it look like a winner.
When the Lakers get serious, it’s the Clippers’ two backcourt veterans, Cassel and Mobry, who are facing their opponents on the defensive end like calcium deficiency. Mobry is better, but Cassel is too old, and he is facing jordan farmar with outstanding athletic ability. Although the latter sometimes seems to be very brainy in the timing of attack, at the age of 3, Cassel can watch the other side get into the line once he encounters a strong attack.
Ji Guoqiu focused most of his attention on blocking the other side’s outside breakthrough, which gave Bynum a chance.
More than minutes in the first quarter, Shark got the best chance of the game. Ji Guoqiu was attracted by Kobe Bryant’s breakthrough and left the restricted area. Shark received Kobe Bryant’s relay in the basket.
In this way, Superman Howard would have poured the basketball into the basket in the middle of the game, but the little shark’s sluggish ability and waist and abdomen strength were not good. He first caught the ball and then prepared to take off again, so that he could pour the basketball hard and get the first point of his game.
However, Bynum’s tragedy is that he didn’t directly pour basketball into the basket. He jumped up and dunked after landing, which gave Ji Guo a chance to make up for the shame. The latter small forward moved two strides back to the basket, stretched out a pair of ape arms and a big hand full of strength, and slapped the little shark hardarm!
I heard a clear and huge handprint appear on Bynum’s thick forearm, and the shark was hit by it. The basketball player didn’t know where to fly, and the whole arm seemed to lose consciousness.
The referee decisively punished Ji Guo’s humiliating thugs for fouling Bynum’s five clear handprints on his arm, saying how his master was hit.
Bynum covered his arms with numbness and glared at Ji Guo’s shame, but the latter gave him a pleasant smile, which made Bynum almost run away!
Ji Guo’s humiliation was definitely deliberately played back in slow motion, so Lakers fans immediately sent out boos to this hateful China.