I nodded approvingly. You really haven’t been in vain in recent years. Although we are marching very fast, we haven’t forgotten to pay attention to the surrounding environment. If we can win this battle, we must remember a great achievement.

He touched his nose. The subordinate follows the master and is responsible for spying on the terrain with the bodhi old zu almost every time. Of course, he should pay more attention when he stays in Luoyang this time, otherwise he will be laughed at when he returns.
I ha ha a smile and asked, where did you say the place was? Can you point it out to me in the picture? I clapped my hands and placed a simple map of Nanyang.
He leaned in and stretched out his hand in two counties. It’s in Bowang County, Tuyang County. The locals call it … 45 Li Bowangpo.
Bowangpo? My eyes lit up
Yes, he nodded to confirm, Speaking of which … when Liu Xie moved the capital at that time, he was attacked by a mountain thief in Bowangpo and suffered heavy casualties.
I carefully looked at this extremely simple map. Is it dozens of miles away from sunset gathering here?
Not more than fifty miles, Sun Wen answered.
There was a burst of light in my heart. A day ago, Huang Zu disappeared in Juancheng, which is located in the northeast of Nanyang County, about 120 miles away from Bowangpo. If he wants to return to Wancheng to attack me, it is the most convenient choice to pass through Bowangpo.
In Wen Pin, Wu has traveled more than five hundred miles here, and I’m afraid he won’t be able to catch it.
Eric, I told him, It’s still the same thing. You should take people near Bowangpo early in the morning. First, carefully survey the terrain to ensure mistakes. Second, be alert nearby and report back as soon as the enemy meets.
Yes! He throws his fist heavily.
Don’t be careless, I finally told him.
Yes! He bowed down and took a small step out of the big account.
I finally breathed a sigh of relief and smiled at the map.
Bowangpo … You decide where Nanyang County belongs!
41. The flames are soaring at Bowangpo.
On February 26, I arrived at Bowangpo unsteadily for half a day.
The ecological environment in this era really can’t be said that there are endless lush forests on both sides of the long and narrow soil slope.
This is really a good place to set fire.
But it’s a pity that my 10 thousand cavalry don’t have so many flammable materials except dry food.
Responsible for supplying Huangfugu. I will meet you in the day, but we can’t set fire to a few supplies, can we?
After simple thinking, I simply gave up the fire attack tactics because of lack of necessary fuel.
It is said that … After three days of selfcultivation, Jun was finally able to speak. Although Jingzhou foot soldiers lack cavalry, they are especially good at crossbows. Bows are the enemy of war horses. Please be absolutely careful when charging.
Jia Mu couldn’t help but laugh at I don’t know which army can be stronger than our butch flying army … Although the slope is not big, it’s high in the south and low in the north, and I’m afraid they can’t shoot us.
Master! Sun Wenzheng flew in from the north. This place is not suitable for war!
I was startled. What’s the matter?
He stopped his horse ten feet away in front of me. There are a lot of hay pushed in the Woods here. I’m afraid the enemy has been prepared!
My heart sank and the enemy was not stupid!
And … these days … the northeast wind has been blowing around here! He poured cold water on me again.
northeast wind? Fazheng’s face is still as white as paper. Are the enemy ready to set fire?
桑拿会所Please ask your master to immediately withdraw the army south! Sun Wen fuels way
Still have to wake him up? Liang Cong has rushed towards Lu Bu, who is ahead.
Exit Bowangpo! I turned the horse’s head around to prepare to lead the army to retreat.
Master, wait a moment! Guo Jia reached out and stopped me. Don’t play along?
Oh? My eyebrows shook. Is there any clever plan for filial piety?
He first turned to Sun Wen and asked, Did Brigadier Sun find the enemy’s whereabouts?
Sun Wen’s face doesn’t look good. I was discovered by enemy scouts when I first arrived at Bowangpo, so I can conduct a simple search on this place …
Guo Jia sighed now that you have been found that …
Before he finished his sentence, flames burst into flames in the Woods on both sides of the north road.
Then retreat quickly! He raised his whip and slapped it hard on the horse’s ass
Lyu3 bu4 troops have also turned around and accelerated their retreat towards the south.
Today, the northeast wind is not too strong, but it is ready. I am afraid that Jingzhou Army has prepared a lot of fuel. In an instant, most of Bowangpo has turned into a latosolic red.
However, because I asked Sun Wen to explore the road before, my large army stopped at the southernmost tip of Bowangpo, and it was not deep into the dense forest, so it was quickly withdrawn.