The purest Xiao Zhao quickly clarified himself that Xiao Zhao has not been’ United’ …

Ma Dai also marked the position that the younger brother will not.
My body knows nothing Cai Yan is still in doubt.
Jia Mu saw that the suspect was left alone and said timidly, Little brother … I don’t have the guts …
I completely believed them and turned my attention to Jia Yu.
She gave a slight groan of remorse.
Sister Yu, if you don’t know how to offend you, why don’t you put it on the table? I am sincere and honest
There are three sins, she recited.
I have listed the public charges so quickly?
First, all things that are not honest are paid to the officials themselves.
I suddenly wondered what this had to do with you. At most, your father will complain about the situation. He should have nothing to complain about doing his own work …
Second, life is corrupt and I don’t know how to behave when I am immersed in powder all day.
Hey, hey, hey … You don’t let me have fun when I’m newly married?
Third, she paused and emphasized, pretending to know and never teaching me poetry!
桑拿I was speechless. … I can accept the first and second points … the third point is simply out of thin air!
In fact, the first and second points are just sophistry!
She confidently said, You are full of poems. Every time I ask you questions, you refuse? !”
… your grandfather and father are both literate. Why do you have to ask me a teenager who is wet behind the ears? I’m puzzled.
Her face showed a trace of anger, reddish and charming. I’m going to ask you, why don’t you answer? !”
I can’t laugh or cry. Brother is not a Confucian scholar. I never ask for a solution. If you can explain it in detail?
You still chicanery? !” She has already characterized the case as I can hear children reading some poems you wrote in the street. Do you dare to deny it?
… Poems? I wondered, What poem? Although I have a lot of manuscripts, I take them out to practice my handwriting every day in my room. It should be impossible for me to have a chance to flow into the society, right?
There are geese, rainloving, farmersloving, etc. She bit her teeth. There is also an article that is said to be written by Cai’s adult personally and called … Recalling Jiangnan !
I can’t help shaking my shoulders.
Cai Yanjiao said, So you asked your father to copy poems for you … when?
I wiped my sweat and explained this interesting and complicated question once again. You have to understand that poetry needs emotional accumulation, not that you big ladies let me write now and I can write a bargain.
Jia Yu’s face softened slightly. When will you have feelings?
You can’t tell. Maybe I will have it as soon as you leave … I took the opportunity to fight back.
She did not move at all, but she was keenly aware of my true schematic diagram. You are still refusing! Give me the poem quickly!
It’s hard for me not to write poetry. She has to see it. Poetry shows that what I said before is contrary to the concept
And as I said, even if I recite it, I’m not that strong …
Jia Yu saw that I didn’t have the sincerity to bite my teeth and said, Little Mu, go! Dumped his sleeves and left.
Jia Mu hurriedly threw a sword and followed his sister home to eat food.
I sighed and asked Cai Yan back, Why are some people always so stubborn and unwilling to believe me?
Cai Yan smiled. … maybe it’s because she hasn’t married you and doesn’t know you?
Hey, hey, don’t say that, it will make others misunderstand. I remembered what she just said.
Misunderstand what? Cai Yan doesn’t care. Even a fool can see that she cares about you very much, right, Xiao Zhao?
Xiao Zhao gently nodded. Xiao Zhao … is like this.
I finally zheng to consider this matter.
Jia Yu is the eldest daughter of Jia Xu, and she is also regarded as a treasure by the couple on weekdays. Jia Xu is his daughter in the palm of my hand, and I should be more polite.
But I have married Cai Yan’s wife to lower Jia Yu by one level. I always feel that Jia Xu may not agree.
I’m so worried every night now. If I add another person, I’m afraid I’ll be divided into a place when I’m precious.
I’m still young, but I’ve never given much thought to the arduous task of succession.
Chapter sixtyone Literary giant breaks the rules
Putting the brush aside, I shamelessly praised myself.
Sister, do you think my word has improved?
Cai Yan smiled with a roll of Chu Ci. Are you too impatient? I have only practiced for two or three days. Where can it be so fast?