"I’ll be right there," she whispered with a slight tremor. She was going to see Liu Wentao, and she was throwing caution to the wind.

"Where have you been? I’ll pick you up. "
"No, I’ll be there soon." Now that I’ve decided to go, I’ll go there at once. Tonight, she must know that An Zehuan has fallen.
"I’ll pick you up and tell me which way you came?"
Lan Jingyi swept the road outside the car. She knew that when she was still guarding the marriage, she had to pass this road "Yuqing Road" several times every week.
"I drive that black BMW license plate number. Remember to stop the driver if he finds out."
"Good" listening to Liu Wentao’s pleasant sound, her mood is not pleasant at all, and her heart is heavy
He came in the opposite direction and asked her to stare at one side of the car. He should recognize his car at a glance.
Once they were husband and wife, she was his wife, but now that share is so far away, but she can’t erase the identity that they used to be together.
At that time, I didn’t know whether she was crazy or he hated it too much, so that two people came to this stage today.
The night is already deep.
Master went back to Jiang’s house, but she wanted to go back to the home where she had been.
Looking out of the window in the flashing neon lights, nothing seems to be true. Those lights always flash across the hospital bed. Jiang Junyue’s sleeping face seems to comfort her. He is really sleeping.
He sleeps or sleeps.
Tilting gives me strength to carry me through every moment, and we have to be together
She doesn’t hate him about dad.
She hates God for messing with people.
It rang at this moment. It was Liu Wentao, but when I picked it up, I didn’t know if it was mother Lanqing.
"Mom wants to see me?" Her voice is hoarse, and every minute is suffering for her.
"Yi Yi, I know you are busy, and I know that something was wrong with Jiang Gu’s lacrosse, but mom still has something to tell you." As if she hesitated for a long time, she said these things in one breath.
"Mom, you said"
"Mom wanted to visit your father’s hometown when she was young. She got up with me the other day when your uncle Liu came. Mom knows you are busy, but she still wants to see the place where your father lived since childhood. Mom doesn’t know how long she can live, so she wants to go early. Do you think you can come back and take care of the children and let mom go?"
"Mom …" Where can she spare the time now? She has too many things to deal with.
"I knew you wouldn’t agree, but I promised you that day, Liu Bobo. I’ll wait for you and LaCrosse for a few days, and you’ll have time. But look at this situation. I’m afraid you won’t have time for ten days and a half, but I …"
"Mom, can you not make trouble for me? It’s not like looking for my dad. It’s just a visit to his hometown. Can’t you wait for a while? I promised you it would be good for half a month. "She was slightly angry. She is suffering like this now, and her mother has to give her snow and frost. But Lan Jingyi has no confidence at all. She is not sure whether Jiang Junyue will wake up after half a month.
"No, I have already agreed with you that I will leave these days. You should try to find someone to take care of the children yourself. It’s not that I’m cruel, but that I can’t break my promise." Lan Qingyin was harsh and made Lan Jingyi really naive.
I bite my teeth and then loosen my teeth until my lips are blue. "I went back early to take care of the children myself, and I have to bother my mother for one night tonight."
"Well, that’s it. Mom didn’t mean to force you. She really didn’t want to break her promise." Lanqing accepted her promise.
"Mom, let’s do this first. I have something to do outside. I’ll meet you someday. You must wait until I get back before you leave, okay?" Or do you think something is wrong with mom? Why don’t you let Qin Qin and Zhuang Zhuang go to dad’s hometown at this time?
But her mind is chaotic enough now, and she really has no mind to guess what her mother is going to do.
She is so tired.
I forgot to stare at the opposite Liu Wentao car when I said something leisurely.
Fortunately, the man came as soon as the words hung up. "Jingyi, I didn’t see you all the way through the gym? I can’t get through to you. "
"Master, have we passed the stadium?" She looked at the neon lights outside so bright that she couldn’t tell where the outside was.
"It’s over."
Er, it’s just a speech. Lu Wentao is really fast. "Master, please stop in front. Thank you."
"Wentao, I’ll wait for you by the roadside."
With the words, the car paid the fare, and neither of them hung up. His side was Bluetooth, but her side just wanted to see him quickly. She was anxious to go home and take care of those two little things after many things were done.
But is she really going to be his Liu Wentao woman tonight?
Jiang Junyue is not inferior to that man at all, but some feelings in this world are like this, which makes no sense. If she doesn’t love him now, she just doesn’t love him.
That’s what you can’t do by forcing yourself.
Neither of them spoke. She was a quiet tree. At night, the wind was a little cool, and she trembled slightly. Her hands brushed her long hair and fell back. Looking at the cars passing by, how fast did he drive? How quickly did he pass her taxi?
Finally, two beams of car lights pricked her eyes, and a black BMW stopped slowly. A car door had hung up at her feet and he sat in the driver’s seat and looked at her.
Isn’t she going?
If so, she really doesn’t want to go.
But she has no reason not to think that she must go to the man who is sleeping in the hospital bed.
Gently take a seat and move your arms over. Liu Wentao personally buckled the safety belt. "I’m too old to take care of myself."
"Well," there is a warm current flowing through my heart. If only he had said these words to her at that time, she would not have gone out to drink, met Jiang Junyue and wouldn’t have today.
Is she stupid?
But even being stupid is her choice.
It’s warm in the car, but she feels cold, and her face is getting paler and paler. "Your father is taking my mother to a place, do you know?" She now finds that Liu Wentao is really exquisite and knows so many things that she can’t believe it.
"Yeah, I heard."
Oh, it turns out that everyone knew about it, so she kept it from herself. "Do you know my father’s hometown?"
桑拿会所She suddenly felt that she had failed her father. She didn’t know that these mothers hadn’t told her, and she didn’t know who to ask, so she never knew.
"That where? Is it far from the city? " What kind of place is that? Is that the kind of remote mountain village that flashed through my mind at this moment?
"It’s more than two thousand kilometers away."
"In the mountains?"
"Is it beautiful there?"