"I wish you’d come. There’s one thing you need to decide."

"oh? What is it? "
"Look, you gave this drawing this position."
I looked down at the place pointed by the architect. Fortunately, I was exposed to the knowledge of architecture. At first glance, I couldn’t help wondering, "How can there be such a strange pattern here? What does this picture represent? "
"Elegant president, this is the problem we are arguing about. Nine of them said that this thing could not be built, otherwise it would affect the balance of the game system, and that it is not within the scope of architects’ work, but I don’t think so. This is a rare opportunity. If this thing is made by several of us, it will be a lasting achievement."
After hearing so much, I asked strangely, "What is that in that?"
"That is different from the unified resurrection device!"
"What?" As if I didn’t hear you clearly, is it different from the unified resurrection device? Is this necessary? Will the player come back to life after his death? "What’s the matter?"
"Elegant president, you don’t know. It’s up to you to build this thing and register the players here and then resurrect and demote. Isn’t it up to you? This is a terrible thing. If there is another kind of equipment to cooperate with it, it can be upgraded after death. "
"Isn’t it? So b? It’s too strong to be resurrected after death … What do you say that thing is? "
"I don’t know if this is inferred from the drawings, but it’s also a terrible thing. You can adjust it to a death experience of 1%."
I came here for nothing when I heard this. This is really a treasure. What are you afraid of? "Then what do you ask? Go and make it. "
"But one of me agrees that the nine old fogies won’t do anything."
"Then you can’t do it alone?"
"This project is too complicated. If I do it alone, I may not be able to finish it in half a year, but with the nine antiques together, I can make it in one week when I need games, and it will take about two weeks to build Liancheng and’ Forbidden Heaven’. It is very important to get their support."
I turned to the nine venerable antiques and asked them, "Why don’t masters build this thing?"
One person said, "It’s all against the chorus. If you build this thing, the balance of the game will be completely tilted, which is unfair to other players."
Shit, you really are a great scholar, philanthropist? I can’t help but nu way "you say that is not the right game balance? Which game has been balanced? If you want money, people outside are different. Can you remit money to buy good equipment to play? Is it fair to start from the lowest level without money? "
"Is it fair for a player to offend a strongman in a game and be hunted down by someone?"
"Is it fair that you are designed to be architects in the game and those who are designed to become monsters are hacked and killed every day?"
I sneer at that a few guy I said a stay a stay finally throw’ n * * * *’ and said, "I believe you don’t know that your Teana host is being imprisoned by a plane Jade Emperor, right? And this was built to save her. How dare you not build it? Huh? "
When those nine people listened to the last sentence, their faces turned white and they joked that they were as good as their biological parents. Then what is there to say? Since the parents are lifesavers, nine people must make a unanimous decision at the same time to complete the construction of Liancheng and Tiandian as soon as possible, and also complete the biggest thing, Player Resurrection Device!
品茶论坛It’s so gullible of me to snicker at NPC, even if I don’t know whether it’s true or not. It seems that these people’s intellectual development is biased and thrown into technology.
Chapter VII Bart Wind
"Escape or don’t go. After all, I’m no match here before the old Dalian." Chris said carefully behind me.
"What are you afraid of? I’m here to explore the road and really want to fight. Of course, I won’t be stupid enough to challenge the top BOSS alone, although this is also your father’s command!"
"But this is not a place where players can break through."
"Silk son when are you so timid? Have you forgotten that I can be invisible? It would be nice if we moved forward invisibly. "
"But ~"
"It’s okay, it’s okay. Go back to your pet. I’m lurking."
I am carefully close to the broken wall. There are often ghost swordsmen patrolling in the green light. Fortunately, the ghost swordsmen belong to the soul class, not the dark class. Because of any stealth skills, all the dark monsters are effective. However, there are still invisible monsters in the ancient city that can be seen through, like small demons with demon eyes. The more agile you are, and the more powerful your attack is. The rogue ronin has puppet manipulation skills, puppet dolls and the strongest abyss knight. These are all on the first floor of the ancient city hall, and I’m going to the second floor of the fourth floor of the ancient city hall. Besides, I heard Chris’s father say that there have been traitors in the game, which means that most of the top bosses have been biased towards him because of his will, and there are only NPC, queen ant, orc hero and moonlit cat left in Teana. The Dark King, the Tiger King, the Pirate Captain, and the Egyptian King osiris have betrayed two of the three super BOSS in another higher level, and they have all surrendered to’ he’, leaving only the Snow Queen with one person to top two people. This is my special status (maybe a son-in-law) to know the secret news.
And now I’m going to Bart Wind’s home on the fourth floor of the ancient city. Bart Wind belongs to a special monster in the game. He is not under unified management. It can also be said that he was not made by Teana host, but made a top BOSS. Somehow, such a monster came out again, and his ability is among so many top bosses. Moreover, he didn’t show his attitude, said he didn’t support or support things, and hung up constantly.
I really want to know what kind of monster he is. My curiosity made me decide to sneak in and have a look.
I remember coming to the ancient city several times, bypassing many magical things on the second floor, and then coming to the second floor. Bart’s wind was discovered by magical things, but even so, the strong muscles and some horrible scars on his face made him feel cold and cruel.
"Welcome to come. I especially strengthened my patrol today. I didn’t expect anyone to come to the second floor. It seems that the guy in the abyss needs to be’ educated’ again."
As soon as I got close, I realized that Bart’s wind was so high that I was not as high as his knees. Regardless of his skills, magic, for example, was strong enough for physical attacks.
"Mr. Butterfield, how did you know I was coming today?"
"The guy in Tokdarcy said."
Before I could sigh out, Chris suddenly appeared and shouted, "What? Father, since he knows you, why did he tell Yi to come in with a cautious face? "
Butterfield said a few words to a monster around him and then turned to us and said, "How do I know what he wants? But he told me that he would bring me an opponent. I haven’t had enough fun for a long time. Whoever you are, fight with me first. I have driven all the monsters on the second floor to the other floor."
Chris and I looked at each other. No wonder Tokdarcy should be careful. It’s killing me. How can I beat the top BOSS alone? He’s better than Chris when he was an NPC. Think about that trick [red hand] of Tianjin Chris and that there was no need to sing all kinds of large magic. Chris later told me her secret trick [mission of heaven], but now these skills are so many that I can’t even do it without singing. Of course, it is impossible to cry when I think about it.
Bart wind finished, no matter whether I promised or not, I was almost unstable when my feet touched the ground for a perfect 1-degree arc. This guy actually demonstrated to me from the beginning, and I was so competitive that I was afraid of you.
Take out the The Hunger ring and throw the The Hunger ring at will to stay near my body. Now I can remotely control the The Hunger ring with my mind, and then take out the leader sword and the Orc Hero Shield. Of course, the Orc Hero Shield has inserted the’ Goddess Crying Blood Card’ at this moment, and I have tried that trick [Crying Blood Curse], which is really not a general skill.
I don’t have the super jumping ability of Bart’s wind, but I have the angel Polly who spreads her wings and flies straight to the second floor with her head held high for 9 degrees, and makes a 45-degree oblique rush to cross the Orc hero shield with the dive force, and the front leader sword presses the shield horizontally with the other hand.