She must remember that place deeply, too.

Jiang Junyue jumped out of the car and drove to the commotion. The speed was still too slow to be slower. Seeing that it was coming soon, not far after Lan Jingyi returned the car, he was relieved and jumped into the commotion.
I ordered the strongest and strongest wine, but I didn’t go to any box. I drank it in the hall, but I drank a bottle, poured three bottles and drank a little. When Lan Jingyi came in, Jiang Junyue picked up the bottle and drank a little, and sent it to his lips as if it were cold and white. I had to drink a bottle more or less, otherwise it would be fake even if I was drunk.
Super dazzling neon flashing commotion is still crowded as usual. Men and women on the dance floor are shaking their bodies wildly, but Lan Jingyi’s eyes are quickly searching for the figure of that man. Even she doesn’t know what happened to her. She unexpectedly came with his car or she had already come in this direction. Anyway, she came to the commotion where she and Jiang Junyue first met.
After scanning for less than half a circle, Lan Jingyi found the man looking at him from a distance, but she was afraid to get ahead.
How did you get here and drink so much wine? There are several wine bottles on the table in front of him. Does he regard wine as water?
Because the baby is gone?
Because he and Lomevi’s baby are gone?
Lanjingyi heart suddenly hurt.
"Bring me wine again" compared with the daytime, he has changed into a light blue leisure suit, but it looks better with him. He can always hold her eye at a glance and make her unable to move away.
He seems to be drunk, and there is something wrong with that sound.
"Sir, are you drunk? Where do you live? I’ll have you go home. "Mr. Sheng went over and urged.
"Go away and bring me wine for a change. I want to drink wine …" He continued to roar and frantically. With a wave of his hand, the bottles immediately rolled from the desktop to the ground, and then others fell down as soon as they lay prone. It seemed that they were drunk.
Chapter 15 You bastard
It seems that you should have drunk before you came here, otherwise you can’t have drunk like this so soon after you arrived.
Lan Jingyi suddenly felt a little distressed, wiped her hands and quietly walked towards the man with wet eyes. She dared not see him when he was awake, but he was drunk now. Would you like her to see him?
"Tilt ….." She stopped beside him and called her eyes more worthless and wet.
"wine … I want wine …" I felt a small hand fall on my shoulder, and the man’s self-esteem was more or less satisfied. Isn’t Lan Jingyi looking for him early and seeing the child long ago? This is really enough.
"You’re drunk, I’ll send you home." Lan Jingyi tried to help him up, but he really sank her. He had a hard time helping him up, paid for the drinks, and helped him stagger out. She just came, but she was leaving. She didn’t want to be so crowded and crowded. If he was found together, it would be bad for him and Lome Wei to get married. That’s her sin. She and he have no future, so she hopes he can be happy.
If he is happy, she will be happy. It seems that her happiness is to build his happiness.
Helping him get out of the car, he stumbled and fell into the back seat of the car. She took his car keys and sat in the driver’s seat. He was drunk and it was hard for her to send him back. It was really a coincidence that she deliberately asked him to contact him. It was a coincidence that they lost two children together.
Focusing on driving behind the car, Jiang Junyue was busy. First, he sent a text message to Jiang Han, and then deleted all the text messages he had just sent. Only then did he change the silence into a bell and throw it aside.
Soon Jiang Junyue rang very harshly, which made the carriage change from quiet to noisy. Lan Jingyi turned around and picked it up, then hurried to drive and glanced at it quickly. The name Jiang Han flashed on the surface, which was a name she was familiar with.
As soon as her heart jumped, she looked back and saw that Jiang Junyue seemed to be asleep. She couldn’t help but pick it up. "Is there any news from the children?" Urgently ask the past, my heart is pounding badly.
"You are …" Jiang Han know perfectly well past ask quite cooperate Jiang Junyue can’t Jiang Junyue now is his uncle Jiang Han.
"I’m Lan Jingyi, Xiao Qinqin. Did my daughter find the children?"
"Oh, I found two and sent them to the president’s small apartment together." Jiang Hanyin trembled a little. Everything went so smoothly that he couldn’t help but wonder if the uncle who was eavesdropping at the other end was stealing at this time.
"Thank you … thank you …" Lan Jingyi hung for a whole day and finally let go. At this time, the voice trembled and became her instead of Jiang Han.
"Can you please give the message to Jiang … Jiang Zong?"
"Oh, he’s drunk. I’ll send him back." Glancing back, Jiang Junyue and Lan Jingyi are excited that the three of them will be reunited.
One is missing, one is missing, her baby is missing, and her favorite baby is missing. Where are you?
At this moment, she couldn’t wait for the car to grow wings and fly with her and this man to the children.
The night was soft and lovely black, as if it had been dyed with a touch of light or thick ink. Lamborghini rushed to the place where she wanted to go. This night, she didn’t care about anything. She wanted to go there and bring her daughter back. A family of three suddenly quietly.
An old song is playing in the station.
ChouHuei’s I really want to love you.
Some people are emotional and forgetful. I loved your heart forever.
I really want to love you. This sentence can be hidden into a secret. The rain outside the window repeatedly touches the traces of your love. I really want to love you, but it’s no good …
夜网论坛So soft melody, so distracted, every word, Lan Jingyi shed tears, but she really wanted the woman he was holding hands with to be her.
I think it’s a mother
More like a woman.
The smell of wine wafts in or that’s where she used to live. She’s been wandering all the time.
Stop and wake up.
It is true that Jiang Junyue has never fallen asleep. Lan Jingyi’s speed represents a mother’s heart.
"Let’s go home." He’s drunk, so forgive her for her nonsense. She really regards it as their little home.
Jiang Junyue is enjoying her tenderness with his eyes closed. Is it because he is drunk that she will show her truest side in front of him?
Will she leave him with that little thing when she meets Xiao Qinqin?