This price is 5% higher than the level 30 monster blood price, but it is also within the normal price range.

The only thing that hurts the silence is that the bloody cage skill is to throw money.
4.5 gold coins at a time, that is, 4.5 thousand Chinese coins, should not be too extravagant
The only comfort for Chen Mo is that he can get back the bloody cage skill every time and make a lot of money. He doesn’t feel bad about spending it
One hundred to two hundred bottles!
After Ren kougyoku got a fright, he came to the spirit.
She can also negotiate the price with others when she buys so much, and she can negotiate the price a little lower. For example, she can earn thousands of Chinese coins when she accidentally trades with Chen Mo, and it takes only two or three hours at most.
If she can do this every day, it will be difficult for her not to send it.
Unfortunately, there are too few highquality customers like Chen Mo.
By the way, I have turned around for a while, and when I find the replacement equipment, the rear equipment will also trouble you to help me deal with it. Chen Mo thought for a moment and said hello to Ren kougyoku before.
No problem! Ren kougyoku is even more energetic.
She doesn’t know what the attribute is, but it’s definitely not easy to get his equipment from the back in the video.
喝茶约茶I can’t help but be full of expectations when I think about Ren kougyoku.
After contacting Ren kougyoku, Chen Mo went to Chisha City to find a monster to refresh and fight.
After the second turn, the player’s attributes have changed too much. The fourthlevel monster Chen Mo is also fighting for the first time.
The player’s attribute has increased greatly, but the monster’s attribute has increased still in the player.
Chen Mo has secret gold weapons, and the attributes of hand equipment are not bad. I don’t think these ordinary monsters are difficult to deal with when fighting, but it would be difficult for other players to kill these ordinary monsters.
Especially, it is not surprising that it is difficult for a player to kill a level 4 monster just after the second turn without changing his equipment.
However, this is a twoturn player who must go through the second turn and then go back to kill the level 4 monster, which will gain little experience and make it difficult to upgrade the level without killing the level 4 monster.
All the trap skills of Chen Moshen have been upgraded to advanced level. Chen Mo is familiar with the changes of physical attributes when fighting monsters, and mainly tests skills and agile attribute effects.
In addition to Chen Mo’s body trap skills, there are only vortex traps, blasting traps, bloody cages and cracks.
Let’s not talk about the crack skill, although it has risen to the advanced silence without even passing once.
Chen Mo’s main test is the two main trap skills: the bloody cage and the vortex trap.
After the skill of bloody cage was upgraded to advanced level, the range of bloody fog was increased from 4 meters to 45 meters, and the growth rate was increased by 5 meters.
The bloody fog lasted for three minutes, just as it did at first.
And the most important blood shadow doppelganger attack power is, of course, a rise, but ultimately to what extent Chen Mo is temporarily from the test.
There is a monster situation, and the fighting capacity of the blood shadow avatar is actually not too strong. There is a bloody fog, and the number of enemies has reached the awakening condition, and the blood shadow avatar will be truly reflected.
Another major trap, the vortex trap, rises to the advanced level, and the vortex radius in the center of the trap reaches 5 meters, and the suction radius reaches 1 meter. It is also quite satisfactory that the vortex suction lasts for 5 seconds.
In addition to the special effect of shock trap, the basic trap, the thorn trap and the shock trap are still very useful. The basic trap and the thorn trap do not rise to the advanced enemy trigger trap before they can hit 1% of the player’s skill damage. If Chen Mo has not solidified the skill in the body, he can directly trigger the damage by touching the enemy. These two traps can be abandoned.
The damage of single trap is low, and it is almost impossible to hit the enemy in normal combat.
After testing the trap skills, Chen Mo then tested the most agile attribute.
Testing agile attributes is mainly carried out in the outbreak of movement speed and attack speed.
It didn’t take much time for Chen Mo to have all the details in his heart.
Because Chen Mo will add 1 free attribute point to agile Chen Mo at each level, the agile attribute is not low now. There are more than 24 points and more than 24 points. Chen Mo enters the explosive state in the battle simply because of the explosive movement speed. If it can double the movement speed in 3 seconds, it is very powerful!
Simply entering the attack speed burst can nearly double the attack speed in 2 seconds.
If the movement speed and attack speed explode at the same time, it can last for about 1 second.
Assassins and warriors, as well as archers, will become more difficult.