Oh, Xin Xiaotian nodded. You are so unsure that there is no way to erase me from this world.

Bi Ke said angrily, It’s not that there is no selfconfidence or no way to do it, but it’s meaningless to do it. We have repeatedly calculated that even if you organize a fight behind you, but we can’t keep you, they will find another character and ability. You are very similar to people who urge her to do what you are doing now, and you can also achieve the expected goal according to what you are doing now. We can’t stop killing every goal they choose in the timeline, which will completely collapse the timeline. Second, based on the basic principles, erasing you will affect the development of the timeline to some extent. This need not be explained in detail.
Oh, you have explained it in detail. Thank you, so that I can have a bottom in my heart. Xin Xiaotian said politely
She thinks that Bi Ke is also very interesting, and she has the patience to tell her these things. Although her attitude and expression are always arrogant, she looks down on her as a stupid human being who knows the past and the future.
桑拿网At this time, the whole brain jumped out with a sentence, He guessed right. It’s really interesting to know yourself and know yourself. It’s also interesting to talk about all the possibilities. It saves a lot of practical actions, trying to save trouble and effort, but also talking about it.
Xin Xiaotian didn’t pick up the phone, but continued to listen to Bi Ke’s speech, so he also hid it. He was afraid that Xin Xiaotian’s brain waves would be connected for too long for fear that the other party would notice.
Bi Ke went on to say, The organization behind you is not afraid of being changed in the future because what they want is to change and change the development process of human history, and they are fearless in what they do; And we want to protect the only ending and the same ending. We are tied behind our hands. This is not that we are stupid. We have tried every means to calculate all the possibilities, but we can do this because of the conditions.
Bi Ke found a rigorous, advanced, French refutation and very reasonable annotation for their braindead lines again and again.
Socalled pride to the extreme, even if the association members are defeated, they will not bow their heads, and they will not bow their heads to find their faces:
Chapter two hundred and sixtysix Give you ten million dollars.
When Xin Xiaotian heard this, she said, Actually, this is a problem for you. It is necessary to work so hard to persuade me to give up. It is better for you to give up yourself.
Bi Ke smiled proudly and did not answer.
Li Keke took over and said, We will live because if we can’t guarantee the only ending, we will lose our future.
Xin Xiaotian smiled and got up and said, I know, hey hey, but if you succeed, there will be no future for mankind. You have only one way to go, but I can face it. Thank you for telling the truth and letting me know so much.
Now she thinks it’s quite interesting to talk with these two men and women. Besides the expression is very short, Bi Ke sometimes comes up with some seemingly philosophical words. Unfortunately, it is absolutely opposite to maintain the road. There is no compromise at the end of the timeline.
Bi Ke didn’t stop her from leaving, which means that she snorted and said, It’s true that you said that we are aliens lackeys and human traitors. It’s a pity that the culture and wisdom brought by aliens are far beyond your imagination. You will never see what is really powerful.
Xin Xiaotian replied without hesitation, But I believe that the future is brandnew, it will never be the only nature and it will not be what you want. How do you know that human beings are unable to develop very advanced culture?
Say that finish this sentence Xin Xiaotian squeezed out a smile at the two people and turned to leave the backyard and walked out of the teahouse.
She knew that the two men would not move.
At this time, the night is quiet, although you can’t see the starlight, it is also pleasant.
Qin Quanjiang came out of the teahouse with her hind feet and asked Xiaotian Are you okay?
Fortunately, nothing happened. Xin Xiaotian looked relaxed.
Nothing is good. Qin Quanjiang saw Xin Xiaotian’s reaction, so he didn’t say anything more, and he didn’t ask more. It should be that she had limited her.
The next day, Xin Xiaotian was finally able to put her energy to work again.
Due to the rapid expansion of the store, the recruiters have never stopped. The personnel in charge of personnel have already changed from Fang Mofang at first to four now. In recent days, Xin Xiaotian has completely separated the human resources department from the administrative department and become an independent department. Fang Mofang has naturally been promoted to the manager with three hands, who is busy recruiting people for various positions every day and digging around with headhunters.
Due to the experience of working as a craftsman before coming to Swift, my major was transferred from the slimming trade union shop to the administrative department as an administrative Commissioner.
A new administrative manager, manager Li, two employees of the administrative department and two surplus positions have also been recruited.
Xin Xiaotian never thought that she would recruit so many employees before. Although she often looked at some management classes in her previous shift, she is still afraid that her knowledge structure and management experience can’t keep up with the rapid development of the company. Therefore, Sister Qin specially invited several highly qualified teachers to give her an advanced management class.
The course schedule is very full, every night and every weekend.
After a class, Xin Xiaotian felt that it was awkward to listen to the class alone, so he also told Sun Jiashi and Ke Yiwan not to go to the vegetable field to do technical work, which led to coming to the class together.
After another two festivals, Xin Xiaotian suggested inviting the management of her company, Sun Jiashi, and the management of the company not to be forced to attend, so let them come and sit in sometimes.
So several of them listen to management courses together every night and study late.
This kind of feeling is like going back to school, especially going back to the residence together after class, just like going back to the dormitory together after studying at night at school.
I remember when I was at school, Xin Xiaotian occasionally envied the girls who were sent back to the dormitory door by her boyfriend every night. Now she finally experienced the feeling of being sent back to her residence after class.
The difference is that Sun Jiashi, an aunt who doesn’t look after her, can just come in and sit hee hee.
Manager Shang of the new store development and decoration department and his staff were also very helpful, and finally completed the Xin General Gym before the deadline.
It took a lot of effort to rent the first store, which was close to the business district, and it was completely opened; The manager of the second store was a bit tricky. They found out that the capital chain was broken in the middle of the renovation and no one wanted to take over the gym. It was very reasonable and the price was taken over. The third store is an old gym owner who wants to switch to plastic surgery business, so he transferred to the department for renovation and repurchase new equipment; The fourth and fifth are planned to open two gyms with the small commercial plaza of Xinke Company, one for men and one for women.
In this way, when Xin Xiaotian and Sun Jiashi bought the original Mermaid vest line gym together, Xin Xiaotian has six gyms.
Smooth and overfulfilled
When the night is quiet, it will be displayed in a unified way.
Congratulations on the completion of the unified 22 super fitness development plan.
It is difficult to evaluate the difficulty of opening five gymnasiums in the past six days according to your existing ideas; Complete the score of 95 points.
Mysterious reward rewards spend money, cash 10 thousand can be transferred to your personal account at will.
Extra bonus Super comfortable waistprotecting and fitness office chair N can be given to employees to make it a benefit you get for employees.
In addition, all previously rewarded items can apply for a limited amount at any time according to the needs of opening a store.
Xin Xiaotian was shocked when she saw 10,000, but she didn’t care to look at the last two sentences.
To be exact, she is happy and silly.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait,
How too many series deliberately teased her.
No, no, no Xin Xiaotian counted it again and couldn’t help feeling that so many are for me
You know, although she has made several huge sums of money before, it’s not really her money. It’s all for investment and operation, and this time, the 10 million is rewarded to her personally and she can spend it casually.