He slightly lowered his head. After coming out from Lombardi … I feel very annoyed … The adult world is really interesting.

Not far away suddenly burst into applause.
66 chatty
The referee signaled the intermission.
I lifted my clothes and wiped my forehead. My teammates were there together.
Master, will you still play a full game today? The sideline instructor asked
I nodded. There’s something to do anyway. You can change two strikers.
He also nodded and clapped his hands to signal the other substitutes to get ready.
Sitting on a makeshift bench, I took the warm water from the staff, and I raised my neck and gulped it down.
But playing three games in a row is not a loss to my physical strength.
What makes me feel a little tired is that I will face an unpredictable future.
Jia Xu has already left for Luoyang. Life and death and the future are out of my control. What else can I do besides playing football to vent my energy?
At the end of the break, I threw away my towel and headed into the stadium.
The two players on the opposite side are like things to me. I just hit their fragile defense line again and again. From striker to goalkeeper, it is just a dust on my way forward.
Each other’s fierce expressions have been automatically blocked by me, and my thoughts have already flown out for nine days.
Don’t even think about it! The last defender roared at me and shoveled me to the ground with all his strength.
I suddenly fell from the clouds and rolled seven times in the grass before I stopped.
You want to kick the dead! Our front line immediately picked up the defender. It’s not enough to kill your family if the young master is injured!
The other side is just a mass team. When the military scared him to tackle the ball, his murderous look immediately became injustice and panic, and he was afraid to speak.
It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter. Take back my mind. I made a roll and got up again. I was the main target of the other party a long time ago. In order to prevent being kicked off by the blackfooted people, I tied cowhide leggings to my calves in advance. I am old and magical, and I can’t do anything to protect myself.
The game continued, and I kicked the ball away.
After all, it’s flesh and blood with long legs or some weakness … I sighed.
The other team’s defense suddenly became more relaxed, and I got out of the encirclement of three people without any effort, and no one pressed forward to watch me shoot.
The goalkeeper stretched out his hands or chose to stay where he was and watch the ball roar across the goal line.
I patted my trouser legs and raised my hand to signal substitution outside the court.
桑拿网Didn’t you say you were going to play a full game? Instructor asked in wonder.
It’s no longer worthwhile for me to continue playing because my opponent is too timid to stop me. I took a look at the 40 players on the field, because my opponent seemed to regain some fighting spirit and became much more fierce.
Anyway, the overall situation has been decided. I swept the scoreboard opposite.
Twentythree ratio

Because the first round of the group match had already been held before, I surrendered to Yuan Shao and missed three more rounds (Qin Zhen Jia Mu and others made a bold claim to miss my goal gap while I was away). After these three chases, I finally scored more than 200 goalsbut according to the data analysis, Qin Zhen has a full 50 more goals than me, and even Yong Jia Mu has 20 more than me. I heard that there is a group of civilian shooters who are more than me.
I decided not to let them continue to be arrogant.
Before the first round of the group stage, I once again established the core of the game in the team and returned to the forward position. The goal was a wild shot.
At halftime, we shot thirtynine times and the score was thirtyfour.
I especially praised our midfielder for his persistent efforts at halftime.
They faithfully carried out my orders and continued to give me the ball department.
The score at the end of the game was 711.
Being slaughtered like never before, the other team almost collapsed and climbed the court.
There are twenty gaps in my Qin array, but it’s only a halfcourt gap.
At this moment of chatting, there is still a goal for me to pursue.
This is really more about things.

The final round of the group match is in the drum.
Because there are many teams with the same points in each group, I also let them compete at the same time by drawing lessons from previous life experience
The opponent is still a mass team.
I braced myself for the challenge, but the opponent lost his fighting spirit because he had already failed to enter the top two.
The whole process is worthless. The only regret is that the number of goals stopped at 93, and it failed to further break through a hundred goals in a single game.
For the first time, I finally surpassed Qin array and jumped to the 1364th place in China.
I felt the cruelty of the group stage for the first time when I watched my combative opponent leave the stage exhausted. Ten teams competed for the top two, and at least four teams had no hope for a long time, but eventually they had to play all the group stages …
I ordered a small reward for each team that was eliminated, and five big money for one person.
Don’t look down on these five coppers. A team can have 30 or 50 people. Finally, more than 300 teams will cost about 100 thousand yuan. Anyway, I can’t do it for a few days. I might as well throw some investment into the local football cause.
Speaking of millions of dollars left in the treasury, I suddenly want to help my successor spend them …
So I told Zhang Ji and Du Ji to buy some rice noodles and pork, and sent people to express condolences to the lonely, the old and the young in the village to help the grassroots people solve the most difficult problems (including helping the old houses and dangerous houses to be rebuilt, weeding the wasteland for the elderly, and digging wells and pumping water at the site). This time, the largescale rural activities lasted for ten days and all the expenses were close to 100,000.
In addition, Cheng Yu also suggested that canals should be treated at the edge of fields in various townships, and I simply handed them over to him to handle onetime expenses of 1.2 million.
When I wanted to build a military camp training ground again, Du Ji told me to stop.
Isn’t there more than two million? I still know about the library.
At least leave some money for Yi? He wry smile way and the horse will pay the soldiers …
I clap my head Bohou is right! I almost forgot such an important thing! Give more to the brothers this month?
Then pay fifty dollars for the foot soldiers? As soon as he raised the standard from thirty to fifty
Just one hundred people regardless of position! I’m a success. But it’s limited to butch riding soldiers.
I don’t have to leave with me. The soldiers in Zhaodi County make more money.
White Du Ji revealed a smile I’ll do it
I waved and he bowed down and backed out of the hall.
67 central defender Cheng Wu
On May 24th, the first round of the knockout was held in five counties of Zhao.
Considering the urgency of the time, the process of drawing lots for the precursors and then dividing the duel in the plan was temporarily changed, and the call was made after each division decided to be strong (the quota was allocated in proportion) to further save money.
Facing Pang Gan’s team, I left them in the top 32 without mercy.
The score is not ugly. Fortysix is more difficult than ten. Pang Gan can stubbornly score our goal more than a dozen times.
Jia Mu also lost in the direct confrontation in Xu Huangthis is the expected result.