I waved him away.

Bian Que, Zhang Zhongjing, Hua Tuo, Sun Simiao, and Li Shizhen were all famous for their superb medical skills, but they were lowranking people in the world. There were famous doctors and doctors in the royal yiguang in the past dynasties, but there was only one person who was able to stand tall and generous in later generations.
This is not to say that people are poor and ambitious, but that the combination of genius and decades of actual combat experience has created these few medical masters. Once they come up with officials, where will they have the time and opportunity to visit and accumulate experience?
I suspect that it destroyed a towering tree.
But I hope the skinny camel is bigger than the horse. Although he may not be a doctor, he should be able to treat a common variety of incurable diseases at least …
Zhang Zhongjing bowed deeply to me for three times and bowed down and left the living room.
Looking at his thin figure, I couldn’t help sighing again.
Gong Shuang’er flashed from the side room. What did he just say?
… he doesn’t want to be a medical officer, he wants to change his job … In fact, you heard everything hiding in the side room, didn’t you?
That’s not it, she said. What did he mean by that …’ Wanbi’?
My mouth suddenly bitter.
Is nobody interested? Shuang’er pouted.
Well, I gulped down my teacup and said gently, It’s getting late, Shuang’er. Go back to rest.
Her little face was full of meaning and she cried, Tell Shuang’er if you don’t say anything!
On weekdays, I occasionally help me out. Xiao Zhao is not around now. Seeing that today is over, I decided to explain to her euphemistically, This word means that my daughter’s family is innocent and has not been touched by other men.
I touched the bar and was very satisfied with this explanation.
Really? She blinked, puzzled. But Shuang’er has long been different!
What? !” I was frightened to disgrace and quickly asked, You, you, you, your sister! Who the hell is it? You hurry up!
Huh? She hung her head shyly and twisted her skirts with her fingers. It’s not bad for the minister!
I was even more amazed. Even your sister, I just met her a few days ago … it’s you!
Hum, you’re still playing dumb, she insisted. I don’t know how many times I’ve been touched by you!
Chapter sixtynine Be openminded and eager to learn little Liu Xie
This day is a legal rest day.
Of course, it makes no difference to me who has always been diligent in politics.
So I took a little more rest for half an hour.
Please change clothes and wash, Xiao Zhao called softly at the head of the bed.
Did she get up early because she didn’t attend to her bed last night?
I took a look at Cai Yan and Xiao E cuddling on my chest and laughed. You don’t have to get up so early today if you have nothing important, do you?
Xiao Zhao Chen said, You have slept for half an hour.
I lifted my arm and freed it from the entanglement of Cai Yan. Then change clothes.
Zhao Cheng knocked at the door outside rudely.
Cai Yan shivered slightly and opened her long eyelashes. Husband?
I gently caressed her long hair sideways. Lao Zhao, do you want to die? Knock at the door early in the morning!
Well … the little emperor is coming again … Zhao Cheng asked against the crack of the door. Do you want to let him in, young master?
I’m a tingle. Are you lying to me? The emperor is so diligent?
If you don’t believe me, I’ll go shopping. This Lao Zhao also simply disappeared soon
Husband, get up quickly. Don’t lose your courtesies. Cai Yan hurried me to get up.
I mumbled a few words, wiped my face in a hurry and went straight to the bedroom.
Liu Xie Gao Shou is moving from the main entrance to this side.
I set up five successes to display my flying skills for three or five times, and then I flicker in front of them.
Liu Xie’s longevity is a big surprise.
Gao shou stopped in front of Liu Xie with an arrow escort! His sharp and harsh voice was behind him, and dozens of guards quickly gathered together to protect Liu Xie in the middle.
I was frightened by my levity. I quickly steadied myself and saluted outside ten feet.
… turns out to be Ma Qing … Liu Xie corners of the mouth beat uncontrollably.
Gao Shou’s legs went soft and he almost collapsed to the ground. Ma Daren, you … almost scared the old slave to death!
I’m already in control. It’s your shallow knowledge, right?
But I can take responsibility for pardon me for my rudeness
桑拿论坛Liu Xie has recovered calm and asked in surprise, Was it martial arts that you ran so fast just now?
Exactly, I replied smugly, I taught leg press yesterday, which is why I practiced it. Anyway, it’s all about leg kung fu. God knows if there is one.
Liu Xie nodded slightly. It’s really amazing … How long did Ma Qing practice?
I have worked hard every day since I was 18 years old to achieve this achievement today. I concealed that I was lazy for the first two years and was in a coma for the whole year last year.
Seven years … so long? Sure enough, he was disappointed.
If you don’t practice hard, it’s hard to achieve the same goal. I’m just saying, you are a wet behind the ears. You can’t underestimate the art of martial arts
Ma Qing’s lesson is that I have been taught.
positions yanchong if I dare to teach you a lesson.
Liu Xie smiled. I came here early this morning just to ask Ma Qing again.
Practicing martial arts and fitness is just not so much. You should start from the basics. I earnestly taught that leg press’s pushups and leg exercises will be effective after three months of daily practice.
Oh? He is full of hope that the ability to pull mountains and travel thousands of miles every day?