No! We also had a rest at noon! Tai Liu Ziyan sat opposite and thought about it. She asked for something and gave an explanation first. I have already told Lu Fengxing about that matter, so there should be no more problems!

Are you? Thank you so much! Liu Ziyan’s smile is real, and it emerges from her eyes.
Nothing. Although Miss Liang has gone too far, if she really wants to be like Xiaomi, she has gone too far. Miao faintly responded that she felt that she was doing things with her own heart.
I still hope you can accept this! Liu Ziyan said, putting a check for one million in front of Miao’s eyes is not pity.
☆ Chapter 90
Oh, my god
One million?
What is this concept?
I think the God of Wealth must be living in her own house these days. How can I get there? Why do people give her checks everywhere? Isn’t that weird!
The following looked at the cheque figures puzzled at Liu Ziyan Liu what do you mean? It won’t always be a regular subsidy!
In the face of these ladies’ rewards, there has suddenly been a lot of disdain. It seems that money is really not everything. At least she is so comfortable here.
I appreciate that you can forgive Maggie for hurting you. This is my sincere compensation. I know it is far from making up for the pressure and pain your heart has suffered, but I really hope it can be made up!
Liu Ziyan’s words are very sincere. She doesn’t feel as high as Yuan Mei’s. A pair of charming eyes reflect that it is hard to understand and cherish.
Miao really confused when did Liu Ziyan become so close to herself? Or is everything too well disguised to make people suspect that she is not true?
Miao also fantasized about Liang Meiqi’s harsh voice, followed by people already in front, and the check filled with huge numbers was saved into her hand as fast as she could.
Are you crazy? 1 million. You’re giving this woman 1 million? Mom, are you okay? Liang Meiqi looked at Liu Ziyan unbelievably, and her eyes were even more vicious. There was a lot of jealousy burning.
Maggie!’ Liu Ziyan is so careless about Liang Meiqi’s image in public, and some angry voices are also harsh. Pay attention to your words and deeds!
What happened to my words and deeds? Liang Meiqi didn’t expect her mother to teach herself to be more excited in front of her.
One million aye, that’s only three months before you give it to me. Why do you give it to her like this? I’m afraid you didn’t intend to tell me about it if I didn’t want to drive to the driver today!
Does Maggie’s mother need to report every expense to you when she earns money? Liu Ziyan was angered by her daughter’s sex. If you want to talk well, sit quietly. If you don’t want to, leave here with a check!
As soon as Liang Meiqi snorted, she tore up the check in her hand and threw it at her face. Here you go, bitch!
Are the mother and daughter making fun of her?
Miao didn’t think that he was silent for a long time and turned out to be lying down and getting shot.
Liang Meiqi turned smartly and just wanted to leave Miao, when she was angry, Liu Ziyan didn’t slow down. Miao had crossed her and walked beside Liang Meiqi.
What do you want?
Liang Meiqi haughty minibus carried a pair of lifethreatening samples.
Two crisp mouths blew up Liang Meiqi’s delicate face, and her cheeks immediately showed red fingerprints.
What are you doing?
Liu Ziyan ran frantically to protect her daughter’s eyes, and there was no previous affinity between Liang Meiqi and her mother’s arms, clutching her cheek and sobbing.
Liu didn’t you say you want to compensate me? I’m not as lucky as Miss Liang if I can’t get the money. I can get a million degrees in three months. Even if you slap me, you will pay me back. From now on, the two are not in debt!
Miao said and patted his palm. Miss Liang, although I like to fight violence, I still can’t help but meet someone who tramples on my selfesteem at will. Today, you will be so lucky!
Liang Meiqi’s beautiful eyes were full of anger, and she couldn’t wait to come directly and tear the face like a demon.
I’m fine! Thank you!
Smiling is a greeting to Liu Ziyan and she turned and left. She is not interested in watching the drama between the mother and daughter here.
Looking at Miao’s leaving back, Liu Ziyan’s heart is limited to sadness. Maggie’s three months is estimated to be half a generation for this poor child!
When I was out of the sushi restaurant, my mood was limited. These two mouths were so painful that I gave them back to Liang Meiqi to feel avenged.
桑拿论坛I still appreciate my great achievements, and my right hand and left hand are controlled by sudden force. This is the main road. Who is so crazy? The following is not a scream.
Why didn’t the pearl bracelet wear a wrist?
The man’s cold and overbearing voice came from the top of his head coldly, and it was just around the corner that a fierce and angry black face was popular in Lu.
Can’t be such a coincidence?
Are you passing by or doing business? Why did you touch me like this?
Miao guiltily bowed his head. That bracelet is too expensive. I’m afraid I’ll wear it out! I will definitely wear it when I participate in activities!
Listen carefully, that bracelet is the minimum requirement of the company that you must wear it every day. If this happens again, don’t blame me for doing something that you can’t accept! Lu popular danger narrowed his eyes and retreated nervously.
I know that I will wear it every day from tomorrow! I don’t want to provoke this gentleman who has always been bad in public.
You are smart!
Lu Fengxing seems to be very satisfied with Miao’s attitude, but his lip angle evokes a slight arc, but he doesn’t seem to want to let Miao go, but pulls her to Lamborghini on the side of the road.
Lu Fengxing, what are you doing?
Following some panic in my heart, some abnormity gentlemen don’t look at that red luxury car at all, and they are all kinds of nervous.
Go home and wear the bracelet now!
Lu Fengxing directly stuffed Miao into Lamborghini’s opportunity to express his opinions.
Lu Fengxing, are you exaggerating? It’s hard to understand why you are so persistent with men.