There is only a small military camp in Tantai where more than 3,000 enemy troops have been accommodated. Now there are five or six times more troops, and most of them have to sleep in the wild.

I wanted to think about it and simply gave the camp to the wounded. I dug out a thin blanket on the floor from my back, and I didn’t feel much uncomfortable lying in the bed of a battalion of soldiers.
The system didn’t play to show your prestige in Tiger Leopard Flying Army +2.
But I seem to hear a strange sound in my dream, because your prestige has long been in off the charts …

When I rolled over and got up from the grass, it was dawn.
Whether it’s a comfortable bed or a poor quality of sleep … I rubbed my shoulders and thought about it, but I heard snoring all around me.
I took the towel out of the saddle pan and put it by the well to wash my face at random.
Da … da … da …
The horseshoe came from the south from far and near, but stopped at the outermost edge
The guard soldier didn’t slack off and immediately brought him to me at the first time.
Little Zulie brigade commander is responsible for inquiring about the enemy’s whereabouts around Handan according to Zulie brigade commander’s arrangement. The young soldier fluttered and turned his horse to report to me.
Tell Zulie to come over. I waved to my close friend Weiyi. What’s the news?
Lombardi should have known that the cavalry he sent to rescue Tantai had been defeated by our army, but he marched to Yecheng with all his strength this morning, the platoon leader replied, wiping his cheeks with sweat.
I can’t help zheng lombardi unexpectedly also play the game of besieging the state of Wei to save Zhao? RenBing you hurry to send someone to inform several battalion commander to come over I will Liu Ren assigned out.
Just climb from the ground up Qin array force had a stretch we kill back? Lombardi cavalry should be few, and we should be able to make it by marching quickly.
I nodded and asked, How long have you been on the road?
It took less than an hour and a half for Handan to get here without a moment’s pause. Although the sweat of the platoon leader’s face was slightly glowing with red light, it was still dripping out in a row.
Pang Gan frowned and said, Yuan Shao still has 30,000 troops around him, while Lu Bu in Yecheng has only 3,000 down soldiers … and Lu Bu is seriously injured, I’m afraid he can’t support it for a moment!
Liang Gong! Addis screamed and stumbled out of the tent not far away.
What’s the matter with you? I quickly walked towards her. Is it being … She wore a petticoat bun and there were messy marks, which didn’t make me associate with it.
She looked sad and burst into tears. She knelt down in front of me. Please save my father!
Oh … I’ll breathe a sigh of relief first. You get up first and my horse will discuss this with several battalion commanders.
I want Liang Gong to promise to save my father … Ling Qi is willing to … handmaiden … never go back on our word! She lifted up her pretty face and her eyes were glittering and translucent.
Get up! I pulled her up.
Master! Tuoba Ye, Gan Ning, Yang Feng and others arrived almost at the same time and just saw this scene.
Tuoba Ye has always been loyal to the liver, righteous and courageous, and knows my intention. He immediately suggested that Lu Bu, our army has just made a pact, and our army should help him once. At this moment, our army is going deep into the enemy’s rear. Wei is the only way for our army to return to Luoyang. If Wei is occupied by Yuan Shao, then our army will retreat between Scylla and Charybdis!
I laughed. You’re absolutely right. Yesterday, in World War I, you three troops suffered few casualties, so give me a pioneer. I thought, Xingba still has a mop with Chengye. You still escort Miss Lu to bypass Handan Bao Lu Bu and Yecheng in two ways. It’s the first thing that Bohu and I need to make further adjustments before we catch up with you.
Gan Ning nodded, It’s enough for us to go to more than 10,000 military forces to keep Yecheng.
Yang Feng stretched out his hand and stroked his beard and laughed. If possible … we can also give them a little surprise and surprise from the rear of Lombardi.
I also smiled, Yuan Shao still has about 40,000 troops. Don’t attack the enemy after you split up.
promise! Three battalionlevel major generals stood in awe.
Then get ready to leave! I waved my hand smartly.
Yes! Major general crashing should be a and then immediately dispersed in three directions.
Thank you, Liang Gong! Lu Lingqi regained her composure a little and gave me a fist. Come back to Lianggong to thank you after Lingqi saved Yecheng Wai!
This … later. I coughed and she waved goodbye.
Then I practiced pushups.
Just after thirty floors, the ground shook violently.
By the 56th time, the tremor was already a mile away from me.
Master, are you afraid that I will work for Lord Gao Zhen? Qin Zhen is very depressed to accompany me to exercise. Now it is far from the unification of heaven. You don’t need to consider all birds and bow to hide, the rabbit and the dog will cook, and the grinding will kill the donkey so early.
Your cultural skills are getting better and better! I can’t help but be surprised and then take back the only support on the ground. My left hand slowly rises with my toes.
Am I wrong? He muttered and made a side leg press. You just killed two inexplicable little leaders yesterday, so you won’t let me charge ahead today. It’s obvious that you’re jealous that I’m out of the limelight!
I patted the grass stuck to my clothes and laughed. Your imagination is really not so good!
He raised his eyebrows angrily. I don’t want to be Han Xin.
Don’t flatter yourself! I was sorting out my clothes. Liu Bang is afraid of Han Xin because of his own bad things, and none of his generals can balance Han Xin. But Zhang Liao, Taishi Ci, Gan Ning and Xu Huang are not in you … and your sworn brother Tuoba Ye. If you dare to fart, he must be the first to beat you! Besides … I can beat you flat with an old punch, but I’m afraid you’ll turn over the sky? !”
He was taught by me, and his arrogance immediately converged. He hung his head strangely. Don’t … I really think too much?
Stop leg press and rectify the military forces. Come with me! I blew a whistle and called for a walk not far away. Let’s kill a few more people.
He jumped from the ground at once, but almost pulled the egg, making him grin and gasp. Where are you going?
How nice it would be for us to collect Handan again by the way! I jumped off my horse with a smile and stroked my mane. I heard that Zhang He is still in town.
Think of friends in western Liaoning
A battalion of four thousand Qin array three thousand and another four thousand soldiersbut I didn’t dare to equip these four thousand people with horses.
We walked less than forty miles a day on the 13th.
On the one hand, the speed of marching has been greatly reduced because of the many wounded soldiers and soldiers on both sides.
On the other hand … I have a problem.
It suddenly occurred to me halfway that how can I capture Handan?
Yuan Shao, even if his IQ is low, it is impossible to move the important town of Handan … What can I do to conquer such a tall and solid ancient city?
The next day, I walked fifty miles. When I came to Handan and looked up at the impregnable city, I still couldn’t find a way to break the city.
And … Both Jia Xu and Xun You lurked in Handan City and didn’t send me information.
品茶论坛I sighed and thought about whether to enclose Handan City or simply give up.
The north gate of Handan City suddenly hit slowly.
I immediately swung the pike, and behind me, I took a bow and arrow.
Hundreds of people rushed out of the city with a horse among them.
In public, one person shouted Please see your general!
Let Qin array show up I told Pang Gan low.
Qin array immediately drove the horse out of the array. Liang Gong told Qin array to say something here!
I am willing to raise the city to defect! May General Qin handle it lightly!
Oh? Qin Zhen shook himself on horseback. You must show the general your sincerity, right?
This is Yuan Shao’s order to Zhang He of Zhao! The other side pointed to the bound man on horseback. This man has been captured by us!
Start with him and let the general identify it carefully! Qin array drink a way
Yes, yes! Opposite, hold down Zhang He’s bun and pick up his head. His face is square, his eyebrows are heavy as ink, and his face is full of anger. It is true that Zhang He is not fake.