Torres! Fernando Torres! He helped Liverpool lead the score again!

Liverpool’s counterattack completely destroyed Real Madrid’s defense line. I don’t know how to deal with the Red Army’s counterattack storm!
Leila passed Ramos beautifully and then gave Gerrard a forward ball. Gerrard made a strong cross to Torres near the bottom line of the penalty area. Hehehe, Torres won’t miss this opportunity. He stabbed again in the heart of Real Madrid!
The total score is 4:3, and Liverpool leads Real Madrid by one goal.
Real Madrid fans are a little tired and don’t know how to face such a situation.
Real Madrid’s attack seems to be no problem and can play enough threats.
However, the defense line is vulnerable to the fastbreak counterattack of top teams, so what’s the point of attacking again?
Real Madrid just equalized the score, and the opponent took the lead again after six minutes, which was a blow to morale. Raul clapped his hands to encourage his teammates not to lose heart.
After the game resumed, Qin Xiong became more calm in the frontcourt sideline activities.
He doesn’t want a fastpaced offensive to fail and give Liverpool a good chance to fight back.
Be more calm and spend enough on Liverpool
At this point, the team can still do well.
In the 41st minute of the game, Qin Xiong made a trip to the left and cut into the middle. In Mascherano Kuyt, he suddenly returned the ball to the middle.
Before touching the ball, Steer observed the situation in the frontcourt. Because Qin Xiong played on the winger, the threat he showed made Liverpool more afraid
In this way, the defensive pressure on the other side will be reduced.
That’s exactly what Sid saw. The ball rolled to the right of the frontcourt. Aurelio also paid attention to defending his dribbling trend, but Luo picked the ball directly behind Aurelio when he touched the ball.
Moving sideways, Aurelio didn’t expect Luo to play against common sense. He was neatly passed by Luo
Ronaldo controlled the ball in front of the baseline and went into the penalty area. When Agger Alonso rushed in, he followed Gerrard’s example and drew the ball flat in front of the center.
Higuain ran to the back point to catch the fighter, while Raul crossed to grab the front point. He tried to fly the shovel and tried to stab the toe of the ball into the goal, but Luo’s power was too strong. When the football rolled, Raul flew the shovel and it was too late!
Carragher also fell to the ground in front of the door and shoveled the ball out of the baseline in a thrilling way. The football rubbed against the post and rolled out of the baseline, almost making an own goal!
Carragher gave a hand to the Liverpool fans in the Anfield stands after they calmed their psychological pressure.
桑拿网It was a thrilling and wonderful rescue!
Real Madrid’s corner attack did not pose a threat, but Liverpool took advantage of the corner attack to clear the way and kicked the ball to the frontcourt to try to create a counterattack.
However, when the football rolled in front of the restricted area of Real Madrid, Ramos cleared the ball first, and Torres might be two steps away from touching the ball first than Ramos.
Real Madrid continues to organize offensive.
In the 44th minute of the game, Luo dribbled the ball on the right and pushed it straight to Raul, who turned around and swept the ball to the left in front of the restricted area.
Qin Xiong started to volley the football directly into the restricted area of Liverpool and aimed at the dead corner of the right corner of the goal. Qin Xiong had strong confidence in the ball.
However, the football was blocked by Agger’s foot in the restricted area and formed a parabolic trajectory, which flew over the crossbar and flew to the stands.
Qin Xiong secretly gritted his teeth and immediately returned to normal color and ran to the corner kick.
This corner kick attacked Real Madrid with a lot of players. It seems that this will be the last attack of Real Madrid at half time.
Landing in front of the penalty area, the football was headed by Higuain, but his header was wide.
This made Ramos Heinze feel extremely depressed when he ran wildly.
Come and run back without doing anything.
After Liverpool went out, the referee blew the whistle at the end of the half game.
Liverpool Real Madrid’s Champions League quarterfinal second leg ended at halftime, and the two teams scored 21 in 45 minutes. Liverpool led Real Madrid 43. Although the score was behind, Real Madrid’s attack in every game was obviously better than that in the Bernabeu. Now they need one less goal to come back to life, leaving Real Madrid with 45 minutes. Can the defending champions turn over at Anfield? to be continued
[The first volume of sword unsheathed has become the advantage and disadvantage of 963 high position grabbing]
Arrive at halftime
Real Madrid walked into the Anfield visiting locker room, and the morale of the squadron players was not necessarily low to what extent.
After all, in theory, Real Madrid still needs to score a goal to qualify after 11.