Just as Freddie was upset, someone was sitting in the seat opposite Qin Xiong. When Freddie saw the man, he suddenly stretched his brow and smiled at the man, then got up and left the hand to the young man and woman.

Sitting opposite Qin Xiong is Sylvia. She knows that in the past, Qin Xiong would secretly stare at himself when sitting outside the restaurant with openair tables and chairs.
Maybe I’m used to being watched by the opposite sex, and I don’t think Qin Xiongli has been very graceful since the day they met.
Qin Xiong didn’t secretly watch her today, not once.
She feels strange at heart, but she will pay more attention to Qin Xiong.
She knew the result of last night’s game at home. According to her understanding of the football circle, at this time, most players should get drunk all night or vent in other ways.
It is rare for Qin Xiong to meditate like a sculpture for a long time.
Qin Xiong didn’t notice Sylvia sitting in front of him. His eyes drooped and his right hand spoon stirred a cup of coffee, which he had stirred for almost half an hour.
He is like Sylvia in different dimensions, and they are less than two meters apart, but it seems that Qin Xiongfa noticed her.
This state made Sylvia close her eyes and smile, but Qin Xiong missed her gentle smile.
Sylvia had to leave Qin Xiong coffee, which made Qin Xiong wake up from meditation.
[Text 13 Lost the game and won praise]
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Sylvia brought Qin Xiong a cup of hot coffee again and sat down opposite Qin Xiong generously.
Qin Xiong apologized to him and then habitually picked up a small spoon to stir the coffee.
桑拿按摩  title=Sylvia raised her hand to stop the soft jade palm hanging over the mouth of the coffee cup. She laughed, I’m afraid you’ll hypnotize yourself again by stirring the coffee again, so I’ll be very embarrassed to sit here.
Qin Xiong first smiled and put a small spoon on the table and gave up stirring coffee.
Sylvia took back her hand, propped her chin on one hand, and cocked her head slightly, and asked, Are you upset about losing the game?
Qin Xiong nodded frankly.
You don’t have to hide losing. How can you get up?
He said, I’m not thinking either.
I can see that
Sylvia chuckled.
Just as after the rain in Groningen, Qin Xiong would immediately look for ways to improve his own shortcomings and ask for club conditions to carry out simulated rain training.
He always looks for reasons after failure, looking for reasons from himself.
However, compared with the poor performance in the rain war, losing to A Milan is a simple reason
However, Qin Xiong will think about it in a desperate way, hoping to find a way to make himself stronger. If time goes back to yesterday’s game, he can win the game!
Sylvia winked and asked, How long are you going to think?
Qin Xiong was stuck and didn’t know what to say.
Sylvia asked again, Do you blame yourself for losing the game?
Qin Xiong or silent face became slightly serious.
It is no exaggeration to say that from the age of 12, he is king among his peers in the football environment where he lives!
His most controversial core
This will not make Qin Xiong feel particularly honored. After all, it is not professional football. There is no exposure, no applause from ten thousand people, and no material reward. It has not enabled him to hold his head high and change qualitatively in the social circle.
However, he will have a sense of responsibility and a sense of mission, and he will shoulder the unspeakable things, because his teammates around him seem to be relying on him, and he is always relying on many people to achieve it.
Over the years, he won’t blame others, but he always sets higher demands on himself.