Note for beginning officials

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Note for beginning officials

Note for beginning officials

What should I do after I become a supervisor?

There are the following disadvantages to note: 1. Becoming a supervisor, identity conversion, and role recognition are key.

In the past, you could achieve it by hard work alone. After being a supervisor, you can no longer fight alone, but you must work together with department employees. In the past, you could fight for personal goals, but now you mustStrive for the goals of the department; in the past, the supervisor arranged the work for you, now you have to arrange the work for other employees . There are many changes, you need to adapt as soon as possible.

  2. Continue to give play to your strengths and become its carry forward.

First of all, understand that your task is to gradually complete the task or the purpose of the trip, so combine your personal advantages with the department’s merger and become the department’s advantage.

Don’t forget your strengths!

Through coaching, training and other methods, you can transform your skills into common skills of your department employees, so as to enhance the team’s combat effectiveness.

  3. Communicate with your immediate superiors in a timely, accurate, and dynamic manner to understand his expectations and requirements for you, and get more guidance from him.

Please keep in mind: respect your superior and get more guidance from him, but do n’t rely on your superior for everything, because he has more important work to do!

To develop a good habit: ask the superior for guidance with the plan, not ask the superior for answers with questions!

  4. Communicate with your direct subordinates in a timely, accurate, and dynamic manner to understand his expectations and requirements for you, and conduct more guidance for their work.

Some problems may not be solved at once. Do n’t worry, do n’t worry about Cheng Qiang, and discuss with the employees to solve them. This will not only give play to the wisdom of everyone, but also enhance the cohesion of the team.

  5. Communicate with the supervisors of other departments at the same level, as soon as possible, comprehensively, understand the operation of their department, and timely, timely, accurate, and dynamic understanding of his expectations, requirements, and defeat to better cooperate with them.
Please keep in mind: Don’t just talk to other departments just for the benefit of your own department!

  6, stand outside the framework of the department, dynamic and holistic view of the work and layout of the department, as soon as possible to achieve results.

It ‘s best to ask your superiors to give guidance, to clarify the most urgent problems at the moment, and then discuss with your subordinates about the solution to the problem. Then, please ask your superiors to check and speed up the achievement required by the company as soon as possible.

Please keep in mind: learn together with employees and make progress together!

  7. Don’t rush to “three burns”, you should be careful to transform.

Although it is often said that the new officer has three fires in office, it is best to be a supervisor at the beginning, and it is best to be a former one. Learn first and then improve!

The predecessor did a good job and carried forward; the predecessor did a poor job, and improved it step by step; the predecessor did wrong, and resolutely correct it!

  8, learn to praise and thank: because of excellence, in the past you have often been praised, your feelings have expanded, you must learn to praise your subordinates, and affirm their results in time.

At the same time, the department’s performance is mainly made by subordinates, so we must learn to thank: Thanks to the subordinates for their excellent work, the department has achieved today’s results!