At 15:40, December 9th, the first lesson of "Tiangong Classroom" in China Space Station

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At 15:40, December 9th, the first lesson of "Tiangong Classroom" in China Space Station

Original title: "Tiangong Classroom" The first lesson opened in China Space Station ■ China Manned Space Project Office revealed that "Tiangong Classroom" is scheduled to start at 15:40 on December 9th, Shenzhou 13 passenger Qi Zhi Gang, Wang Yaping, and Ye Guangfu will be taught in space stations.

  ■ This space lectures will take the manifest interaction method, set the ground main classroom in China Science and Technology Museum, in Nanning, Guangxi, Wenchuan, Hong Kong, and Macau. ■ At that time, three astronauts will showcase the working life scene of China Space Station, demonstrate the phenomenon of cytology experiment, object movement, liquid surface tension under micro-gravity environment, and communicate with the ground classroom, transmit people agency knowledge, Inspire adolescents’ interest in science. Link · I ask the Astronaut "Tiangong Classroom" is about to open! Netizens care about these questions … "How is the space station network speed? Can space can eat snail powder?" China Space Station’s first space teaching event will be opened on the 9th.

CCTV News launched "I asked Astronaut" interactive collection activities.

"Tiangong Classroom" attracted a netizen to participate. The questions asked by netizens, some cute bubbles, some looked at the water, and some people can’t help but laugh, come and see what everyone is curious! The netizen is most concerned about "eat" astronauts a day? Is it good to eat? Do you eat? Netizen also reported a dish name: hot pot, cake, dumplings, dumplings, and snail powder, stinky tofu, hot noodles … melon seeds, spicy strips can not be less.

  These Chinese cuisine and snacks, can the astronauts can’t eat in the space station? It is still not until the Spring Festival, and some netizens have been worried about the Spring Festival.

"Will the astronauts eat dumplings in the New Year?" "Prepared a new year?" "It is best to come to a space group to eat."

"There is also netizens curious:" Space New Year, is the three astronauts prepare for the year? "It is not enough to eat enough. Some netizens will not be able to make a potato in the space station:" Is it possible to make potatoes after the space station? "" "Is the space station need to clean?" What is the dandruff? "" What is the mobile phone positioning in space? "The children’s problems are too cute, it is too cute! Children from Shandong, Sichuan, Shanghai, etc. also sent their own questions." Uncle Auntie! If you get fat, is it to lose weight to take the flight? "Astronaut’s uncle, do you see aliens in space?" "Uncle Auntie, can you easily turn back?" "" Space vacuum environment, will it be possible to develop a permanent motion? " "I am a high-grade student in Sichuan Province. Is it oxygen synthetic to make oxygen synthesis with sodium hydroxide? "There are still many netizens to put forward various questions." Do you have pets in your space home? "" Can you chase a video at the space station? " Can you play games in space stations? "" What is our mobile phone display in space calling to the earth? " "Tiangong Classroom" network is about to open! Hurry to move the small bench, connect the network cable, take a good class together waiting to open the class! Play back · Space Teaching June 20, 2013, God Ten astronauts first space lecture China for the first space The lectures were successfully held on June 20, 2013. Shenzhou No. 10 astronauts showed physical phenomena in the heavy weight environment. More than 60,000 primary school students in the country watched live broadcasts and produced huge social response.

  □ The leader of the main lecture is a female astronaut Wang Yaping. Nie Haisheng auxiliary teaching, Zhang Xiaoguang as a camera.

  □ Teaching content In approximately 40 minutes, astronauts demonstrate physical activity, liquid surface tension characteristics such as object motion, liquid surface tension characteristics such as object motion, liquid surface tension characteristics such as weight loss .

They explained the physical principles behind the experiment and interact with the ground classroom teachers and students through video calls. □ Experts say this space teaching activity is jointly hosted by the China Manned Space Project Office, the Ministry of Education, and China Association.

Experts say that space lectures are the first educational application tasks in my country’s manned space flight, reflecting the concept of manned space projects directly for national education services, will further stimulate the adolescents advocated science, love space, explore unknown The enthusiasm and dreams. Comprehensive Xinhua News Agency, CCTV News Client (Editor: Zhang Hua Wei, Luo Wei) Share more people to see.