Chinese fruit artist Sydney street engraved pumpkins

9 May by admin

Chinese fruit artist Sydney street engraved pumpkins

The Yan Fujian in Fujian was a five-star chef. I came to Sydney more than 30 years ago. I found my carving talent under an accidental opportunity. I decided to study the fruit engraving.

He can not only engrave simple patterns, but also engrave celebrities and attractions to fruit. In addition to the halloween pumpkin engraving activities, he also carved fruits in Sydney Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Lunar New Year. Due to excellent engraving and creativity, Yan Fen once was rated as Australian special artist, won many awards such as Australian Fruit Engraving Championships, often invited by the local supermarkets to do fruit engraving performances.

Dragonfly carving capabilities are in full Australia.

Previously, Australia had faced a fruit sales crisis, Yan Fen slammed out from hundreds of candidates, won the valuable opportunity to shoot 12 episodes of creative fruit platter programs for local TV stations. After the show, I was deeply loved by the audience and promoted the sales of fruits in the same year, solved the fruit sales crisis.

The Halloween event was the first engraving activity that Yan Fen attended in Sydney "universal". The new South Wales government has decided to attract tourists through the Halloween atmosphere, and invite Yan Fen to carry out pumpkin engraving. The carving booth is selected as one of Sydney three major markets. Rock District, attracted many local people to stand on.