The three states of marriage

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The three states of marriage

The three states of marriage

Forget what it says in a book: There are three states of marriage: one is acceptable, the other is tolerable, and the third is intolerable.

     There is another sentence about divorce. In fact, divorce also has a certain state: one is to cut off a tumor, the other is to cut off a bunch of hair, and the third is to break a puppy or blind one eye, and then become disabled.

     Pleasant marriages are not absent, but they are too few. Those who expect a pleasurable marriage to marry, I am afraid they can only hit the bachelor in this life.

The marriage of most people is the second state, which is tolerable.

People in this state are like sand in their shoes. It doesn’t seem to be a big deal. They can’t rise up to the big evil or the differences in principle.The knife cuts itself and others, and life ends in each other’s internal friction.

Everyone who has a somewhat perfectionist sentiment rises.

However, in China, most people bear it out and find a bunch of self-deceiving excuses for such children.

This state can easily lead to smuggling outside marriage, and confidantes with red or blue confidantes came into being at this time.

There are not many people in the third state, but this is a state that cannot be divorced.

     The first way to describe the state of divorce is to get a new life. Although the process of cutting the tumor is a torture, the pain is a new release.

Haircuts are not irritating anymore. This chic state is unattainable.

It is probably the most painful to break the broad feeling, and since then the marriage has been disabled.

The price paid is very high, and it can be said that the funeral was carried out for the rest of his life.

Such people will have a ditch in the center of their lives for the rest of their lives.

     No matter what kind of state, no matter what kind of people are likely to encounter.

We cannot change our destiny, but we can change our attitude towards it.

In the face of marriage, you can actually grind a lot of things out of it, because this is the touchstone that exposes the truth the most.

Marriage is not a review of three good, not two good people can be happy and happy in a room.

When you are unhappy and unhappy, you can test people, wisdom, self-cultivation, and character, especially when you are divorced.

     Marriage is actually a science of diplomatic relations without a teacher. It contains more than diplomacy. It ‘s so simple, economic, sexual, moral, moral, charismatic . Strangely enough, no one has obtained a degree and opened such a complicated subject.The apprentice to the altar, and then into the marriage from generation to generation, all felt the stones across the river in the dark, usually found a little trick, but did not have the opportunity to play from the beginning, wrong is wrong, can be wrong is a blessing.