OL should pay attention to 8 details of antioxidant_1

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OL should pay attention to 8 details of antioxidant_1

OL should pay attention to 8 details of antioxidant

Guide: We have long heard from “Human Revolution”: “If oxidation does not occur, according to human growth rules and genetic inference, people can live up to 167 years.

“167 years old!

Oxidation is really the culprit who stole our elixir.

And because of the environment in which the OL of the office is located, the working pressure is more susceptible to the risk of oxidation than the average person. Although we cannot stop the attack of oxidation, we must slow down the rate of oxidation.

For OL, once you are at least 25 years old, adding a bottle of anti-aging essence will be fine. You need to analyze specific problems and fight against the details of oxidation free radicals!


hzh {display: none; }  OL最该关注的抗氧化8个细节  尽管我们已经深谙像维C、葡萄籽、花蜜这样的抗氧化成分会延缓皮肤衰老,对保持肌肤年轻很有一套,但是对The OL in the “water-deep and hot” oxidation environment suggests that it is still not enough. Some subtle and delicate methods, combined with their own conditions, choose the right product for the right medicine, which is the king of antioxidants!

  1The company stops the air-conditioning as soon as it comes to work?

  Everyone knows that sunscreen is the most important way to work on anti-oxidation. Sunscreen last week asked us: “Summer sunscreen, cream, foundation must be on the same line.Is the anti-UV effect good?

But I think it ‘s so good to catch up with overtime to suffer because our company stops the air conditioner as soon as 6pm.

“In fact, the sun protection factor of many base makeups and barrier creams has increased now. Ingredient experts also said that the three are separated only by colorants, so choosing 1 out of 3 is enough to make the summer face feel refreshed.

Nowadays, many sunscreen products simply resist UV rays, and a lot of anti-oxidant components are added between them. While isolating the culprit, it also causes maintenance and repair. It is recommended to choose a variety of products.

  2The skin is as tired as you are?

  Relying on reinforcements at night to increase combat effectiveness the next day, do you feel that your skin is very poor at absorbing nutrients when you get up early the next morning?

For women in the workplace, the pressure of work and the irregularities of staying up late can easily cause skin fatigue. If the repair is not good at night, its condition will not be relieved the next day, so “some medicine” is necessary!

Products with the strongest cell repair ability at night, with high concentration of ingredients or compound antioxidant formula, add weight to the skin at night and accumulate energy for the skin during the day.

This high-concentration product must be combined with warm palm massage to better absorb the active ingredients.

  3Is there no green plant at first?

  Apply a few more layers of daytime essence but be thin and light. Many OLs are accustomed to placing a pot of green plants before replacement. This is not only to please the eyes, but also to increase the oxygen content around the place.

If you haven’t had time to prepare it, you need to work on your own protective measures.

Skincare experts suggest that we choose some thin and light anti-oxidant essences, which means that the essence can be divided into 2?
Apply it 3 times to let the skin absorb energy a little, in order to better resist “foreign aggression”.

  4 Notice that the computer takes longer than sleeping?

  Eye massage should be patted instead of rubbed. Do you count yourself spending more time watching the computer every day than sleeping?

In the afternoon, the eyes become astringent and dry, a little dark circles are considered to be kind to you, wrinkles and sagging bags under the eyes will suddenly feel particularly obvious at this time.

Essential to take care of your eyes!

Therefore, it is necessary to take a two-pronged approach in terms of minerals and methods. It is best to choose eye cream containing chamomile, green tea, and melon, which can delay the rate of eye oxidation and calm the soothing effect.

In addition, massage on the eyes as much as possible instead of rubbing, which can speed up blood circulation and increase skin elasticity, but improper rubbing may accelerate skin relaxation.

  Are there more than 6 hours in 5 days in an air-conditioned room?

  Antioxidant Lotion Appears to Help Fight Antioxidant work, don’t count credit for the essence. The role of the lotion has been cleaned and hydrated separately. It can also help the skin to open channels for absorbing nutrients.

Some lotions themselves contain antioxidants. If you are the type who spends more than 6 hours in an air-conditioned room every day, the skin moisture loss is definitely more serious, and you need to pat some lotions in the morning to increase the skin.Moisture, at the same time, under the catalysis of toner, repair products can play a greater role, can also metabolize old cells as soon as possible, paving the way for regenerating cells.

  6 I always forget to remove sunscreen?


hzh {display: none; }  绿茶帮你恢复身体肌肤活力   这个季节总会用到身体防晒品,比如手臂上、锁骨处,大部分人是洗澡时用沐浴液洗掉,其实这样并不能完全卸干净Sunscreen products, the body skin will become dull and dull in the long run.

Body experts recommend that we use a body massage cream with added green tea ingredients. Green tea itself is an antioxidant star. Using it for proper massage can reduce skin fatigue, promote blood circulation, and prevent skin from regaining vitality and vitality.It also caters to this season.

  7 recently worked overnight?

  Need to dispatch dense “special forces” cells also have a biological clock!

Dr. Metz of Estee Lauder told us so.
OL staying up late working overtime seems to be a daily routine. The daily life disrupts the biological clock of the cell. Others’ skin is busy repairing at night, but you drive it to exhaustion, with embarrassing consequences.
If you have n’t rested because of work recently, then you need special forces to take care of our cells, exfoliating, massage cream and facial masks. They help the cell metabolism to get on track, improve their anti-oxidant capacity, and then you can go to the ampoule.Such intensive care products focus on conditioning the skin.

  8 Recently busy with work and maintenance?

  If you have a big problem recently, if you have a large situation recently, the continuous irregular work has been interrupted, the skin is not maintained, and the biological clock of the skin is a bit messy. At this time, external emergency treatment is not enough.Replenish energy both internally and externally.

Just like the diet rejuvenation therapy that is popular in Europe and the United States, to put it bluntly, it is to supplement fish protein and various antioxidants.

Many brands have launched oral antioxidant products, and those green tea, milk, red wine, and water are all antioxidant stars at your fingertips. Love yourself more. It’s not difficult to do this.

  1 More evil ultraviolet rays Ultraviolet rays are the number one killer of oxidizing the skin. It can easily destroy any young and tender skin tissue, quickly oxidize and age.

And those women in the workplace, driving to work to make the left face more exposed to the sun, accompany customers to eat lunch often out of the office during the strongest day of the day, will encounter more evil ultraviolet rays.

  2 More slender radiation OL may choose to avoid the filthy air in the subway, but can not choose to avoid the radiation of various office electronics such as computers, copiers, scanners, etc. These working partners who are with you are actually causingAnother big push for your skin slowly aging.

  3Severe work stress: The backbone of the society and the mainstay of the society have not experienced the stage of bursting out of work pressure, coupled with the untimely regulation of emotions, this invisible killer not only makes the body and spirit more tired, and then accelerates the skin oxidation.

  There is no burden of 4 size make-up. OL went out to work without retouching, right?

Some surveys show that OL takes longer to wear makeup than women in other professions 2?
3 times, continuous damage to the skin is also an important factor to accelerate skin aging.

  5 A drier environment We live in a dry city, coupled with the central air conditioner in summer, so the water is taken away a little bit.

Studies show that the accumulation of stratum corneum in women’s skin is less than 10%, and the thickness of the dermis is less than 60%, which will cause skin sagging and wrinkles due to lack of water, and dry skin is more fragile and cannot resist any oxidation killerInvasion.

  6 Studies on the oxygen index of formaldehyde have shown that in our office buildings, the oxygen content is much lower than the standard of 20% in general air.

This means that the skin is destined to be deprived of oxygen, and skin aging must be reported early.