White-collar men have a coup against headaches

26 Dec by admin

White-collar men have a coup against headaches

White-collar men have a coup against headaches

The headache is really annoying and troublesome. It is not an incurable disease in itself, but once you get it, you have enough energy to do it, have no mood for entertainment, and spend a whole day in trouble.

Especially when you are suddenly busy with headaches in the office, this is definitely worse.

The following methods may help you avoid headaches.

  Opening windows in offices and working in closed office buildings can easily cause headaches, which is closely related to the lack of fresh air in the building.

Also chemicals, pollutants (such as asbestos), toxic substances in heating or air-conditioning systems, chemical air fresheners, insecticide water and cigarette smoke can all stay in the building, all of which can be headaches.

  You can use an electronic air purifier, an air oxygen ionizer to help purify the air, or open the windows to ventilate.

If possible, it is best to leave the building and take a walk in a green area.

  Looking for five minutes every hour. Because the eyes have been focusing on something for too long, the muscles inside and around the eyes have spasms, which proves that the eyes need to rest.

Rest your eyes for 5 minutes every hour, preferably looking far away. This will help prevent headaches.

If you have frequent headaches, you also need to check whether you need to wear glasses or a new pair of glasses. You should also check your eyes for other complications.

  Don’t “sneak your knees” Maybe you never cared about your sitting position. In fact, there are many examples of headaches that start to worsen because of poor sitting position.

If you can raise your head so that the head and body are almost in line, the muscles in all parts of the body will not easily fatigue.

After some habitual movements continue to decrease, muscle soreness or headaches are often caused, such as typing on the keyboard while holding your head down, or placing a telephone receiver between the front and head to make a call.

  The best solution is to change your posture frequently and take a break every 45 minutes or so?
5 minutes, even if you just pour a glass of water in the office and move around a bit.

  Eating chocolate, yogurt hard cheese or deli meats can cause migraines. Chocolate, alcohol (especially red wine and beer), certain fruits, yogurt, MSG and freshly baked bread can also cause headaches.

Not only ice cream, but also other cold foods can cause headaches, which may be related to the sudden cold feeling transmitted to the mouth or throat tissue.

  Don’t “press” headaches. When you are worried, stressed, nervous, tired, or have constipation, you will often find a headache that is often caused by common, especially stress can cause headaches.

This kind of tension headache is usually the entire head and causes pain, and rarely only on one side.

If you can spread the pressure away, don’t be too busy during “busy hours”, and entertain yourself with pinpoints, and don’t be too busy during “free time”, it will definitely help you stay away from your cuffs.

  In addition, related research has shown that headache and smoking are linked.

And the nicotine content of cigarettes exceeds, the more recurrence of headache occurs.

  Many people have experienced headaches, and because headaches are so common, many people change to cause enough awareness.

In fact, some headaches are caused by serious diseases. We must not take these headaches lightly, we must be vigilant, and we must diagnose and treat as early as possible.