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9 May by admin

Chinese fruit artist Sydney street engraved pumpkins

The Yan Fujian in Fujian was a five-star chef. I came to Sydney more than 30 years ago. I found my carving talent under an accidental opportunity. I decided to study the fruit engraving. He can not only engrave simple patterns, but also engrave celebrities and attractions to fruit. In addition to the halloween pumpkin […]
28 Apr by admin

Beijing car enters 3.0 era beijing

On September 26th, in the 2020 Beijing International Auto Show Press Conference in the theme "BeijingTime", the Beijing International Auto Show Press Conference represents the world’s first, the first pluggable power model of the Beijing Automotive X7phev debuts for the first time. At the same time, in order to feed back the user, Beijing Automobile […]
20 Apr by admin

Chongqing Municipal Engineering Construction Project "Does Not see" system system is on line today

Chongqing Engineering Construction Project "Does Not See the Bid" system interface. The Municipal Development Reform Commission is located on the 12th, and the Chongqing Project Construction Project "Does Not see" system on the Chongqing Municipal Public Resource Trading Center. The first bidding project using the "Does Opening Bid" mode – Chongqing City Management Vocational College […]
12 Apr by admin

2 cases of new coronary pneumonia have no symptom infection in Dongguan Dalang Town, Dongguan, Guangdong

China Network December 14, according to the news office of Dongguan Municipal People’s Government News, Dongguan New Coronary Virus Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters Office Report, December 13, Dongguan Dalang Town is in the provinceIn the nucleic acid detection of counterfeit people in the epidemic area, two cases of new coronary pneumonia were found […]
10 Apr by admin

China’s superior Tibet Zhe Gu Feng Electric Fair is about to power generation

  Lhasa November 12 (Reporter Jiang Feibo) Recently, the design of the China Electronics Construction Group Chengdu Survey and Design Institute Co., Ltd. is designed and the highest wind power project of the world’s altitude – Tibet Zhe Gu Feng Electric Field 10 sets of basic construction, planning recent full capacityThe grid is generated. The project […]
31 Mar by admin

Decision of Lishui District People’s Government of Lishui About Some Reserve Land in the West Side of Liquui Yulin Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.

Due to the construction of the pre-reserve land for the west side of Liquui City, the main development project construction, according to the "Regulations on the Collection and Compensation and Compensation of the State – owned Land" (Order No. 590 of the State Council), "Zhejiang Province’s state-owned land on the housing collection and compensation regulations […]
28 Mar by admin

Ancient city Zhangzhou Dragon Boat Raidth

On July 4th, in the vortex rush to the vortex ridge bridge in Yucheng District, Zhangzhou City, Anhui Province, the competition dragon boat team launched fiercely.On the same day, "I want to go to the Games" 2021 Anhui Provincial Community Sports Association Dragon Boat and the 14th National National Games Mass Competition Dragon Boat Anhui […]
21 Mar by admin

Bank of Communications Hunan Branch Resident Village Task Force om praktische dingen te doen voor Chiwan Village

People’s Daily Network Changsha op 18 oktober, op het dak van Chiwan Village, Yongzhou, Yongzhou County, Fang Zheng Neat Blue Power Board schittert in de zon, schijnt de hoop om rijk te worden. Onlangs, Chuwu Village Photovoltaic Power Generation Project voltooide Construction, de contante inkomsten die door Sunshine-project zijn gebracht, blijven stromen naar het collectieve […]
18 Mar by admin

Tianjin Ninghe Tax: R & D expenses plus deduction to help manufacturers flourishing

"Ninghe tax policy counseling is really ‘timely rain’, sending our company to the R & D cost plus deducting the latest tax preferential policies, let us enjoy the discount when we declare in October, effectively increase the liquidity, greatly ease us Funding pressure. "Tianjin Xintian Steel Union Special Steel Co. Tianjin Xintian Steel Unicom Co. […]