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The purest Xiao Zhao quickly clarified himself that Xiao Zhao has not been’ United’ …

Ma Dai also marked the position that the younger brother will not.
My body knows nothing Cai Yan is still in doubt.
Jia Mu saw that the suspect was left alone and said timidly, Little brother … I don’t have the guts …
I completely believed them and turned my attention to Jia Yu.
She gave a slight groan of remorse.
Sister Yu, if you don’t know how to offend you, why don’t you put it on the table? I am sincere and honest
There are three sins, she recited.
I have listed the public charges so quickly?
First, all things that are not honest are paid to the officials themselves.
I suddenly wondered what this had to do with you. At most, your father will complain about the situation. He should have nothing to complain about doing his own work …
Second, life is corrupt and I don’t know how to behave when I am immersed in powder all day.
Hey, hey, hey … You don’t let me have fun when I’m newly married?
Third, she paused and emphasized, pretending to know and never teaching me poetry!
桑拿I was speechless. … I can accept the first and second points … the third point is simply out of thin air!
In fact, the first and second points are just sophistry!
She confidently said, You are full of poems. Every time I ask you questions, you refuse? !”
… your grandfather and father are both literate. Why do you have to ask me a teenager who is wet behind the ears? I’m puzzled.
Her face showed a trace of anger, reddish and charming. I’m going to ask you, why don’t you answer? !”
I can’t laugh or cry. Brother is not a Confucian scholar. I never ask for a solution. If you can explain it in detail?
You still chicanery? !” She has already characterized the case as I can hear children reading some poems you wrote in the street. Do you dare to deny it?
… Poems? I wondered, What poem? Although I have a lot of manuscripts, I take them out to practice my handwriting every day in my room. It should be impossible for me to have a chance to flow into the society, right?
There are geese, rainloving, farmersloving, etc. She bit her teeth. There is also an article that is said to be written by Cai’s adult personally and called … Recalling Jiangnan !
I can’t help shaking my shoulders.
Cai Yanjiao said, So you asked your father to copy poems for you … when?
I wiped my sweat and explained this interesting and complicated question once again. You have to understand that poetry needs emotional accumulation, not that you big ladies let me write now and I can write a bargain.
Jia Yu’s face softened slightly. When will you have feelings?
You can’t tell. Maybe I will have it as soon as you leave … I took the opportunity to fight back.
She did not move at all, but she was keenly aware of my true schematic diagram. You are still refusing! Give me the poem quickly!
It’s hard for me not to write poetry. She has to see it. Poetry shows that what I said before is contrary to the concept
And as I said, even if I recite it, I’m not that strong …
Jia Yu saw that I didn’t have the sincerity to bite my teeth and said, Little Mu, go! Dumped his sleeves and left.
Jia Mu hurriedly threw a sword and followed his sister home to eat food.
I sighed and asked Cai Yan back, Why are some people always so stubborn and unwilling to believe me?
Cai Yan smiled. … maybe it’s because she hasn’t married you and doesn’t know you?
Hey, hey, don’t say that, it will make others misunderstand. I remembered what she just said.
Misunderstand what? Cai Yan doesn’t care. Even a fool can see that she cares about you very much, right, Xiao Zhao?
Xiao Zhao gently nodded. Xiao Zhao … is like this.
I finally zheng to consider this matter.
Jia Yu is the eldest daughter of Jia Xu, and she is also regarded as a treasure by the couple on weekdays. Jia Xu is his daughter in the palm of my hand, and I should be more polite.
But I have married Cai Yan’s wife to lower Jia Yu by one level. I always feel that Jia Xu may not agree.
I’m so worried every night now. If I add another person, I’m afraid I’ll be divided into a place when I’m precious.
I’m still young, but I’ve never given much thought to the arduous task of succession.
Chapter sixtyone Literary giant breaks the rules
Putting the brush aside, I shamelessly praised myself.
Sister, do you think my word has improved?
Cai Yan smiled with a roll of Chu Ci. Are you too impatient? I have only practiced for two or three days. Where can it be so fast?

But before I could figure out what happened, my mother had said to herself, "Does she look like your father? I can’t tell that your father is old after all … but she really looks like you …"

I mumbled something, but I still couldn’t say it.
My mother looked up at me for a moment and her eyes were a little trance.
This made me feel uneasy.
I still can’t decide whether to tell her the truth.
Well, she came to her senses and asked me, "You don’t look well. Is there anything wrong with you?"
Seeing that she stopped asking me, I was secretly relieved and quickly replied with a smile, "Everything is fine."
She patted the back of my hand and said, "If there is something uncomfortable, say it, don’t hold it in your heart."
I rushed to nod.
So this matter just turned over.
Soon my father bought cherries, and when my mother talked to him, she still had the same tone and expression.
I just rest assured.
Then Nannan also bandaged the wound and came back. I wanted her to go back to rest, but she insisted on staying with me.
My mother thought for a moment and said, "Well, we’ll rest during the day and come back at night to accompany you, just to bother you."
Nan Nan said with a smile, "Don’t be so polite to me. I am like a sister when I am in time."
My mother smiled with relief and told her, "I cooked soup for the time, so you can watch her drink a little."
South-South nodded smilingly.
When my parents leave the South-South service road, "You must be hungry after a busy morning. Drink all these soups quickly and don’t starve to the baby."
I really have no appetite, but I couldn’t bear to refuse her kindness, so I took a spoon and slowly sent it to my mouth.
She sat there and smiled at me.
I whispered, "Don’t you want to ask anything?"
Whether Ye Xiangyuan likes Gu Changyu or Li Yuyan, like my father, it sounds very intriguing.
Nannan shook his head gently. Judo "Tell me when you want to talk."
My eyes can’t help getting wet.
She is always so gentle and considerate.
Nan-nan smiled and wiped my eyes. "But you can’t hide anything. You will tell me in a few days anyway."
I smile through tears.
But in the end, I didn’t say much
Mainly, I don’t know where to start
Ye Xiangyuan won’t let me go and I haven’t decided what to do.
Sneak away or continue to be coaxed by him?
I don’t want South-South to follow me anxiously until I make up my mind.
After drinking Tang Nannan, I read a short story to my baby.
In this way, my parents didn’t leave until the evening when they came to accompany the bed.
And the leaves have never appeared again.
Early the next morning, not only South and South came, but also Sister-in-law and Xiaojin.
Grandma Xiaojin coaxed me angrily. "My aunt and mother said you fainted. Are you hungry? Then you should have a good meal … "
I was teased.
He is lying on my stomach and talking to’ sister’
Sister-in-law smiled and watched.
Later, when she went out to wash the fruit for me, she held Xiao Jin aside and said to me, "I found the little fish."
I was dazed.
Sister-in-law sighed, "She was not kidnapped, but went to the western plateau for rock climbing …"
Chapter 24 Looking for an opportunity to divorce
I can hardly believe my ears.
Gu Changyu actually ran out by himself …
Sister-in-law smiled bitterly. "She didn’t inform anyone that she had altitude sickness when she went climbing. It is said that she was in a coma for two days and is being treated in a city hospital in the west."
I opened my mouth for a moment, but I didn’t know what to say.
Ye Xiangyuan and Lu Xun almost tore off the whole imperial city, and even the cards were almost exposed. They also became enemies with Li family completely. Gu Changning beat Li jiaqi … This was all her, but she went rock climbing alone …
This sex!
Sister-in-law looked at me and said, "Ayuan Asun and Changning have already arrived."
Look, even if she is so sexual, there are still people who think about it and go to her at the first time.
I’m not surprised.
Since Ye Xiangyuan can leave me in the hospital, of course, he can run to Gu Changyu’s side.
I smiled at my sister-in-law.
Although this smile is bitter, it is the best emotion I can control.
Sister-in-law sighed gently. "I hesitate to tell you the news … but I think it’s good for you to know."
I looked at her gratefully and said, "Thank you, Sister-in-law."
She shook her head in judo. "You … don’t think too much. Now that you’ve reached this point, you must always look forward."
品茶论坛I looked at the eldest sister-in-law with some doubts.

Just about to speak, Gu Changning spoke before me. "What game do you want to play when you ask Ayuan to call us all here?"

There is a trace of impatience in his eyes. If you look closely, there may be a trace of disdain.
I can’t help sneering again.
He treated me like this only because he wanted to support his sister.
Before, he was a good friend in my heart, at least reasonable. Now it seems that he is just an indiscriminate gentleman
Perhaps it was my sneer that made him uncomfortable. Changning’s narrow eyes narrowed. "What are you laughing at?"
Seeing that he was going to be angry, Ye Xiangyuan interrupted him and said, "Come on, Changning."
Gu Changning just doesn’t stop saying, "Ah Yuan, don’t protect her. I think she’s just deliberately picking on Xiaoyu. What’s wrong with Xiaoyu? She knows that Xiaoyu sent her all the medicinal materials collected at home after she got pregnant …"
Ye Xiangyuan frowned and interrupted him, "Changning is enough."
Gu Changning gave me a hard stare and said, "Just leave her alone!"
I’m going to be angry with him.
It was Gu Changyu who caused the accident, but it was my fault in the end. He also accused Ye Xiangyuan of longitudinal me.
If I had known that he would take medicine from Gu Changyu, I wouldn’t have received those gifts from Gu Changyu, and he would have accused me of being a baiwenhang.
Yu Ye Xiangyuan …
He seems to be defending me, but who knows if he also thinks I bully Gu Changyu?
I didn’t want to see them put on airs, so I turned to the topic and said, "I asked Ayuan to call you all here to ask you to be a witness."
Lu Xun reaction calm is still a face of composed solemn.
Gu Changning snorted. "What are you trying to do, moth?"
Maybe I’m just a troublemaker in his eyes
I ignored him and went to see Ye Xiangyuan instead.
He looked at me as if he knew what I was going to say next, frowning as if thinking about whether to stop me.
Of course, I can’t let him stop him from talking. I took out my mobile phone and clicked on the video before I spoke.
Then I said to Lu Xun, who was a little far away, "Brother Liu, you should see it first."
I gave it to Lu Xun first because I believe in tracing the cause.
I’m sure he’s honest, and he won’t delete it after watching this video.
Gu Changning is different. He is so protective of Gu Changyu. It is very possible to protect Gu Changyu and delete the video.
Gu Changning squinted at me when I handed my mobile phone to tracing the cause.
I didn’t see it. Keep my eyes on Lu Xun and pay close attention to his reaction.
The video has more than ten seconds, and Lu Xun quickly finished watching it.
His face was heavy, but he didn’t show his face, and he was calm. I can’t tell if he is angry.
Gu Changning frowned and said, "What the hell is she doing?"
桑拿会所He may have noticed that Lu Xun was in a bad mood and asked eagerly.
I whispered to Lu Xun, "Brother Lu, you should also show the video to Changning."
Smell speech Gu Changning frown more tightly "what is mysterious"
Lu Xun holding the phone did not move.
While Ye Xiangyuan gave me a deep look.
I avoid his gaze and turned to Gu Changyu, who had been silent.
Her eyes on Changning’s side flashed slightly, and her eyebrows frowned lightly.
She must have known exactly what I was going to do, but she didn’t stop me.
Maybe she’s waiting for me to make a big deal out of it so that she can be with Ye Xiangyuan fair and square instead …
Gu Changning shouted "Asun" impatiently.
Lu Xun hesitated for a moment and finally handed it to him.

There is only a small military camp in Tantai where more than 3,000 enemy troops have been accommodated. Now there are five or six times more troops, and most of them have to sleep in the wild.

I wanted to think about it and simply gave the camp to the wounded. I dug out a thin blanket on the floor from my back, and I didn’t feel much uncomfortable lying in the bed of a battalion of soldiers.
The system didn’t play to show your prestige in Tiger Leopard Flying Army +2.
But I seem to hear a strange sound in my dream, because your prestige has long been in off the charts …

When I rolled over and got up from the grass, it was dawn.
Whether it’s a comfortable bed or a poor quality of sleep … I rubbed my shoulders and thought about it, but I heard snoring all around me.
I took the towel out of the saddle pan and put it by the well to wash my face at random.
Da … da … da …
The horseshoe came from the south from far and near, but stopped at the outermost edge
The guard soldier didn’t slack off and immediately brought him to me at the first time.
Little Zulie brigade commander is responsible for inquiring about the enemy’s whereabouts around Handan according to Zulie brigade commander’s arrangement. The young soldier fluttered and turned his horse to report to me.
Tell Zulie to come over. I waved to my close friend Weiyi. What’s the news?
Lombardi should have known that the cavalry he sent to rescue Tantai had been defeated by our army, but he marched to Yecheng with all his strength this morning, the platoon leader replied, wiping his cheeks with sweat.
I can’t help zheng lombardi unexpectedly also play the game of besieging the state of Wei to save Zhao? RenBing you hurry to send someone to inform several battalion commander to come over I will Liu Ren assigned out.
Just climb from the ground up Qin array force had a stretch we kill back? Lombardi cavalry should be few, and we should be able to make it by marching quickly.
I nodded and asked, How long have you been on the road?
It took less than an hour and a half for Handan to get here without a moment’s pause. Although the sweat of the platoon leader’s face was slightly glowing with red light, it was still dripping out in a row.
Pang Gan frowned and said, Yuan Shao still has 30,000 troops around him, while Lu Bu in Yecheng has only 3,000 down soldiers … and Lu Bu is seriously injured, I’m afraid he can’t support it for a moment!
Liang Gong! Addis screamed and stumbled out of the tent not far away.
What’s the matter with you? I quickly walked towards her. Is it being … She wore a petticoat bun and there were messy marks, which didn’t make me associate with it.
She looked sad and burst into tears. She knelt down in front of me. Please save my father!
Oh … I’ll breathe a sigh of relief first. You get up first and my horse will discuss this with several battalion commanders.
I want Liang Gong to promise to save my father … Ling Qi is willing to … handmaiden … never go back on our word! She lifted up her pretty face and her eyes were glittering and translucent.
Get up! I pulled her up.
Master! Tuoba Ye, Gan Ning, Yang Feng and others arrived almost at the same time and just saw this scene.
Tuoba Ye has always been loyal to the liver, righteous and courageous, and knows my intention. He immediately suggested that Lu Bu, our army has just made a pact, and our army should help him once. At this moment, our army is going deep into the enemy’s rear. Wei is the only way for our army to return to Luoyang. If Wei is occupied by Yuan Shao, then our army will retreat between Scylla and Charybdis!
I laughed. You’re absolutely right. Yesterday, in World War I, you three troops suffered few casualties, so give me a pioneer. I thought, Xingba still has a mop with Chengye. You still escort Miss Lu to bypass Handan Bao Lu Bu and Yecheng in two ways. It’s the first thing that Bohu and I need to make further adjustments before we catch up with you.
Gan Ning nodded, It’s enough for us to go to more than 10,000 military forces to keep Yecheng.
Yang Feng stretched out his hand and stroked his beard and laughed. If possible … we can also give them a little surprise and surprise from the rear of Lombardi.
I also smiled, Yuan Shao still has about 40,000 troops. Don’t attack the enemy after you split up.
promise! Three battalionlevel major generals stood in awe.
Then get ready to leave! I waved my hand smartly.
Yes! Major general crashing should be a and then immediately dispersed in three directions.
Thank you, Liang Gong! Lu Lingqi regained her composure a little and gave me a fist. Come back to Lianggong to thank you after Lingqi saved Yecheng Wai!
This … later. I coughed and she waved goodbye.
Then I practiced pushups.
Just after thirty floors, the ground shook violently.
By the 56th time, the tremor was already a mile away from me.
Master, are you afraid that I will work for Lord Gao Zhen? Qin Zhen is very depressed to accompany me to exercise. Now it is far from the unification of heaven. You don’t need to consider all birds and bow to hide, the rabbit and the dog will cook, and the grinding will kill the donkey so early.
Your cultural skills are getting better and better! I can’t help but be surprised and then take back the only support on the ground. My left hand slowly rises with my toes.
Am I wrong? He muttered and made a side leg press. You just killed two inexplicable little leaders yesterday, so you won’t let me charge ahead today. It’s obvious that you’re jealous that I’m out of the limelight!
I patted the grass stuck to my clothes and laughed. Your imagination is really not so good!
He raised his eyebrows angrily. I don’t want to be Han Xin.
Don’t flatter yourself! I was sorting out my clothes. Liu Bang is afraid of Han Xin because of his own bad things, and none of his generals can balance Han Xin. But Zhang Liao, Taishi Ci, Gan Ning and Xu Huang are not in you … and your sworn brother Tuoba Ye. If you dare to fart, he must be the first to beat you! Besides … I can beat you flat with an old punch, but I’m afraid you’ll turn over the sky? !”
He was taught by me, and his arrogance immediately converged. He hung his head strangely. Don’t … I really think too much?
Stop leg press and rectify the military forces. Come with me! I blew a whistle and called for a walk not far away. Let’s kill a few more people.
He jumped from the ground at once, but almost pulled the egg, making him grin and gasp. Where are you going?
How nice it would be for us to collect Handan again by the way! I jumped off my horse with a smile and stroked my mane. I heard that Zhang He is still in town.
Think of friends in western Liaoning
A battalion of four thousand Qin array three thousand and another four thousand soldiersbut I didn’t dare to equip these four thousand people with horses.
We walked less than forty miles a day on the 13th.
On the one hand, the speed of marching has been greatly reduced because of the many wounded soldiers and soldiers on both sides.
On the other hand … I have a problem.
It suddenly occurred to me halfway that how can I capture Handan?
Yuan Shao, even if his IQ is low, it is impossible to move the important town of Handan … What can I do to conquer such a tall and solid ancient city?
The next day, I walked fifty miles. When I came to Handan and looked up at the impregnable city, I still couldn’t find a way to break the city.
And … Both Jia Xu and Xun You lurked in Handan City and didn’t send me information.
品茶论坛I sighed and thought about whether to enclose Handan City or simply give up.
The north gate of Handan City suddenly hit slowly.
I immediately swung the pike, and behind me, I took a bow and arrow.
Hundreds of people rushed out of the city with a horse among them.
In public, one person shouted Please see your general!
Let Qin array show up I told Pang Gan low.
Qin array immediately drove the horse out of the array. Liang Gong told Qin array to say something here!
I am willing to raise the city to defect! May General Qin handle it lightly!
Oh? Qin Zhen shook himself on horseback. You must show the general your sincerity, right?
This is Yuan Shao’s order to Zhang He of Zhao! The other side pointed to the bound man on horseback. This man has been captured by us!
Start with him and let the general identify it carefully! Qin array drink a way
Yes, yes! Opposite, hold down Zhang He’s bun and pick up his head. His face is square, his eyebrows are heavy as ink, and his face is full of anger. It is true that Zhang He is not fake.

Although I was almost caught, I was proved innocent on the spot.

Ye Xiangyuan confessed something to Ye Wen and went downstairs with me.
You can still hear Teng Jun crying in the lounge.
I turned my head to see Ye Xiangyuan, and he looked very dull, as if all this was him.
Maybe tonight’s victory is not enough to make him happy.
We went to see the eldest sister-in-law first.
Sister-in-law’s face is hard to hide. "I already know that you have done a good job."
Ye Xiangyuan said softly, "Let’s start, sister-in-law. We have a lot to do."
A word made sister-in-law calm down and her smile faded away.
Sister-in-law pushed the wheelchair to the window.
It’s dark outside.
Even if the lights are on in the courtyard, that little light will light up the whole night.
There is a darker night and a darker scene in the distance.
Ye Xiangyuan also looked out of the window.
His eyes are far away and deep, as if he had seen a farther and deeper future through that dark night.
I walked side by side with him, and my hand was still held by him, but I felt far away from him.
I don’t know what he and his sister-in-law remembered at this time, whether they remembered their deceased relatives or had a happy or sad past.
And I didn’t take part in all those pasts.
I can stay quietly beside him and dare not disturb them.
Later Ye Xiangyuan took me out of the eldest sister-in-law’s bedroom. He went back to the room first and I went to coax Xiaojin to sleep.
Half an hour later, when I returned to my room, Ye Xiangyuan was already lying in bed and turning over a stack of files.
I stood by the door for a while and walked slowly over.
He raised his eyes and fixed me with deep eyes.
I knelt beside him and leaned over to hug his waist. "I almost had an accident today … I’m sorry I wasn’t alert enough …"
He put the file and touched my head. "It’s not your fault."
I paused and suddenly looked up at him unblinkingly. "Did you know about Li Yuyan’s plan long ago?"
He slightly zheng seems to be didn’t expect me to ask so directly.
Laugh in a low voice.
My voice is hoarse and mellow, and the warm breath has been blowing in my ears.
Section 111
I really can’t stand the teasing of an accused person.
He seems to have guessed that I reacted and laughed even harder.
I glared at him discontentedly
He hugged me to his legs and smiled. "Wife, don’t be angry. I didn’t know it at first, but I got Ye Wen’s leave from the glass of juice you drank."
I can’t help feeling sad at the thought of being coaxed by a few little girls.
But then I continued to stare at him with a straight face and unbelieving eyes
I really don’t believe that he didn’t know about it until so late. Will he let Li Yu smoke and cause trouble under his nose?
His forefinger touched the tip of my nose. "I rushed to the lounge as soon as I got the news."
No wonder it was only a few minutes before and after I fell into a coma and woke up again
He smiled and hugged me tightly. "The forgery of the arrest warrant is what I arranged early in the morning … Li Yuyan’s uncle did stamp it but it was replaced … The real copy has been destroyed, and he wanted to reverse his conviction and no one gave him a certificate."
I see
This trick is really beautiful.
I fell on his arms and whispered, "It’s a pity that it’s just a director’s Li family’s foundation is so deep …"
Ye Xiangyuan smiled and hugged me. "It can’t be urgent."
But I am a little impatient when I think of Ye Dabo, Ye Dad, their death and the hatred of my sister-in-law
spa会所Ye Xiangyuan seems to be holding my hand as white as I want, and it’s a bit ethereal like floating from a distant place. "It’s fun to slowly infiltrate a little bit."
So it’s not that he can’t clean up the Li family, but he wants to keep it and play slowly?
He judo "you see my cousin was put in prison and Li Qingqing was also put in … one by one, no one can escape … this can cause them to panic … just like the same frying pan has been fried and just entered the pot …"
Listen, his soft and charming voice is so.
I couldn’t help shivering.
He chuckled and hugged me more tightly. "It’s not necessary to kill people directly, but I want to deal with them fairly."
I understood what he meant after a little thought.
Since the Li family wants to fight for that position, they should fight openly instead of secretly killing people.
They teamed up with Teng Jun to cause Ye Dabo, and they sacrificed the illusion that the black hand was too vicious and too dehumanizing.
Ye Xiangyuan is not ashamed of what they do, and naturally he will not use the same means to deal with them.
Although winners and losers, there are some bottom lines that cannot be crossed
Chapter 11 action
Ye Xiangyuan stroked my hair one by one. "I will certainly report to those who have harmed my uncle and my parents, but I will not let them die so happily."
His tone is too bleak, and I am shaking again.
On weekdays, although he is occasionally indifferent to me, he is always soft.
He is so cold when facing the enemy.
And tonight, he’s obviously colder and more terrible.
He suddenly picked up my face and smiled and asked me, "Are you really scared?"
I nodded without hesitation.
Of course I’m afraid
Tie a boat with him, and it is foreseeable that there will be a sea of knives and rivers ahead.
But it’s just fear.
I can’t back down now.
He kissed me gently. "Baby, you’re doing great."
I looked up in surprise.

I waved him away.

Bian Que, Zhang Zhongjing, Hua Tuo, Sun Simiao, and Li Shizhen were all famous for their superb medical skills, but they were lowranking people in the world. There were famous doctors and doctors in the royal yiguang in the past dynasties, but there was only one person who was able to stand tall and generous in later generations.
This is not to say that people are poor and ambitious, but that the combination of genius and decades of actual combat experience has created these few medical masters. Once they come up with officials, where will they have the time and opportunity to visit and accumulate experience?
I suspect that it destroyed a towering tree.
But I hope the skinny camel is bigger than the horse. Although he may not be a doctor, he should be able to treat a common variety of incurable diseases at least …
Zhang Zhongjing bowed deeply to me for three times and bowed down and left the living room.
Looking at his thin figure, I couldn’t help sighing again.
Gong Shuang’er flashed from the side room. What did he just say?
… he doesn’t want to be a medical officer, he wants to change his job … In fact, you heard everything hiding in the side room, didn’t you?
That’s not it, she said. What did he mean by that …’ Wanbi’?
My mouth suddenly bitter.
Is nobody interested? Shuang’er pouted.
Well, I gulped down my teacup and said gently, It’s getting late, Shuang’er. Go back to rest.
Her little face was full of meaning and she cried, Tell Shuang’er if you don’t say anything!
On weekdays, I occasionally help me out. Xiao Zhao is not around now. Seeing that today is over, I decided to explain to her euphemistically, This word means that my daughter’s family is innocent and has not been touched by other men.
I touched the bar and was very satisfied with this explanation.
Really? She blinked, puzzled. But Shuang’er has long been different!
What? !” I was frightened to disgrace and quickly asked, You, you, you, your sister! Who the hell is it? You hurry up!
Huh? She hung her head shyly and twisted her skirts with her fingers. It’s not bad for the minister!
I was even more amazed. Even your sister, I just met her a few days ago … it’s you!
Hum, you’re still playing dumb, she insisted. I don’t know how many times I’ve been touched by you!
Chapter sixtynine Be openminded and eager to learn little Liu Xie
This day is a legal rest day.
Of course, it makes no difference to me who has always been diligent in politics.
So I took a little more rest for half an hour.
Please change clothes and wash, Xiao Zhao called softly at the head of the bed.
Did she get up early because she didn’t attend to her bed last night?
I took a look at Cai Yan and Xiao E cuddling on my chest and laughed. You don’t have to get up so early today if you have nothing important, do you?
Xiao Zhao Chen said, You have slept for half an hour.
I lifted my arm and freed it from the entanglement of Cai Yan. Then change clothes.
Zhao Cheng knocked at the door outside rudely.
Cai Yan shivered slightly and opened her long eyelashes. Husband?
I gently caressed her long hair sideways. Lao Zhao, do you want to die? Knock at the door early in the morning!
Well … the little emperor is coming again … Zhao Cheng asked against the crack of the door. Do you want to let him in, young master?
I’m a tingle. Are you lying to me? The emperor is so diligent?
If you don’t believe me, I’ll go shopping. This Lao Zhao also simply disappeared soon
Husband, get up quickly. Don’t lose your courtesies. Cai Yan hurried me to get up.
I mumbled a few words, wiped my face in a hurry and went straight to the bedroom.
Liu Xie Gao Shou is moving from the main entrance to this side.
I set up five successes to display my flying skills for three or five times, and then I flicker in front of them.
Liu Xie’s longevity is a big surprise.
Gao shou stopped in front of Liu Xie with an arrow escort! His sharp and harsh voice was behind him, and dozens of guards quickly gathered together to protect Liu Xie in the middle.
I was frightened by my levity. I quickly steadied myself and saluted outside ten feet.
… turns out to be Ma Qing … Liu Xie corners of the mouth beat uncontrollably.
Gao Shou’s legs went soft and he almost collapsed to the ground. Ma Daren, you … almost scared the old slave to death!
I’m already in control. It’s your shallow knowledge, right?
But I can take responsibility for pardon me for my rudeness
桑拿论坛Liu Xie has recovered calm and asked in surprise, Was it martial arts that you ran so fast just now?
Exactly, I replied smugly, I taught leg press yesterday, which is why I practiced it. Anyway, it’s all about leg kung fu. God knows if there is one.
Liu Xie nodded slightly. It’s really amazing … How long did Ma Qing practice?
I have worked hard every day since I was 18 years old to achieve this achievement today. I concealed that I was lazy for the first two years and was in a coma for the whole year last year.
Seven years … so long? Sure enough, he was disappointed.
If you don’t practice hard, it’s hard to achieve the same goal. I’m just saying, you are a wet behind the ears. You can’t underestimate the art of martial arts
Ma Qing’s lesson is that I have been taught.
positions yanchong if I dare to teach you a lesson.
Liu Xie smiled. I came here early this morning just to ask Ma Qing again.
Practicing martial arts and fitness is just not so much. You should start from the basics. I earnestly taught that leg press’s pushups and leg exercises will be effective after three months of daily practice.
Oh? He is full of hope that the ability to pull mountains and travel thousands of miles every day?

Should still be alive?

Li Yuyan sliver should be to let her slowly bleed to death and slowly die of fear …
I can’t help shivering at the thought of this.
The smell of blood has spread in the air, and the blood on the railing glass has dried up. It is estimated that it will take a lot of effort to clean the shopping mall.
Li Yuyan clapped his hands and said to his opponent, "Go on and wake her up."
喝茶约茶  title=Soon Wen Lu screamed again.
Li Yuyan suddenly turned to my eyes and stared at me with gloomy indifference. "See, this is a betrayal of our field."
I frowned.
She smiled, "The same is true of not keeping promises."
I can’t help shivering.
She sounded like Wen Lu, but I could hear that she was warning and threatening me.
In exchange for her, she went to save Ye Xiangyuan, and I should divorce Ye Xiangyuan and leave the country.
But I didn’t fly to Africa that day, but was saved by Ye Xiangyuan.
Now I’m still with Ye Xiangyuan.
Although Ye Xiangyuan said that she didn’t play any role, if I really benefited, she wanted her to save Ye Xiangyuan.
Gu Changning knew that Ye Xiangyuan planned that he deliberately asked me to find Li Yuyan. On the one hand, it was to protect me, and on the other hand, it was to show it to outsiders, indicating that they had let Miss Li’s family go and compromised with Li’s family.
But I didn’t know at that time that Li Yuyan could really save Ye Xiangyuan and regarded her as the last straw.
This has led to the present situation.
I silently bowed my head.
Sure enough, she hates me even more. In the past, she wanted me to die. After this incident, she probably wanted to cut me to pieces and let me die again.
After that, she will definitely keep coming after me …
The scene of punishing Wen Lu today must be for me, too.
Li Yuyan stared at me for a long time and finally let me go. Then she turned and ordered her hand to "throw away the rope."
Wenlu fell quickly when everyone didn’t react.
Bang! I heard the sound of heavy objects hitting the ground, mixed with the screams of Wenlu.
Wen Lu should be run away this time.
I was completely frightened.
I didn’t expect Li Yuyan to be so biting that he would end Wen Lu’s life in public.
She is absolutely crazy!
Isn’t she afraid of someone calling the police?
But then I thought that this is Cloud City, and I have some knowledge to come here, so I guess I won’t ask for trouble and make enemies with Miss Li’s family.
That’s about all you can do, not to mention revenge. There is no place to avenge.
Li Yuyan looked indifferent as if the end of her hand was not a human life but a plaything or an ant.
Her eyes turned to me again and she was cruel. "You wait for me, too."
Say that finish and roared off.
I couldn’t help shivering, feeling weak and almost unable to live.
It’s Gu Changyu who holds my arm, so I can barely hold my body steady.
I walked slowly to the railing and looked over.
Wen Lu was being carried away, and her head was broken and her blood was bright red, and she dragged all over the floor behind her.
Section 15
I silently withdrew my sight, and my heart was at a loss.
Wenlu is definitely not going to live.
This woman who once robbed my boyfriend, robbed my room, blocked me up and beat me up was killed by my other opponent.
Chapter 15 Preparing a Birthday Banquet
I remember that when I first met Wen Lu, she was pregnant, sometimes weak, sometimes cunning and sometimes vicious …
Even though she is so hateful, it’s really hard for me to accept that a fresh life is dying under my nose.
What’s more, she was killed by Li Yuyan.
I don’t think of the vicious and meaningful eyes that fixed me just before Li Yuyan left.
She seems to say that Wen Lu’s ending today is my backcourt.
And the sentence’ You also wait for me’ is like a death warrant to give me a final warning.
I can’t hold on to Gu Changyu any longer.
Gu Changyu held me tightly and held my hand gently. "Don’t be afraid that Li’s family won’t mess around with her again. She won’t dare to touch you …"
I managed to smile.
Actually, Li Yu’s vengeful personality, her scheming is so deep, maybe I will be solved by her one day.
I didn’t want to expose my weakness before Gu Changyu, so I tried to calm down.
Gu Changyu Judo "Come home with me? We won’t eat here. "
The scene was really bloody just now, and I nodded without appetite.
Panton gave us a worried look. "Otherwise, I’ll contact the chief immediately …"
I am busy shaking my head. "No … I’m fine …"
Gu Changyu pondered, "Then listen to the situation."
We will take a bus soon.
This time I went back to the home next to Gu Changyu and Lu Xun’s school.
Gu Changyu asked Pan Dongxian not to talk to Ye Xiangyuan just now and let him go to her house, too.
When I got to her house, I found that not only Ye Xiangyuan, but also his children, and they also brought their girlfriends.
I remember the first time Xiao Jin’s birthday party saw this group meeting. One of them had a girlfriend, but this time there were two more. They came with their fiancee.
It’s also a great event
I watched them fight each other, and the two unmarried couples encouraged them to start playing some ambiguous games.

"Jingyi, I’ll take you home." Started the car, and Jane asked.

"No, I don’t want to go home. I don’t want to go home." Lan Jingyi squinted and muttered that she was so tired. She wanted to sleep, but she didn’t want to go back to that small apartment. That’s Jiang Junyue’s small apartment. She doesn’t like Yin Qingrou as a neighbor at all. Jiang Junyue still walked out of her room earlier today. Is he going to walk out of Yin Qingrou’s room early in the morning?
"JingYi you see …"
"I don’t want to go home. If you take me home, I won’t talk to you for a generation after Jane leaves."
I don’t know what to do with a sigh, but I can’t help her when she comes home like this. Her mother will worry about her more than she has to take care of nonsense. Let him stay with her all night. "Jingyi, shall we go to the seaside?"
"Ok, I’m going to the seaside" seems that he would take her anywhere if he didn’t send her home. He prefers to take her to his home because he is afraid that she will regret it when she wakes up.
Then drive her to the seaside.
Chapter 24 Killing men by day
"Ok, I’m going to the seaside" seems that he would take her anywhere if he didn’t send her home. He prefers to take her to his home because he is afraid that she will regret it when she wakes up.
Then drive her to the seaside.
Jane left the car and drove, and came to Lan Jingyi. Look at her. She actually fell asleep. She glanced back at her sleeping position. It was really ugly, but he really liked to watch her fall asleep. She remembered that when she first met her, she fell asleep at the lecture table. Everyone listened to the report. She slept alone, which made the lecturer who was giving a lecture feel embarrassed, but when she woke up, she gave the lecturer a comment, which was that his speech was too ugly and low-standard.
So it is normal for her to fall asleep, but it is not normal not to sleep.
Hehe, she is such a little woman who dares to love and hate, and then loves and hates.
I think Lan Jingyi wouldn’t have broken up with him if Min Ru hadn’t blackmailed him to marry her.
按摩However, if there is no experience in this world, it is experienced, and they may never return to their original beauty and love.
The car stopped at the seaside, and it didn’t take long for the new year to pass. It was cold and the wind at the seaside was a little good. They listened to the tide and watched the tide rise and fall in the car together, and everything was so beautiful.
"Oh … well …" A whoop came from the back seat of the car. Jane jumped out of the back seat but didn’t help Lan Jingyi. She had "wow" and vomited all over him. The smell filled the carriage. He looked at her uncomfortable face and forgot to be sick. He took a tissue and wiped her dirty face with tears. After that little face like Xiaohua Mall was finally cleaned, Lan Jingyi was that delicate and lovely little woman again.
She has always been handsome and lovely in his eyes.
Now that she is clean, he is dirty.
Just take off your coat, throw it on the beach, and then clean up the paper towel in the car. Then he sat next to her with his shirt on and her head around. His legs seemed to be asleep. Her little face was filled with an indescribable sweet smile, which made him reluctant to blink, so he looked at her so stupid that he believed that she really moved on. She actually married Liu Wentao and Ji Minru. How stupid was she?
"Silly girl" whispered her finger and dropped Lan Jingyi’s little face. When she touched her skin, he trembled slightly. I don’t know if this is right, but at least she is unmarried now, isn’t it?
He wants to touch her face, that’s all. Does he have the strength to love her again?
The sea breeze still takes a taxi to the glass. He likes her to be together quietly in this silence. If Jiang Junyue is really with that woman, he will never let go of Lan Jingyi.
He loved her, always loved her and never changed. Now Minru is happy, so he should be happy, right?
Lan Jingyi rang. He picked it up for her and looked at the screen flashing the words’ Jiang Junyue’. When he thought about it, he took the opportunity to sleep for her. He didn’t want Jiang Junyue to bother her again.
One night, Lan Jingyi’s good sleep quietly passed.
Far away, the corner where the sea and sky meet has been flushed with a fish-belly grey.
The woman who pillow his leg still shows no sign of wake up.
But he dare not continue to be supported by her.
Gently remove her little face LanJingYi slightly uncomfortable frown this just continue to lie on the seat to sleep.
Jane got out of the car and lit a cigarette because the woman in the car was afraid that she would smoke his second-hand smoke, and he sat all night without smoking a cigarette.
Smoke is really a good thing sometimes. It can dissipate some sadness when you are upset.
It’s already dawn, and the seaside air is so fresh as if it can drop water.
He rang for the first time since last night, and told him it was Jiang Junyue before he picked up his intuition.
Jiang Junyue also drank a lot last night. Hehe, he called Lan Jingyi, but he didn’t expect to hit him. At this moment, Jiang Junyue must have woken up and remembered to call him. It turned out that the man didn’t really let Lan Jingyi drink. When he woke up, the first thing he remembered was the woman in his car, "Hello, Jane is not separated." He picked up and said in a low voice.
"Where is she?" The husky man seemed to have a bad time last night with a little bit of anxiety.
"Who do you want to leave?" Jane was about to speak when Lan Jingyin suddenly came behind her. It turned out that she woke up and the bus came just now.
Listening to the words, Jiang Junyue’s face changed slightly, his lips gently sipped, and he whispered, "Hang up and don’t say it’s me." A warning meant that Jiang Junyue didn’t want Lan Jingyi to know that he had called him.
Jane is a bit stupid. He is also a man, but he can’t understand Jiang Junyue.

Cheng Haizhu pushed Wen Fuxiao toward Cheng Haijue. "What’s wrong with staying? You see this."

I just went out to meet manager Wen and had dinner with him.
He was drunk and I didn’t know where to send him, so I brought him back. "
Cheng Haijue turned black when you heard it.
"So you brought him back to me."
Cheng Haijue said with a black face, "Don’t make trouble. Didn’t you see me put on a mask?"
Cheng Haizhu gave him a contemptuous look.
"What mask does a big man make at home? I didn’t make your sister."
"What do you know?"
Cheng haijue is too lazy to continue talking with him, holding wenfuxiao and asking cheng Haizhu.
"You brought him back, you brought him back. How can you bring him to me?"
Cheng Haizhu gave him a white look.
"Then you’re not talking nonsense. I’m a woman, he’s a man and you’re a man. If I don’t bring him to you, maybe I’ll take him to my room."
Cheng Haijue said, "What’s the problem? Are you still afraid that he will eat you?"
I think he should be guarding you. Didn’t you like him for a long time?
How did this come to this time but also talk about the ceremony? "
Cheng Haizhu a listen to look a dark and then added
"What do you care? I said Cheng Haijue, haven’t you always wanted to curry favor with him?
I’ve brought you all the recovered people. Please take good care of him.
I’m tired and I’ll go back to sleep, "said Cheng Haizhu, ready to go.
"Aye," Cheng Haijue grabbed Cheng Haizhu. "You really asked me to take care of him. Why don’t you help?"
Cheng Haizhu said he couldn’t help sighing and then came in.
"It’s really you. No wonder you haven’t made any progress for so many years." He said, holding Wenfuxiao and walking inside.
Cheng Haijue looked at Cheng Haizhu after hearing this.
"Cheng Haizhu I told you that I am your brother, don’t be so no big or little.
There are things before, and I hope you don’t get up, okay? That’s all in the past. "
Cheng Haizhu couldn’t help laughing at "Who is still lost in high school and your family is still missing? Hahahahaha"
Laugh if you don’t finish. Cheng Haijue’s face is sure to eat people at the moment if he doesn’t wear a mask.
Cheng Haijue tore off the face mask and frowned at Cheng Haizhu.
"Who hasn’t had two shortcomings for so long?"
He is an idiot in life and has been teased by Cheng Haizhu all the time.
Cheng Haizhu went on to say, "No, no,no. This shortcoming of being an idiot in life is not small."
Cheng Haijue’s brow became more and more wrinkled, and his face was not very good, so he made a mask and his face was stained with water.
"Cheng Haizhu, don’t talk nonsense. I said that I couldn’t give you a perfect explanation when everything happened. Now I am now. Can I not get involved with the previous events?"
Cheng Haizhu listened to the corners of his mouth.
"Maybe you weren’t the same person before and now, so it’s not you. What were you before and what are you now?"
Cheng Haijue looked at Cheng Haizhu "Cheng Haizhu"
Cheng Haizhu cold snorted a disdainful smile to hold the Wenfuxiao sofa and lie down.
"Well, you can help me with the next thing. Just think of it as my fart. I’m leaving." He turned and left.
Just at this time WenFuXiao vaguely uttered a sound is called ChuYan name.
Cheng Haizhu felt a quiver and closed her eyes. She guessed that it was really good. It was ChuYan.
Cheng haijue listen to also can’t help but turned to look at cheng Haizhu.
Cheng Haizhu likes Wen Fuxiao. Cheng Haijue knew it a long time ago.
桑拿论坛  title=Looking at Wenfuxiao at the moment so that he can’t help but worry about Cheng Haizhu.
Even though they are noisy, they are still brothers and sisters, which is to cut off the flesh and blood relationship.
Lai Cheng Haizhu will be very hurt and even cry.
But I didn’t expect Cheng Haizhu to turn around and look at Cheng Haijue with a smile.
Picked his eyebrows and said to Cheng Haijue, "This man is really spoony. He has a wife and still thinks about his first lover." He said, tut-tut, turned around and left.
Cheng Haijue froze in situ and then reacted without feeling a trance.
Cheng Haizhu has always been the image of a girl who liked to cry when he was studying abroad.
But unconsciously, the girl who likes to cry when she is engaged has now grown into a career-oriented strong woman.
She can laugh when a man she has secretly loved for many years says another woman’s name from her mouth.
Thinking about Cheng Haizhu’s words, Cheng Haijue couldn’t help smiling bitterly.
It’s no secret that Wen Fu Xiao Chu Yan Mo Chengkun’s three-person affair flows into the social circle.
Everyone is just hiding it.
Besides, in your circle, who hasn’t done anything yet?
Shook his head Cheng Haijue looked at the sofa Wenfuxiao couldn’t help sighing.
Go over and pick him up and bring him to and from the room. You can’t let Tangmo sleep on the sofa all night, can you?
As a result, I heard Wen Fuxiao’s words ringing off the hook. I picked them up and saw that the bearer was Zhao.
If the name Zhao Woman is right, it should be Wen Fuxiao’s wife.
Oh, it’s really hard to think about it. My husband has someone else in his heart and still remembers it every day.
Eh, wait, isn’t his sister the hardest thing?
I like people who not only have wives, but also love their first love.
After thinking about it, I shook my head and threw it away.
Cheng Haizhu ran to his room in one breath and opened the door.

So teasing him, he felt that he might eat her up before he could get married.

Although they stick together every day for more than a year, she is very shy, and he doesn’t want to always show affection and stop being polite if he doesn’t respect her before marriage
But he knows what he’s been holding back
Especially now he really wants to tear her clothes so that she can breathe on her own.
It’s a pity that South-South didn’t feel the danger at all and blushed and continued, "Then we’ll have two children, preferably a son and a daughter …"
Tracing the cause can’t help but gently pinch her tender face "listen to you"
He can barely control the evil fire by sitting in a precarious position.
Nannan is quite shy, but she also wants to make her lover happy.
She looked at Lu Xun’s serious face, and he was sad and couldn’t help but take the initiative to kiss him.
Lu Xun felt that she might be burst by someone in her arms.
spa会所All his restraint was to break the work in one second and directly kiss her on the back of the head.
When he arrived at Nannan’s door, the car stopped for a long time before he stopped plundering her
South-South gasped heavily against his shoulder.
He imprisoned his slender waist and said, "Baby, let’s get married."
South-South stare big eyes.
Is this a proposal to her?
Section 37
Gu Changyu was sent away before Gu Changning and Xu Xin’s wedding.
Because after that meeting Ding Shishi and Nannan, she had to make a scene every day. On several occasions, she treated the servants as Ding Shishi and Nannan punched and kicked them.
She’s out of her mind.
The invitation was also sent out because of the date. It is impossible for Gu Changning to postpone the wedding.
But he personally sent Gu Changyu to Switzerland.
The environment there is very good and suitable for rest.
And waiting for Gu Changyu is naturally those internationally renowned psychologists.
Xu Xin didn’t stop Gu Changning.
She wouldn’t have stopped Gu Changning from being kind to Gu Changyu if the facts hadn’t violated the principle.
After all, she is also his sister.
She despises Gu Changyu and hates Gu Changyu, but Gu Changyu has become a ghost, and there is no need for her to cling to it.
What’s more, Ye Xiangyuan and Lu Xun both have their own homes.
This is the biggest punishment for Gu Changyu.
After the wedding of Gu Changning and Xu Xin, Lu Xun and South-South wedding were ushered in.
Lu Xun is finally anxious to marry South-South.
What about Nannan? She loves Lu Xun so much. Of course, she listens to Lu Xun.
Make Ding Shishi and Xu Xin laugh at her. She has no concentration and is completely confused by beauty.
But in the end, the wedding day will come to the end of autumn.
Although Lu Xun looks much more stuffy than Gu Changning, he is much more romantic than Gu Changning.
He asked for wedding leave and planned to travel with Nan Nan after the wedding.

"Then go sit down and see if Manager Jiang will let you drive?"

"Well, you know, I’ve never seen a woman except Lan Mi Jiang."
"No, I heard that there was a beloved woman in front of President Jiang. I don’t know why that girl suddenly disappeared and now she’s back. Do you think it’s the blue secret rival?"
"Ahem ….." Mr.wong coughed up. The two girls in their sales department didn’t know that Lan Jingyi had been transferred to the sales department to be a manager directly under the guest room. I didn’t know that Lan Jingyi had just taken their commercial car. The two of them took the innermost row of cars, so they didn’t notice that they finally came to Lan Jingyi. He didn’t stop the two female employees from being afraid of disaster.
"Manager wang did you catch a cold or something? I didn’t say anything about you. What are you coughing up? " On weekdays, people in the sales department are used to joking, and Mr. Wang is all mixed up. His coughing two girls didn’t pay any attention to it as a joke
Mr. Wang’s face is a little red. He is still a big man. He quickly turned to Lan Jingyi. "Blue manager, girls are joking. Don’t take it seriously."
The two girls were all silly when they looked in the direction of Lanjingyi along the line of sight of mr.wong. "Blue … blue secret …"
"It’s time to change my mind. Manager Lan has been the guest manager of our site, and she has to contact us for follow-up contact after she gets the guest."
"Blue manager, please take more photos." The two girls were a little embarrassed just before they were born in sales. At this moment, they have been generously handed over their little hands. "Blue manager, when you come to our department, our department will grow up, and we will never be afraid that people in other departments will be arrogant to us."
"Manager Lan, this dress of yours is working girl, isn’t it? Gee, it suits you very well. You are so beautiful."
A series of compliments disdained her when she changed her previous divination. Lan Jingyi smiled "Thank you". This is the world where people have such a baiwenhang. This is nothing unusual. This is life. Can you talk about divination and chat? If you talk, just talk about Kan Kan. Others are born to entertain their lives.
It seems that she will get used to hearing that later.
Mom is right. You can’t be angry. You can’t make fun of others. It’s not worth it to be angry with yourself.
The word Lan Jingyi is no longer wordy, and the people in the car are quiet because of her appearance. It seems that at this moment, they already know that the disaster is coming from their mouths, especially the first two chattering female employees. Who knows what Lan Jingyi and the president are now? But everyone knows that she gave birth to Jiang Junyue. It is said that even if the president falls in love with an old lover again, he can’t ignore that he gave birth to a woman.
But everything can’t be generalized. What if you have a baby? Haven’t you married her yet? Although you are engaged, you are engaged to get married, but engagement is two different things. There is no legal guarantee for marriage.
To what extent will the president of Suo Lan Jingyi develop? Everyone has to know if he doesn’t offend anyone, so he has to leave some room for himself.
This sudden silence made Lan Jingyi particularly embarrassed. It was all because of her. If it weren’t for her, this car would be very lively. She doubted whether she should come to such a party.
The commercial car finally stopped. Lan Jingyi was in a trance and caught a glimpse of the super eye-catching lavender RV not far away. That’s what she wanted to ignore. Is Jiang Junyue here?
Or will the bus arrive before them?
It seems very likely that this is because he always drives very fast, and this commercial car just really drove very slowly.
"Mr. Wang just sent me a short message from my mother …" She didn’t want to go in and see him again, which would be awkward.
"Mr. Wang is a coincidence, and I have just arrived." But before she finished her words, Jane came, and he handed me the slender and bony hand toward Mr. Wang, which was once familiar to her.
Jane feili also found her when Lan Jingyi turned her head. "Jingyi, what a coincidence that you are here."
Unfortunately, she came because of him.
"Miss Jane Lan is now the customer manager of our sales department. You can also communicate with her directly if you have any production problems." Manager Wang immediately introduced Lan Jingyi.
"Jingyi, congratulations."
What’s there to congratulate? She is the most thankless job. It’s the guest who wants to see the guest’s face. She smiles, and her small hand falls off Jane’s palm, feeling his grip as if to hold her in his hand. "Thank you."
She said lightly that her eyes were gloomy, and they all said that she had a new love and an old love. Hehe, she also had an old love, right? Old love is simple but not divorced.
Seeing him again, she felt sorry for him.
"Jane should always go in together." Her current status made her at a loss what to call him.
"Call me if I have to leave. Jingyi, when did you get so heretical with me?" Jane has finally let go of her hand, and the two of them walked side by side with Mr.wong behind them towards the bar in front of her. She didn’t expect Mr.wong to choose a commotion, but it’s not surprising that Jiang Junyue came to the commotion. He always likes to come here. When she first met him, it was a commotion.
桑拿会所Nine people walked into the commotion and went straight to the vip box inside. The decoration was particularly elegant and luxurious, especially the sofa. You Shu "It’s Jane’s first time here. It looks really good. It’s very kind of you to suggest." Mr. Wang said politely.
"Oh, I, my guests often come here and talk about it. I have vip cards here, and drinks can be discounted. Today, I will pay for it. Everyone is free."
"How can that be? You’re a guest. Jane can’t."
"Ha ha, everyone is friends after class. Let’s not talk about business tonight, but say we’re out for fun."
When several female employees saw Jane being so generous, they couldn’t help glancing at him. One of them was actually posted in Lan Jingyi. "Manager Lan, are you classmates?"
"Yeah, college classmates."
"Manager Lan is looking for an opportunity to introduce me to Jane. Jane is always a good-looking person." The female staff wanted to glance at Jane and didn’t want to look away.
"Good" Lan Jingyi picked up a glass of red wine on the table and poured it into his throat without thinking, then poured it again.
Here, you can play cards, mahjong, drink and chat, and you can do whatever you want with karaoke. All the equipment is available. The venue has already had a sales department where a man and a woman cuddled and danced with each other. The picture is really hot. Lan Jingyi found that the girl is much more open than she was then. If she never dared to cuddle with the former man.
Cup after cup, people drink, chat or sing and dance, and she drinks alone. There are many people sitting in the corner drinking, but she feels lonely as if she were alone.
The neon lights are flashing before you know it.
I was about to pour another glass of wine and suddenly pressed her hand. "Jingyi, don’t drink. You’ve drunk a lot." People kept saying Jane didn’t deliberately talk to her, but he saw how much she drank. This woman had something on her mind. He saw it
"Not much. I’m not drunk at all. Hehe, I have to leave. Someone just asked me to be a matchmaker. Do you want to try to associate with others?" She smiled and said that he was still as handsome and charming as before, but how much did she love him then?
But I finally followed Jiang Junyue.
Suddenly I thought, is it the same with Yin Qingrou Jiang Junyue?
It seems very likely
Section 117
What a mess
She shook her head to stop thinking.
"No, I have a lover" but I never thought that the man around me suddenly said so low, "And you are not suitable to be a matchmaker at all."
"What?" Lan Jingyi lifted her little face and shook the goblet in her hand. Looking at the ripples that kept shaking, she felt dizzy and her head became more and more unclear.
"Because you haven’t married yourself, hehe"
Jane’s voice is still so beautiful, magnetic and pleasing to the ear, as she once remembered. Blue Scene, a pair of blurred eyes fell on his cheek. "Who said that you can’t be a matchmaker if you don’t get married?" Jane bullied me from you. She was a little drunk and had been drinking without eating anything. She was really drunk.
"Jing Yimin Ru has returned to China."
"ah? What? " When I heard that name, Lan Jingyi almost jumped up. It was Ji Minru, and she broke up with Jane.
Chapter 22 Sorry
"Min Ru has returned to China with her husband and children. She is well. Let’s get together another day."
"Really? Minru is married? " What sounds as unreal as a dream? Did the girl who once left Jane and loved her life more than suicide really marry someone? Besides, it’s not simple to get married. Should it be so chaotic? She’s lost.
"Well, it’s only been a hundred days since I got married, and I’m younger than you."
"Boys and girls?" As soon as the woman talked about this, the box opened more than she forgot to drink all the time, so Jane kept chatting with Lan Jingyi.
"Ha-ha, then I can marry her. I have a son. I can marry her daughter. Ha-ha, but if my son is not afraid of my family, there is still a small ooze. Hey, hey, is it a good life to leave me? You see, I have a pair of children as soon as I am born?" She proudly killed a glass of Jane and tried to stop it, but she felt that it was not good to stop it too much in front of people. After all, Lan Jingyi and Jiang Junyue’s employees could not have been unaware that he was really worried. He quietly took her before drinking it and put

Today is the first day of the new year, but I went to the hospital, which is somewhat unlucky.

But I’m more interested in going with Ye Xiangyuan than this.
I was thinking about knocking at the door suddenly outside.
Zhou Luan and her friend came in.
I’m not surprised that Zhou Luan’s friends nursed me back to health during pregnancy, and this fainting must be the same.
Zhou Luan asked me, "Ersao, how do you feel?"
I told her about the situation.
She said, "You don’t have to worry about the baby, but you can’t be stimulated anymore … It’s dangerous to have a baby for seven months."
I nodded.
She looked at me and hesitated.
I asked her, "Is there another problem?"
Section 255
I heard that if a person is seriously ill, the doctor will hide it.
Zhou Luan shook his head. "It’s not your physical problem … I mean, second brother left with Brother Asun after he took you to the hospital, but he told me to take good care of you …"
She said slowly, as if thinking about how to phrase it, probably for fear of irritating me.
I couldn’t help laughing.
I have already guessed that Ye Xiangyuan’s choice of me is not as unexpected.
Zhou Luan frowned and gently held my hand without speaking.
Her friend examined me, and there was nothing wrong with it.
I thanked them.
Zhou Luan hesitated. "I’ve heard about elder sister Chang Yu … I can understand the second brother’s worry … even my brother was anxious when he heard the news this morning. He immediately helped to find someone …"
Her brother is Zhou Yi. I haven’t seen him for a while. I heard that he was promoted to the Lord. He is very busy on weekdays.
He also grew up with Gu Changyu, and they have deep feelings for each other.
And I also heard something strange from this passage.
Zhou Yi didn’t hear the news until early this morning … But Ye Xiangyuan knew last night …
I can’t help but wonder whether Lu Xun told Ye Xiangyuan at that time or because … Ye Xiangyuan kept telling Ye Wen to pay attention to Gu Changyu’s movements to learn about her disappearance at the first time?
It should be the latter. Otherwise, Zhou Yi grew up, but he could spend New Year’s Eve with his family before Gu Changyu was busy.
See I don’t do Zhou Luan also didn’t say more told me to have a good rest.
And then left.
They just arrived at the door and happened to meet Pan Dong.
Pan Dongchong nodded at them and then walked in.
Chapter 27 Go to Li’s house
I didn’t expect Pan Dong to appear here.
In fact, I was a little embarrassed to see him because I suspected that he was a ghost.
I also deliberately avoided meeting him at my former home, and even told Ye Xiangyuan that I wanted Yang Fei to follow me.
I mainly feel that I think too badly of him, and I am very sorry to see him.
But maybe Panton doesn’t know what I’m thinking. At the moment, when he comes near with an easy grace, it’s natural to tunnel "Sister-in-law chief asked me to stay and protect you."
I see
I just found out why he came to the hospital. It can’t be that he visited me.
But Ye Xiangyuan left him?
He is Ye Xiangyuan’s confidant and obviously trusts him more than Yang Fei and Yuan Xi Ye Xiangyuan, and his business is also the best. My former Ye Xiangyuan will transfer him to find Gu Changyu.
But since Ye Xiangyuan has made it impossible for me to disagree again, I thanked him.
But I didn’t ask him about Ye’s whereabouts.
First, I guessed that Ye Xiangyuan must be looking for Gu Changyu. Second, the wind in Pan Dongkou is very tight. Ye Xiangyuan’s right-hand man is doing confidential things. It is impossible to disclose Ye Xiangyuan’s news to me.
I’m Pan Dong to say hello to me.
I didn’t expect him to have no intention of leaving.
I can’t help wondering.
After thinking about it, I asked him, "Is there anything else?"
Panton looked at me hesitantly and said, "After the chief left the hospital, they went to the Li family with little regard."
I’m a little surprised that he should take the initiative to talk to me about Ye Xiangyuan?
Then frown. Is Gu Changyu kidnapped by the Li family?
Pan Dong seemed to understand my question and nodded, "At present, there are suspicious leaders in the Li family. They suspect that Minister Li arrested Miss Gu."
品茶论坛  title=It is not impossible for Li jiaqi to lose the lawsuit before.
But … It’s no small matter to rush to Li’s house on New Year’s Day …
Ye Xiangyuan, do they want to play hardball?
Once there is a conflict between the two allies and ministries with their own followers, it will be a big turmoil.
It is estimated that the whole imperial city family circle has become a mess now.
I’m a little worried.
Ye Xiangyuan did not hesitate to expose his hidden arrangement in the dark, but also to find Gu Changyu.
But what if Li jiaqi is going to benefit Gu Changyu and lead them into the urn …
Thinking about these things, my whole heart pulled up.
Then I vomited and abandoned myself. Since I was hurt by him, I decided to leave him and I was worried about him.
Pan Dong also continued, "Chief transferred more than half of his hands today. If something happened to Miss Gu, I think Minister Li must not escape …"
The implication is that Ye Xiangyuan may kill Li jiaqi?
What Gu Changyu Ye Xiangyuan did not hesitate to make enemies with the Li family completely, even at the expense of killing people …
I stared at Pan Dong silently.

Breath so gathered, it must be a real treasure!

Someone inspired the ban!
What a strong breath, purer and stronger than the breath on these fragments!
Breath so gathered, it must be a real treasure! ….. Go!
Great changes, immediately attracted the attention of all. In a flash, the figure emerged, and all the people who felt this scene in the ancient small world, with a tight heart, immediately manipulated the force of space and swept away to the blue light beam like lightning.
There are other treasures!
In the distance, Fang Yun’s heart jumped, mixed in the crowd, and swept away like lightning towards the valley.
Fang Yun is not familiar with this small ancient world. However, this does not mean that others are unfamiliar. There are so many strong men in North China, and there are always people who can inspire the real secrets of this ancient small world.
That’s why Fang Yun didn’t leave immediately.
ah! Among the blue beams, several figures rushed fast, but they were thrown faster. When flying out of the blue light beam, it was already cracked into several pieces, and blood splashed.
Someone triggered the ban! Fang Yun heart movement. He glanced at his eyes and found that many people in the crowd showed fear on their faces when they saw this scene.
Suddenly stopped.
Go in! Fang Yun mind thoughts fly, at the foot of it is not to stay. He has seen that so many people have just entered. Only twenty people were cut out. Obviously, only these twenty people were unlucky, and the others went in smoothly.
This is a question of probability, and the spell is means and fate!
Hey! The light flashed and Fang Yun immediately swept into the green light …

Chapter 669 Suppression for ever
Just entering the green light, I heard a loud buzz, and a simple bronze sword with 18 handles, dragging a long blue sword light, was suspended in the void. Head on is a piece of sword light, intricately mixed, beheaded.
On the eighteen bronze swords, the energy is not so powerful. But the cohesion of that energy is purer than that of the strong in the star realm. Even the so-called indestructible foreign star iron can be easily cut into mud.