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Just as Freddie was upset, someone was sitting in the seat opposite Qin Xiong. When Freddie saw the man, he suddenly stretched his brow and smiled at the man, then got up and left the hand to the young man and woman.

Sitting opposite Qin Xiong is Sylvia. She knows that in the past, Qin Xiong would secretly stare at himself when sitting outside the restaurant with openair tables and chairs.
Maybe I’m used to being watched by the opposite sex, and I don’t think Qin Xiongli has been very graceful since the day they met.
Qin Xiong didn’t secretly watch her today, not once.
She feels strange at heart, but she will pay more attention to Qin Xiong.
She knew the result of last night’s game at home. According to her understanding of the football circle, at this time, most players should get drunk all night or vent in other ways.
It is rare for Qin Xiong to meditate like a sculpture for a long time.
Qin Xiong didn’t notice Sylvia sitting in front of him. His eyes drooped and his right hand spoon stirred a cup of coffee, which he had stirred for almost half an hour.
He is like Sylvia in different dimensions, and they are less than two meters apart, but it seems that Qin Xiongfa noticed her.
This state made Sylvia close her eyes and smile, but Qin Xiong missed her gentle smile.
Sylvia had to leave Qin Xiong coffee, which made Qin Xiong wake up from meditation.
[Text 13 Lost the game and won praise]
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Sylvia brought Qin Xiong a cup of hot coffee again and sat down opposite Qin Xiong generously.
Qin Xiong apologized to him and then habitually picked up a small spoon to stir the coffee.
桑拿按摩  title=Sylvia raised her hand to stop the soft jade palm hanging over the mouth of the coffee cup. She laughed, I’m afraid you’ll hypnotize yourself again by stirring the coffee again, so I’ll be very embarrassed to sit here.
Qin Xiong first smiled and put a small spoon on the table and gave up stirring coffee.
Sylvia took back her hand, propped her chin on one hand, and cocked her head slightly, and asked, Are you upset about losing the game?
Qin Xiong nodded frankly.
You don’t have to hide losing. How can you get up?
He said, I’m not thinking either.
I can see that
Sylvia chuckled.
Just as after the rain in Groningen, Qin Xiong would immediately look for ways to improve his own shortcomings and ask for club conditions to carry out simulated rain training.
He always looks for reasons after failure, looking for reasons from himself.
However, compared with the poor performance in the rain war, losing to A Milan is a simple reason
However, Qin Xiong will think about it in a desperate way, hoping to find a way to make himself stronger. If time goes back to yesterday’s game, he can win the game!
Sylvia winked and asked, How long are you going to think?
Qin Xiong was stuck and didn’t know what to say.
Sylvia asked again, Do you blame yourself for losing the game?
Qin Xiong or silent face became slightly serious.
It is no exaggeration to say that from the age of 12, he is king among his peers in the football environment where he lives!
His most controversial core
This will not make Qin Xiong feel particularly honored. After all, it is not professional football. There is no exposure, no applause from ten thousand people, and no material reward. It has not enabled him to hold his head high and change qualitatively in the social circle.
However, he will have a sense of responsibility and a sense of mission, and he will shoulder the unspeakable things, because his teammates around him seem to be relying on him, and he is always relying on many people to achieve it.
Over the years, he won’t blame others, but he always sets higher demands on himself.

Just about to speak, Gu Changning spoke before me. "What game do you want to play when you ask Ayuan to call us all here?"

There is a trace of impatience in his eyes. If you look closely, there may be a trace of disdain.
I can’t help sneering again.
He treated me like this only because he wanted to support his sister.
Before, he was a good friend in my heart, at least reasonable. Now it seems that he is just an indiscriminate gentleman
Perhaps it was my sneer that made him uncomfortable. Changning’s narrow eyes narrowed. "What are you laughing at?"
Seeing that he was going to be angry, Ye Xiangyuan interrupted him and said, "Come on, Changning."
Gu Changning just doesn’t stop saying, "Ah Yuan, don’t protect her. I think she’s just deliberately picking on Xiaoyu. What’s wrong with Xiaoyu? She knows that Xiaoyu sent her all the medicinal materials collected at home after she got pregnant …"
Ye Xiangyuan frowned and interrupted him, "Changning is enough."
Gu Changning gave me a hard stare and said, "Just leave her alone!"
I’m going to be angry with him.
It was Gu Changyu who caused the accident, but it was my fault in the end. He also accused Ye Xiangyuan of longitudinal me.
If I had known that he would take medicine from Gu Changyu, I wouldn’t have received those gifts from Gu Changyu, and he would have accused me of being a baiwenhang.
Yu Ye Xiangyuan …
He seems to be defending me, but who knows if he also thinks I bully Gu Changyu?
I didn’t want to see them put on airs, so I turned to the topic and said, "I asked Ayuan to call you all here to ask you to be a witness."
Lu Xun reaction calm is still a face of composed solemn.
Gu Changning snorted. "What are you trying to do, moth?"
Maybe I’m just a troublemaker in his eyes
I ignored him and went to see Ye Xiangyuan instead.
He looked at me as if he knew what I was going to say next, frowning as if thinking about whether to stop me.
Of course, I can’t let him stop him from talking. I took out my mobile phone and clicked on the video before I spoke.
Then I said to Lu Xun, who was a little far away, "Brother Liu, you should see it first."
I gave it to Lu Xun first because I believe in tracing the cause.
I’m sure he’s honest, and he won’t delete it after watching this video.
Gu Changning is different. He is so protective of Gu Changyu. It is very possible to protect Gu Changyu and delete the video.
Gu Changning squinted at me when I handed my mobile phone to tracing the cause.
I didn’t see it. Keep my eyes on Lu Xun and pay close attention to his reaction.
The video has more than ten seconds, and Lu Xun quickly finished watching it.
His face was heavy, but he didn’t show his face, and he was calm. I can’t tell if he is angry.
Gu Changning frowned and said, "What the hell is she doing?"
桑拿会所He may have noticed that Lu Xun was in a bad mood and asked eagerly.
I whispered to Lu Xun, "Brother Lu, you should also show the video to Changning."
Smell speech Gu Changning frown more tightly "what is mysterious"
Lu Xun holding the phone did not move.
While Ye Xiangyuan gave me a deep look.
I avoid his gaze and turned to Gu Changyu, who had been silent.
Her eyes on Changning’s side flashed slightly, and her eyebrows frowned lightly.
She must have known exactly what I was going to do, but she didn’t stop me.
Maybe she’s waiting for me to make a big deal out of it so that she can be with Ye Xiangyuan fair and square instead …
Gu Changning shouted "Asun" impatiently.
Lu Xun hesitated for a moment and finally handed it to him.

This price is 5% higher than the level 30 monster blood price, but it is also within the normal price range.

The only thing that hurts the silence is that the bloody cage skill is to throw money.
4.5 gold coins at a time, that is, 4.5 thousand Chinese coins, should not be too extravagant
The only comfort for Chen Mo is that he can get back the bloody cage skill every time and make a lot of money. He doesn’t feel bad about spending it
One hundred to two hundred bottles!
After Ren kougyoku got a fright, he came to the spirit.
She can also negotiate the price with others when she buys so much, and she can negotiate the price a little lower. For example, she can earn thousands of Chinese coins when she accidentally trades with Chen Mo, and it takes only two or three hours at most.
If she can do this every day, it will be difficult for her not to send it.
Unfortunately, there are too few highquality customers like Chen Mo.
By the way, I have turned around for a while, and when I find the replacement equipment, the rear equipment will also trouble you to help me deal with it. Chen Mo thought for a moment and said hello to Ren kougyoku before.
No problem! Ren kougyoku is even more energetic.
She doesn’t know what the attribute is, but it’s definitely not easy to get his equipment from the back in the video.
喝茶约茶I can’t help but be full of expectations when I think about Ren kougyoku.
After contacting Ren kougyoku, Chen Mo went to Chisha City to find a monster to refresh and fight.
After the second turn, the player’s attributes have changed too much. The fourthlevel monster Chen Mo is also fighting for the first time.
The player’s attribute has increased greatly, but the monster’s attribute has increased still in the player.
Chen Mo has secret gold weapons, and the attributes of hand equipment are not bad. I don’t think these ordinary monsters are difficult to deal with when fighting, but it would be difficult for other players to kill these ordinary monsters.
Especially, it is not surprising that it is difficult for a player to kill a level 4 monster just after the second turn without changing his equipment.
However, this is a twoturn player who must go through the second turn and then go back to kill the level 4 monster, which will gain little experience and make it difficult to upgrade the level without killing the level 4 monster.
All the trap skills of Chen Moshen have been upgraded to advanced level. Chen Mo is familiar with the changes of physical attributes when fighting monsters, and mainly tests skills and agile attribute effects.
In addition to Chen Mo’s body trap skills, there are only vortex traps, blasting traps, bloody cages and cracks.
Let’s not talk about the crack skill, although it has risen to the advanced silence without even passing once.
Chen Mo’s main test is the two main trap skills: the bloody cage and the vortex trap.
After the skill of bloody cage was upgraded to advanced level, the range of bloody fog was increased from 4 meters to 45 meters, and the growth rate was increased by 5 meters.
The bloody fog lasted for three minutes, just as it did at first.
And the most important blood shadow doppelganger attack power is, of course, a rise, but ultimately to what extent Chen Mo is temporarily from the test.
There is a monster situation, and the fighting capacity of the blood shadow avatar is actually not too strong. There is a bloody fog, and the number of enemies has reached the awakening condition, and the blood shadow avatar will be truly reflected.
Another major trap, the vortex trap, rises to the advanced level, and the vortex radius in the center of the trap reaches 5 meters, and the suction radius reaches 1 meter. It is also quite satisfactory that the vortex suction lasts for 5 seconds.
In addition to the special effect of shock trap, the basic trap, the thorn trap and the shock trap are still very useful. The basic trap and the thorn trap do not rise to the advanced enemy trigger trap before they can hit 1% of the player’s skill damage. If Chen Mo has not solidified the skill in the body, he can directly trigger the damage by touching the enemy. These two traps can be abandoned.
The damage of single trap is low, and it is almost impossible to hit the enemy in normal combat.
After testing the trap skills, Chen Mo then tested the most agile attribute.
Testing agile attributes is mainly carried out in the outbreak of movement speed and attack speed.
It didn’t take much time for Chen Mo to have all the details in his heart.
Because Chen Mo will add 1 free attribute point to agile Chen Mo at each level, the agile attribute is not low now. There are more than 24 points and more than 24 points. Chen Mo enters the explosive state in the battle simply because of the explosive movement speed. If it can double the movement speed in 3 seconds, it is very powerful!
Simply entering the attack speed burst can nearly double the attack speed in 2 seconds.
If the movement speed and attack speed explode at the same time, it can last for about 1 second.
Assassins and warriors, as well as archers, will become more difficult.

Huangfuda suddenly remembered what Sister Luo said last night. She said that it was shocking and he was the only one who was proud of himself. Now it seems to be true. You still dare to speak crazy to him and Ling Xiaoyao. Moreover, he deliberately led them here. This time, it is a big enemy.

"Tell me the truth, what’s your purpose?"
Mo Xiao smiled happily again, "the four countries belong to one and I am the only one."
In Huangfuda’s eyes, four countries are one.
It’s no wonder that the old guy who is nearly ancient and rare actually played this idea. At the same time, he made moves against several countries, which made people’s hearts unstable. He said that he was holding the life of heaven and man. The luxury in this house is better than that in the palace house. People are all good at martial arts. Treating Mo Xiao respectfully shows Mo Xiao’s strength and means.
But these are not enough. He will never allow it if this thing can bring the four countries together and cause great chaos and put the people in the water and fire.
Ling Xiaoyao also felt angry, and there were few things that could make him angry. At the moment, he could not control himself.
"Two famous days are the days when the population is full of princes and double people want you to submit to the old man. That day, people naturally turn to the old man, which can save a lot of things. Those unarmed iron men will not be afraid of war and disaster this day. You are wise people, such as choice. Isn’t it obvious now?" Mo Xiao smiled lightly.
Huangfuda sneered: "What if I refuse?"
Mo Xiao looked at Huangfuda and said it casually and naturally. "Changyong destroyed the royal family, and no one left the old man. He never knew what the sufferings of the people were, and how many people died without blinking an eye."
Huangfuda snorted. "Just like the plague in Beijing now, that’s all you will do."
"The old man said that it was just nonsense from the bottom. Chang Yong was willing to submit to the old man and naturally let people solve the plague." Mo Xiao laughed.
"I’m afraid I’ll let you down. Chang Yong-zhan will never yield." Huangfu Da’s voice was heavy.
Mo Xiao’s eyes narrowed. "It seems that I have misjudged the wrong person and you are not clever."
Huang Fuda so-called raised an eyebrow. "If you treat human life like dirt, you are arrogant and arrogant. It’s really unfair. Even if you plot to attract followers for many years, is it too simple to think that you can achieve your wishful thinking?"
"The old man will make you believe that if you refuse the old man today, you will regret speaking out of turn at this time in the future." Mo Xiao kept a calm face
"With you that is covered in poison weirdo, isn’t he here now?" Huangfuda raised his eyebrows.
"This next Yangcheng is a place he has been thinking about for many years and is very familiar with. Most of them are old people who always want to meet." Mo Xiao means tunnel.
Huangfuda’s eyelids suddenly jumped with anxiety, and he felt that the weirdo was too familiar with Yangcheng the next year. He seemed to be familiar with everyone in the capital, and it was probably not that simple to meet old people.
"I heard that you hurt him, and Kung Fu really got old or underestimated you." Mo Xiao light way
"Now you know that you should know the convergence when you are fooling around." Huangfuda cold way.
Mo Xiao smiled. "It’s true. I heard that you have a wife who is free from vulgarity and smart. Why didn’t she appear in front of people?"
Huangfuda’s eyes narrowed, and his wife was definitely not that simple. "She is in poor health and has gone out of town to recuperate."
"You must be so taboo. It is said that she broke the old lady’s pro-array and followed the old lady’s small master. If so, then she should be the old lady. You’d better take her back quickly." Mo Xiao smiled thick tunnel.
Huangfuda’s heart suddenly got angry. Others were simple and whimsical. Huangfuda looked at the steward for a moment, and her eyes were dark.
The steward’s head hung lower. The old master found him two months ago, and he was ordered to guard Qingyuan Mountain. It is necessary for him to tell the little master what happened in Qingyuan Mountain. If he thought he had done the right thing at that time, he didn’t know whether the old master was ambitious or not. He couldn’t help but regret it, but it was too late after all.
Mo Xiao seems to see what Huang Fu-da thinks. He laughs. "Nothing in this world can hide it from the old lady."
"Then you listen up. She is a little lady Wang Qingyuan Mountain. She has never looked down on her. You are not qualified to order her." Huangfuda said firmly.
"On the contrary, if there is any damage around her, she doesn’t want to see her." Mo Xiao threatened instead of getting angry.
"Come to visit another day" Huangfuda said, and the ink in front of him looked casual and leisurely, but his words and deeds made people feel unpredictable and he was uneasy again. He wanted to go back to the yard immediately to make sure that Shuiyunjin was still waiting for him there.
"What’s the hurry? Since you’re here, how can you easily leave and not let the old man try your business?" Mo Xiao said that the dark guards in all directions in the small courtyard moved closer to the drawing room in an instant, and the whole drawing room was surrounded by three layers of dark guards inside and outside.
Huangfuda looked at the scene with her eyes narrowed like jade and her hands clenched coldly.
桑拿At this time, Ling Xiaoyao also got up. It is already very obvious that this man named Mo Xiao has been planning to take the sky into his arms today. How long has he planned it and how many forces there are? It is not clear for the time being, but it has already disturbed the peace of various countries. Now it is even more important to hit him and Huangfuda with his idea, even his calculation of Shuiyunjin.
If he is not a furious person, it’s better to say that he has made a clear and thorough understanding of the situation in various countries before he dares to make a big provocation. Once he gets what he wants, the whole day will be destroyed in his hands, and it will be a disaster for everyone.
Sister Luo has been coldly looking at Mo Xiao. At this time, seeing his maliciousness, she disdains to sneer at "If anyone dares to go against your meaning in this world, you will try your best to deal with him. Twenty years later, it will be even more unscrupulous."
"This is" Mo Xiao looked down at the sound and saw Luo’s sister. His eyes narrowed and his face was slightly dignified.
"You have no right to know who I am. I came here today to take your life." Sister Luo looked at him coldly.
Mo Xiao stared at his eyebrows for a long time. What did he seem to say? "You are Mo Shu."
"Shut up, Mo Shu is dead. It’s really disgusting to hear the word Mo Shu from your mouth." Sister Luo stared at Mo Xiao in disgust.
"At the beginning, the teacher took you in and Mo Yang also let you take you as one of their own with the teacher’s surname, but you don’t care about the teacher’s secret affair with Mo Yang, so don’t blame the teacher for not having you." Mo Xiao’s voice sank
"You shut up, two of a kind. It’s really a crime to have an affair in your eyes. Your kindness to me also makes me vomit that scum like you can still live. It’s really an eye of heaven." Sister Luo has a deep disdain and hatred in her voice.
"You and Mo Yang were brought up by a teacher, and everything should be owned by the teacher. You can’t control it yourself. If you don’t listen to me, there is a dead end. You are not the only one. The teacher is the master of this day. You don’t understand and you have to go against the teacher’s will." Mo Xiao’s face was cold and he was just at ease.
Sister Luo sneered again, "Do you deserve to dominate the day? You are a thoroughly brutal pig and dog. There are countless people who dare to go against your meaning this day. If you have something to do, you will kill them all."
Mo Xiao was furious. "How dare you be so disrespectful to the old man? You will die hundreds of times."
"You, what are you? I’ve seen your true colors for a long time. So what if you’re not the one who does your bidding?" Sister Luo was very disdainful.
"How did you live to think that in those days, being a beautiful woman turned into what she is now?" Mo Xiao looked at Sister Luo’s eyes with something to dislike.
"I’m doing this because of you. You want you to do everything and pay the price." Sister Luo’s eyes were full of murder.
"If you can blame your bad life for being taken a fancy to by the old man, you should kneel down and give thanks with joy instead of letting the old man kill you himself." Mo Xiao held a high profile.
"Mo Xiao, I will kill you." Sister Luo was so angry that she took a sword in her hand and rushed to Mo Xiao.
Mo Xiao sat motionless, but when Sister Luo arrived near, he suddenly popped up a silver needle from his finger without any sound, and he moved lightly without any trace, leaving people completely unprepared and rushing straight to Sister Luo’s heart.

"Did the doctor encounter a kidney source?" The first thing Lan Jingyi does every morning is to rush to the doctor’s office to ask about the kidney source, which is Lan Qing’s only hope now.

"I’m sorry, not yet. We’re trying to find it."
She knew it would be like this, and the result was the same story every day, but she didn’t wonder that the doctor’s kidney source could be met but not sought. The first thing is to have it, and the second thing is to have a mother to match it, but it’s simple to say, but it’s really 10 thousand to find it. It may be too difficult.
Coming out of the doctor’s office, Lan Jingyi’s heart is once again confused. This is a kind of suffering every day. Every step to the mother’s ward is so sad.
"Ding …" is a short message.
夜网论坛Lan Jingyi’s consciousness turned pink in her hand. This was when Jiang Junyue gave her a short message but she was stunned.
That’s MMS "Ding …" It’s ringing again and another MMS has been sent.
Photos are one after another.
Through those photos, she found that the background of those photos should be the city airport, because she saw the words airport city, and the photos were enough to send her to ten levels of hell
It turned out that as soon as he left, she found a new lover and had already kicked her away.
Lan Jingyi quietly looked at the photo in the corridor, smiling and happy, holding Jiang Junyue’s daughter. I have to say that the woman is very beautiful and very suitable for Jiang Junyue’s dress. It is even more decent and valuable at first glance.
There are women like that who deserve to be distinguished. Jiang Junyue, she knew she was not suitable for him. She told herself not to let him go together, but before she knew it, he went together.
A mournful smile made Lan Jingyi close. She told herself not to think about the man in the photo, but she couldn’t get rid of the Uber face.
Tears streamed down Lan Jingyi curled up and sat on a bench by the corridor wall, never trying to walk back to the hospital.
After sitting for more than two hours, my mother called. She disappeared for so long. Can my mother not worry? "Mom, I’m going to the supermarket. Do you want to buy something? I’ll be back in a minute. "She was as cheerful as possible, but her heart was dripping with blood.
Chapter 73 You are pregnant
Lanqing didn’t want her to go back early.
Hang up and dry your tears. She should go back. I really can’t worry mom.
I bought some apples, or I went to the supermarket and didn’t buy anything. My mother will be worried. I went to the hospital and went to public health to wash my face. This is better. I hope that when I see my mother later, she won’t think much.
When Lan Jingyi quietly pushed the door and entered the hospital bed, Lan Qing was asleep. An Xiang had a faint smile on his face, but there was a man sitting in front of the bed beside her. The man was about the same age as Lan Qing. At this time, he was sitting there quietly watching Lan Qing hear the door open and turned his head. "Is Yi?"
"Are you …" Lan Jingyi hesitated. After all, it was a stranger or the first time she saw him. Even her mother allowed him to come in, she was still a little suspicious.
"Oh, I am Joe # 226; John, you can just call me John, right? I want to talk to you, "John said in a low voice.
Lan Jingyi could see that John looked dignified and seemed to have something important to say "yes" to her.
Two people together out of the LanQing ward came to the public balcony at the end of the corridor and sat down.
"Go ahead, Mr. John."
"Oh, yes" seems to be a bit difficult to say. John paused before adding, "Someone asked me that he could give your mother a kidney source."
"Really?" Lan Jingyi’s eyes lit up. At this moment, she was so happy that she forgot the photo of Jiang Junyue holding together.
"It’s …"
"How much is it? Many, aren’t they? " Lan Jingyi didn’t think much about anything. He wanted money.
But I don’t want Mr. John to directly say, "It’s not a condition."
"What conditions?" Faint LanJingYi also detect the wrong, it seems that this condition should be bad for her.
"The man said that you must leave Jiang Junyue and never go to see him, otherwise you and your mother will …"
Lan Jingyi just laughed and went to this moment. Her heart was complicated and her mind flashed across Jiang Junyue. The photo shows that she should have promised at once, but I don’t know what she really wanted to promise at this moment. Her heart was very uncomfortable.
"The man said to give you a day to think about it. If you don’t agree, forget it."
Lan Jingyi looked back at the door of the mother’s ward on one side of the corridor, where her mother’s life was fading away bit by bit. If she didn’t agree, Mother’s Day would be few days.
And how far can she and Jiang Junyue go? She closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and then opened her mouth, "Mr. John, I’ll give you an answer someday." It was also at this moment that she suddenly felt that even if he didn’t want her, she didn’t want to see him for the rest of her life, even if she met him occasionally or far away.
"Ok, I’ll go back to the hotel and wait for your reply. Tell her I’ll see her again tomorrow when your mother wakes up."
"thank you"
Mr. John left Lan Jingyi or sat quietly on the balcony. If she really had a kidney source, her mother could have an operation at once. She suddenly got up and quickly went to the doctor’s office, knocked on the door and went in. She directly asked, "Doctor, how much does it take for my mother to have a kidney transplant?" These must be prepared before the operation, and no mistakes can be made.
The doctor hesitated for a moment before saying, "Oh, about 40 thousand euros."
"Thank you" asked the answer. Lan Jingyi left the doctor’s office with so much money. She also had Jiang Junyue first. No matter how sorry he is, it is important to save his mother first.
Lan Jingyi hardly slept a wink all night, and she couldn’t sleep. In her mind, Jiang Junyue and her mother were in a mess.
Mother and daughter got up early. "Mom, Mr. John said he would come to see you again today."
"Oh, he’s mom. An old friend from abroad lives in Frankfurt. It’s really bad for mom to come here. Yiyi, he used to be friends with your father."
Maybe this last sentence is the key point. Because John’s father is blue and sunny, John has been in contact with him. "Mom and dad will definitely find it."
"Who knows? Yi Yi Ma wants lemon tea."
"Ok, I’ll go out and buy it for a while," Lan Jingyi said, and went out to buy something very cheap. But when she went out, she realized that she had lost her money yesterday. She had to take some money. There was a cabinet machine in the hospital. Lan Jingyi went and inserted the card. It was Jiang Junyue’s card, and she had spent almost all her money. This was the first time that Jiang Junyue was stuck in her heart. He had given up her, but she could spend his money. It was really impossible to be short of money, which would suffocate people.
It was her birthday to enter the password. How could he betray her if he was so careful?
At this moment, Lan Jingyi didn’t believe those photos and the woman who answered the phone.
But when Lan Jingyi enters the amount, the interface response is that your card has been frozen.
Looking at that line, Lan Jingyi’s heart suddenly took shape, took the letter card and went to the store outside to buy something, swiping the card to show her that your card was still frozen.
Her hand card is Jiang Junyue’s deputy card, which means that the main card holder must know that her card is frozen, but he didn’t inform her beforehand.
From last night to now, Lan Jingyi’s heart is like a roller coaster. The experience is that her heart is ups and downs. Now she really has no reason to hesitate. Will she see him again?
No, not anymore.

"Are you just assuming that the actual success story can be obtained?" Yu Linjiang threw away the plan handed over by former Yu Tingchuan. "It’s better to please the Japanese than to do a good job at hand. It’s good enough to develop in the future, and you don’t need to go to new fields to be the leader."

Yu Tingchuan’s long legs crossed and leaned back to look at his father’s eyes. "It’s not a bad thing to be stable, but if you are too conservative, you will go uphill one day."
Yulinjiang’s attitude is firm. "Even if I go uphill, I don’t want to see it being tossed into four elephants by you."
Then he looked at Yutingchuan again. "It’s not sad to have a child without you."
Yu Tingchuan said, "Sometimes you don’t need to put on a face when you are sad."
"I think you are a face of spring breeze." The light in Yulinjiang’s mouth is more profound. "By relying on a miscarriage, there is no child."
"If I don’t do that, I’m afraid you can’t sit here and talk to me now."
Yu Linjiang smiled, "Everyone regards children as chips, so you two are also worthy."
Listen to who Yulinjiang refers to. Yutingchuan looks as usual. After a while, he also smiles. "Your hand is a Shengmao shopping mall. Anyone who is hit by this pie will be dizzy. I knew that you were interested in Sun Yi, but I didn’t expect you to be so concerned about my child."
Yu Linjiang’s eyes are cool. "You’re curious enough to be so refined that you’re still being calculated by a woman that you can’t even control your own face. After people are pregnant, people want to do business with Hengyuan. Do you want to send a woman to your bed?"
At this time, Yu Tingchuan got up, holding the edge of the table with both hands and looking at the face of Yu Linjiang. "Others have sent you women. You have enjoyed the children and have not seen you promise to marry others."
Yu Linjiang’s forehead veins stood out, but there was no answer.
Yu Tingchuan slowly let go. "It is said that Xiao Fu, no matter how bad I am, I will not portrait you in this respect."
Words fall and turn to leave.
Yulinjiang said, "Don’t mess around. It’s your sister."
See YuTingChuan stop YuLinJiang looked at his back, "since it is abortion shouldn’t pull koo, her life is acting this hobby is not worth your mind to deal with her"
Yu Tingchuan turned back. "You think too much about me. If she is kidnapped abroad now, do you also think that I manipulated her?"
Yulinjiang watched him not do it.
Yu Tingchuan said, "I’ll go back to the office if there’s nothing else."
"I just went to see Jia Zhi" Yu Linjiang began.
He didn’t shy away from Yu Tingchuan’s line of sight and went straight to say, "Jiazhi is a good girl. You are 34 years old, not 14 years old. If you have had enough fun, you can toss it with me before you get back to the right path. It’s just that a woman born like a child is not worthy to sit in the position of Yu Jiaer’s wealthy family."
Yu Tingchuan said, "I know my own business, so don’t worry about it."
"How many do you have?" Yu Linjiang’s face is gloomy. "If you had a number, you wouldn’t let her give you the whole Yu family set. I said that you wouldn’t inherit Hengyuan, so you deliberately found such a woman to block my eyes for the rest of my life?"
Yulin river cold hum "you want to find someone to co-star in this play also depends on whether people are willing to play with you. When the child was born, I rowed Sheng Mao to her name before I broke up with you. Are you me? Then you look down on yourself and think that my little girl has a shallow eyelid and has never seen the world? Somebody else’s appetite is much bigger than you think. "
Yu Tingchuan said slowly, "If you think too much, you can’t think too much."
"How can you still recognize that the little girl is dead set on you?" Yu Linjiang sneered with sarcasm. "If you take off this layer of boss Hengyuan, I’m afraid she won’t even look at you. My little girl is very powerful. You think she has affection for you. I’m sorry, but I didn’t see it. If you can’t have a baby, I don’t think she is so quiet. If you want to be in charge of this group, you want to make yourself clear about this trivial matter!"
Different people have different judgments on the same thing, such as company policy. You choose to be stable and I choose to keep moving forward.
Yu Tingchuan said, "The same is true for women."
"…" Yulinjiang pinched her lips.
"I’m afraid I know better than you what kind of woman she is and whether she has feelings for me."
Yu Linjiang sarcastically said "I really think I am a lover"
"Not as good as you"
Yutingchuan lost these three words and walked to the office door.
Yu Linjiang looked at this mature and tall man and then thought that when he was young, he was the most like him, both in appearance and personality, but also the least pleasing to him. When Yu Tingchuan opened the office door, he finally didn’t hold back his mouth. "You marry Gu Jiazhi and I can put you on the board of directors at the meeting."
The voice fell and the door closed again.
Yu Linjiang was so angry that he clenched his teeth and hated to scold "Inverse!"
When Yu Tingchuan came out of the chairman’s office, he didn’t go directly back to his office and passed by coffee, but his pace slowed down a little.
In the coffee, the chairman secretly chatted with several female employees with a smile.
夜网论坛  title=Yutingchuan changed direction and went in.
With his back to the door, the chairman of the board was talking about interesting things in the group to make the new female employees happy. Suddenly, she noticed that the atmosphere had changed. The female employees stopped laughing and turned around and went their separate ways. When he went back to see Yu Tingchuan, he was scared out of his mind.
After thinking about it, I decided to write a chapter on Lao Yu’s situation and thoughts, which is beneficial for everyone to understand him better in the following story.
☆, Chapter 155 Just forget it.
"Yu … Yu Zong"
The chairman doesn’t know how long it’s been before Yu Tingchuan’s door. It’s embarrassing and embarrassing to chat with colleagues when I think of my class.
As soon as he opens his mouth, she looks like she just saw Yu Tingchuan say hello and shout manager Yu.
Yu Tingchuan leans into his trouser pocket with one hand and looks around. Finally, he falls back to the chairman’s secret face and casually says, "I was dumb as soon as I came in."
No matter how easy-going the big boss is, it also gives people a sense of distance

Yu Jinchuan took a look at the fruit in the ward. "Where is Zhiqiu?"

"I don’t know, she wasn’t here when I came." Feng Chenan said with beautiful fingers, picked up the dice and threw a number, then picked up the villain and took a few steps.
Vivian took a sip of his mouth and didn’t get hurt. He took the dice in his left hand and threw one.
"Ha ha ha you’re up shit creek! A’ one’ has to go back five steps! " Feng Chen’s smile is so happy
"…" Vivian took five steps back with a black line on his face.
I’ve played three games, and I always lose by myself. What bad luck!
"vivian" Yu Jinchuan sounded again. "Where did your mother go?"
Vivian looked up at him and whispered, "Mom went upstairs to buy me food."
Yujinchuan nodded directly and turned and went out.
Vivian watched him leave until the door was closed and his eyes were still fixed on the direction of the door.
"Hello? West? What’s wrong with you? It’s your turn to throw away "seal Chen Ann said and stretched out his hand and waved a few before her eyes.
Vivian looked at Feng Chen’s eyes in black and white during the recovery. It took him a long time to say, "Doctor Feng, I seem to have done something wrong today."
Feng Chen’ an first picked his eyebrows and then he was very excited. He rubbed his hands and leaned forward. His eyes shone and asked, "What did you do wrong? Come and tell me about it."
"…" Vivian frowned for a moment … but didn’t know how to say it.
"Go ahead and treat me as your best friend or … treat me as a big tree.
Think of me as a big tree and spit everything out at me, "Feng Chenan encouraged.
Just as she was thinking about what to say, the door was suddenly knocked a few times and then it was pushed open from the outside.
"seal the doctor?" A little nurse looked at Feng Chenan with a reddish cheek by the door. "The dean wants you to go to his office."
Seal Chen An "…"
Skimming his thin lips, Hao Nai got up. "I’ll go to my dad’s first and come and see you later."
Section 516
品茶论坛"Goodbye, doctor." vivian nodded and waved cleverly.
After waiting for the door, she stretched out her hand and took the left hand of the mobile phone and slid into WeChat.
Some things can only be said with strangers.
Yu Jinchuan went into the ladder and directly pressed the first floor to seal the hospital canteen.
Although it is said to be a canteen, the conditions are comparable to those of a five-star hotel, not to mention the price of the kitchen. Even the dining area is designed to be quite magnificent and circular, and a large wall is transparent to glass, and the scenic view is excellent.
After buying a meal, Yu Jinchuan visited the door and walked in one direction.
Somewhere by the window, Gao Zhiqiu is sitting there looking out of the window. Looking from the side, her eyelashes are long and warped, and she is quiet. Adding a floral dress with a partial ethnic style is like a beautiful picture of an ancient lady.
Yu Jinchuan directly sat opposite her.
Gao Zhiqiu slowly turned his head to look at Yu Jinchuan and asked, "Why are you here?"
Yu Jinchuan glanced at it in a low voice. "It’s twelve o’clock. What about buying dinner for vivian?"
"Oh" Gao Zhiqiu hastily got up and picked up the desk wallet "I’m going to buy it"
"No" Yu Jinchuan grabbed her arm. "I have already bought a horse."
As if being scalded, Gao Zhiqiu felt stiff and then quickly pulled his arm back.
Sit down again, lower your head and stop talking.
The scene was a bit eerily quiet at the moment.
Although there are not many people in the restaurant during the meal, they occasionally speak softly for fear of disturbing others.
Looking at the silent woman in front of her eyes, Yu Jinchuan squinted and suddenly said, "Do you have a month?"
"…" Gao Zhiqiu blinked and raised his eyes to see him. "What is it?"
"A comrade-in-arms is getting married, and I’ll take you with me." Yu Jinchuan said calmly and just came to pick up the meal notice on the radio.
He got up and lifted his feet and walked towards the counter.
Gao Zhiqiu some froze and stared at his back.
Yu Jinchuan, who has been practicing in the army all the year round, is still tall and straight despite his 49-year-old back, and his figure is vigorous and looks no different from that of a man in his 20 s and 30 s
She bowed her head and slowly spread her right hand.
The wedding line in the palm of your hand is twisted, messy and of different lengths.
Many years ago, a fortune teller once told her that it is difficult for a woman with such a marriage line to meet a good man in her life, and it is easy to end up alone in her life.
She didn’t believe it when she was young, but now …
Back to the ward, Gao Zhiqiu told her daughter about going back to Chongcheng to sweep the grave in two days while feeding her.
"Mom, how long are you going?" Vivian looked at her at once and asked
"I’ll be back in two days," Gao Zhiqiu replied.
"…" Vivian chewed the beef for a few times and then asked, "Is the elder sister going too?"
Gao Zhiqiu gave her a look and said, "She won’t go."

See Mrs Huayang, curb Fang

See Mrs Huayang, curb Fang Lin, deng xiaoping ding hou and town frenzy mind active again. After a pause, Yang Qian coldly shouted, Mrs. Huayang, look at your good son. When we get back, it’s hard to let mother go to court and accuse you of poor discipline!
Yes, when I get back, I will let my mother enter the palace and join you in front of the empress! Li ping also echoed, and suddenly recovered his air. Both of them were born in Houfu, and they are most familiar with the things of observing the color and catching people’s feet. This moment of kung fu, two people will see that Mrs Huayang is Fang Lin, Fang Yun two brothers’ pain and weakness.
Little beast, you two are looking for death! Fang Lin listen to mother, had some let go. Smell speech at the moment, can’t help flying into a rage. Although he seems a little reckless and acts on impulse, his mother is extremely filial. At this time, I heard that the two men insulted their mother, Mrs. Huayang, for three transgressions of four times, and simply put their hearts on the line. If they don’t stop, they will kill the two men in Houfu.
Fang Lin oscillated all over, and raising my hand was a punch. This punch swung out, and immediately there was a landslide and tsunami in the wing, and the air in the whole wing rolled up, forming a black vortex, full of shrill voices. At the same time, Fang Lin’s body, a circle of glittering and translucent get rid of brilliance bursting out, condensed into a head of about a foot on his fist, like a front arrow blue uh guano.
Vigorous environment! See a circle of glittering and translucent light, Yang Qian, li ping with pale.
The two were born in a family of marquis Wu, with a long history and a deep knowledge of martial arts. Martial arts is divided into six realms, which are called six realms.
The first level of vitality. That is, the invisible vitality between heaven and earth will be absorbed into the body and merged with the flesh to enhance the strength of the body. In the army, those who have this level of cultivation can be captains.
The second layer of true qi. Extract the vitality from all parts of the body and condense it, so that it can flow and circulate in the body, thus actively absorbing the weather between heaven and earth and growing. A strong man at this level can be a centurion in the army.
The third layer of vigorous atmosphere. The true qi is further refined, diffused out of the body, coagulated but not dispersed, and it is a vigorous atmosphere. Fighters in the vigorous atmosphere have further increased their power. Fighters in this realm can be captains of thousands, with one thousand Zhou soldiers at their command. The commander is an important non-commissioned officer in the Zhou army.
The fourth level of gas field. This level of the strong, Gang gas further condensation, into the aura, can distort each other’s attacks. To reach this level, every fighter is a valuable asset of the Zhou Dynasty, called an elite soldier. After these soldiers were selected, they became an independent army, which was directly commanded by the princes of the Zhou Dynasty.
The fifth level of array law. To reach this level, we need to understand some special methods and rules. The strong at the law level have a remarkable ability, which is refining. For example, refining a mountain and extracting its aura.
In the Zhou Dynasty, in the army, the strong men at the rank of law were often transferred to the capital to form an imperial army to help defend the capital. This is an honor, but also a great opportunity. Because all the strong at this level can get a chance to get a lost secret copy of the achievement method from the secret library of the royal family in Zhou Dynasty. Some of these secret books were lost in ancient times, and some were lost in ancient times, but they were preserved in the royal family of the Zhou Dynasty.
Fang Yun and Fang Lin’s father got an ancient secret book from the royal family at the beginning when he was doing imperial work, which gradually stood out from the army.
The sixth floor lives in the fetal environment. To reach this state, I actually began to understand the secrets of the human body and possessed some powers that ordinary people simply could not imagine.
Living above the six realms of the fetus, it is said that there is also a realm of birth. That realm is even more mysterious. Yang Qian and Li Ping also heard it mentioned by their elders, but most of them were only half-paws, and they didn’t quite understand it after listening to it several times. Just remember the words born out of the world.
The path of martial arts is extremely difficult to cultivate. Children in Beijing, it is good to be able to cultivate the true qi. But Fang Lin has actually become a gang gas, and it depends. It is also the peak of gang gas, and it is fast to break through to the fourth level of aura. With his training, he will be a commander in the army as usual in the future.
In order to achieve the vigorous atmosphere, between raising the palm and splitting the fist, the whole body naturally swells with vigorous atmosphere. Gang gas condenses like crystals, and when it is injected into the sword, it will immediately generate a sword gang, and when it is injected into the knife, it will form a knife gang, and it will be easy to cut gold and iron.
Fang Lin this one punch out, gave birth to a fist Gang, flatly, just the avalanche of power, can put in front of li ping, Yang Qian into dust.

Chapter 3 Gambling Fight
Deng Xiaoping Ding Hou, a small town, suddenly turned pale with horror. They didn’t expect Fang Lin to be so bold and so lawless. When they broke into Xuegong, so many people watched, and everyone knew that they were brought into Houfu by the eldest son of Hou from all directions. And he, the Fang Lin, incredibly dare to kill them in Hou Fu.