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30 Apr by admin

Canada held "Xinjiang is a good place" video exchange meeting

  Xinhuanet Ottawa On July 21 (Reporter Li Baidong) The Chinese Embassy in Canada and the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region People’s Government held "Xinjiang is a good place" video exchange meeting, Canadian wiskin, industrial and commercial, cultural, science and education and other people and Xinjiang Women, education, agriculture, religion, etc. from all walks of life. Irken, […]
23 Apr by admin

Be careful, fat liver meat!

  Xinhua News Agency, July 28, IQ: Be careful, fat liver meat! Xinhua News Agency reporter hero With the continuous improvement of living, people’s eating habits have changed greatly, high calories, high metabolic foods are becoming the protagonist on the table. In recent years, my country’s fatty liver has become more common, and its incidence has […]
22 Apr by admin

Anti-new coronary virus pneumonia

– (2021-11-1418: 04: 46) – (2021-11-1417: 55: 07) – (2021-11-1417: 47: 13) – (2021-11-1417: 44: 50) – (2021-11-1417: 43: 12) – (2021-11-1416: 55: 59) – (2021-11-1416: 54: 47) – (2021-11-1416: 51: 45) – (2021-11-1415: 10: 15) – (2021-11-1415: 07: 52) – (2021-11-1414: 44: 57) – (2021-11-1414: 28: 52) – (2021-11-1413: 41: 55 – (2021-11-1413: 39: […]
9 Apr by admin


Op 8 november heeft CITIC BANK met succes een jaarlijk vermeld bedrijf geland om fondsen voor financiering voor miljard yuan te verhogen. In de afgelopen jaren, om aan de diverse investeringsbehoeften van verschillende klanten te voldoen, zijn activabeheersinstellingen continu nieuwe en investeringsproducten in toenemende mate rijk, en de vereisten voor beheerde diensten worden geleidelijk verbeterd. […]
2 Apr by admin

1 geval in Yunnan

People’s Daily November 16th (FU) volgens de Yunnan Provincial Health and Health Comité 1 Case), 1 Case of Local (Ruili City Geconcentreerd Punt Secret Person Nucleic Acid Detection). Overzeese ingangen hebben 78 gevallen van gediagnosticeerde gevallen. In totaal werden 1224 gevallen bevestigd en 1146 gevallen werden genezen, er was geen dood. Vanaf 24.00 uur op […]
25 Mar by admin

China @ 四 | | 2021 "New Times Country Reading Festival" held in Chengdu

  Xinhua News Agency, October 15th (Reporter Yuan Qiyue, Xie Shi) "Golden Autumn October, Shu Xiang Ten Miles. "On the afternoon of the 15th, China Tianfu Agricultural Expo in Xinjin District, Chengdu, accompanied by exciting recitations and cheerful songs and dance, next to the land just harvested, 2021" New Times Country Reading Festival "kicked off.   The […]
24 Mar by admin

The 2nd "Bright Small Reporter" training mode was held in Beijing

This publication (March 17, the "Education Home" magazine, the second "Guangming Small Reporter" training mode hosted by the Guangming Small Pudentator Management Center was held in Beijing. China Academy of Social Sciences, CCTV, Tsinghua University, Beijing Open University, Guangdong Unicom and other units, responsible persons of institutional departments, as well as workstations in all parts […]
23 Mar by admin

175 government service matters can be held in place

This newspaper (Reporter Lu Qiu Shan) On November 3, through the Internet video, Daozhen Autonomous County and the "Inter-provincial Customs" cooperation signing ceremony in Zhuhai High-tech Zone in Guangdong Province. By strengthening data mutual trust, establishing an inter-office window by strengthening data, 175 matters can be implemented in different places. It is understood that the […]