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I nodded approvingly. You really haven’t been in vain in recent years. Although we are marching very fast, we haven’t forgotten to pay attention to the surrounding environment. If we can win this battle, we must remember a great achievement.

He touched his nose. The subordinate follows the master and is responsible for spying on the terrain with the bodhi old zu almost every time. Of course, he should pay more attention when he stays in Luoyang this time, otherwise he will be laughed at when he returns.
I ha ha a smile and asked, where did you say the place was? Can you point it out to me in the picture? I clapped my hands and placed a simple map of Nanyang.
He leaned in and stretched out his hand in two counties. It’s in Bowang County, Tuyang County. The locals call it … 45 Li Bowangpo.
Bowangpo? My eyes lit up
Yes, he nodded to confirm, Speaking of which … when Liu Xie moved the capital at that time, he was attacked by a mountain thief in Bowangpo and suffered heavy casualties.
I carefully looked at this extremely simple map. Is it dozens of miles away from sunset gathering here?
Not more than fifty miles, Sun Wen answered.
There was a burst of light in my heart. A day ago, Huang Zu disappeared in Juancheng, which is located in the northeast of Nanyang County, about 120 miles away from Bowangpo. If he wants to return to Wancheng to attack me, it is the most convenient choice to pass through Bowangpo.
In Wen Pin, Wu has traveled more than five hundred miles here, and I’m afraid he won’t be able to catch it.
Eric, I told him, It’s still the same thing. You should take people near Bowangpo early in the morning. First, carefully survey the terrain to ensure mistakes. Second, be alert nearby and report back as soon as the enemy meets.
Yes! He throws his fist heavily.
Don’t be careless, I finally told him.
Yes! He bowed down and took a small step out of the big account.
I finally breathed a sigh of relief and smiled at the map.
Bowangpo … You decide where Nanyang County belongs!
41. The flames are soaring at Bowangpo.
On February 26, I arrived at Bowangpo unsteadily for half a day.
The ecological environment in this era really can’t be said that there are endless lush forests on both sides of the long and narrow soil slope.
This is really a good place to set fire.
But it’s a pity that my 10 thousand cavalry don’t have so many flammable materials except dry food.
Responsible for supplying Huangfugu. I will meet you in the day, but we can’t set fire to a few supplies, can we?
After simple thinking, I simply gave up the fire attack tactics because of lack of necessary fuel.
It is said that … After three days of selfcultivation, Jun was finally able to speak. Although Jingzhou foot soldiers lack cavalry, they are especially good at crossbows. Bows are the enemy of war horses. Please be absolutely careful when charging.
Jia Mu couldn’t help but laugh at I don’t know which army can be stronger than our butch flying army … Although the slope is not big, it’s high in the south and low in the north, and I’m afraid they can’t shoot us.
Master! Sun Wenzheng flew in from the north. This place is not suitable for war!
I was startled. What’s the matter?
He stopped his horse ten feet away in front of me. There are a lot of hay pushed in the Woods here. I’m afraid the enemy has been prepared!
My heart sank and the enemy was not stupid!
And … these days … the northeast wind has been blowing around here! He poured cold water on me again.
northeast wind? Fazheng’s face is still as white as paper. Are the enemy ready to set fire?
桑拿会所Please ask your master to immediately withdraw the army south! Sun Wen fuels way
Still have to wake him up? Liang Cong has rushed towards Lu Bu, who is ahead.
Exit Bowangpo! I turned the horse’s head around to prepare to lead the army to retreat.
Master, wait a moment! Guo Jia reached out and stopped me. Don’t play along?
Oh? My eyebrows shook. Is there any clever plan for filial piety?
He first turned to Sun Wen and asked, Did Brigadier Sun find the enemy’s whereabouts?
Sun Wen’s face doesn’t look good. I was discovered by enemy scouts when I first arrived at Bowangpo, so I can conduct a simple search on this place …
Guo Jia sighed now that you have been found that …
Before he finished his sentence, flames burst into flames in the Woods on both sides of the north road.
Then retreat quickly! He raised his whip and slapped it hard on the horse’s ass
Lyu3 bu4 troops have also turned around and accelerated their retreat towards the south.
Today, the northeast wind is not too strong, but it is ready. I am afraid that Jingzhou Army has prepared a lot of fuel. In an instant, most of Bowangpo has turned into a latosolic red.
However, because I asked Sun Wen to explore the road before, my large army stopped at the southernmost tip of Bowangpo, and it was not deep into the dense forest, so it was quickly withdrawn.

I’m a road idiot. I’ve been to his house once. I can’t remember it, but this road, the Imperial Capital, is so famous. There are tall buttonwood trees on both sides. This compound is full of powerful families.

I hesitated and got up the courage to go to the distance. "I have work …"
First, I don’t want to go to Yejia, and second, I think there is still time to meet Jishu.
Ye Xiangyuan glanced at me with a slant head. "Xiaojin’s house is waiting for you."
I haven’t seen Xiao Jin for a while, and I really miss him, too.
But …
I secretly went to see the person beside me.
When I go to Ye’s house, I will probably be alone with him. What should I do then?
I don’t want to talk to him so soon.
He will never allow me to go back on my word.
喝茶约茶But after having sex with him, I really think it will be embarrassing to continue to be a fake couple with him. What’s more, Qian Xiaoyan’s words also make me doubt.
Unfortunately, no matter how reluctant I am, the car still drives to Yejia.
I am completely silent.
The car soon drove into the courtyard. It was sunny today, and the evening sun was setting in the courtyard. There was a coldness in the courtyard, which was different from the second excitement and prosperity. The afterglow of this quaint building was particularly quiet and quiet.
A guard opened the door for Ye Xiangyuan and saluted him.
After that, we went into the house, and servants shuttled back and forth to do their own things, but everything was quiet and orderly.
I have the illusion that I have returned to an ancient official mansion.
I didn’t have the nerve to look at it because there were so many people. I couldn’t help looking around this time.
The decoration of the house is very elegant and the layout is very simple. Almost all of them are made of wood. At first glance, it seems a little shabby, but it is not. At first glance, the wood is good gold nanmu and huanghuali wood, and there are all kinds of inconspicuous furnishings. The antiques and calligraphy and painting alone are of great value.
I can’t help but smile. Leaves home proved to be rich.
These things are beyond the reach of ordinary people for generations.
Of course, I can’t envy it.
I gathered my mind and found that the hall was quiet and I didn’t see Xiao Ye Jin.
A servant said, "Little Young Master Building"
I think of Xiao Jin’s room full of military toys and suddenly feel a headache. He won’t be playing with those hard instruments alone, will he?
Ye Xiangyuan "Go"
I, uh, followed him upstairs
Pushing open Xiaojin’s bedroom door, I suddenly saw Gu Changyu!
The room was warm with heating, and she wore a thin pink coat, which made her skin more beautiful than snow. Her cheeks were pale and her black hair hung down slightly on her chest, and her head and neck were particularly beautiful.
When it’s really beautiful, it’s just too much to say that it’s truly beautiful.
She is sitting beside Xiaojin, smiling and watching Xiaojin play with a model ship.
However, Xiao Jin doesn’t seem to take a reason to play with herself and try to take the boat apart with a small screwdriver.
Gu Changyu immediately got up to do judo when he saw us. "Ayuan, you are back."
Section 49
I have seen her several times before, and every time I was in a hurry, I didn’t pay much attention to her.
Now it’s nice to hear her voice. It’s crisp and sweet. It’s like writing like a pouring of large and small pearls into a plate of jade in it.
I was driving an errand when Xiao Jin found us. He threw away the model and ran to my arms. "Auntie!"
He is wearing a long autumn coat and trousers with a kitten pattern, and his short legs are particularly cute.
I smiled and picked him up and pinched his nose. "Do you miss me?"
He nodded his head and wrapped his little arm around my neck. Grandma replied angrily, "Hmm!"
I heard Gu Changyu say with a smile, "They hit it off."
Ye Xiangyuan said, "Why are you here?"
Gu Changyu sighed gently. "When Asun went to the army, I came to see Xiao Jin when I chatted at home alone."
Even the tone of bitterness sounds like Jiao Jiao is very pitiful.
I sat with Xiao Jin in my arms and let Xiao Jin continue to play with the model while listening to their conversation.
Gu Changyu suddenly coughed.
Ye Xiangyuan frowned and said, "The weather changes quickly, and you go out less after your voice is bad."
I looked at him suspiciously, and his tone was no different from before, but I heard a little nervous.
Maybe it’s an illusion
Gu Changyu shook her head. "I’m used to it." She smiled. "Asun doesn’t care about me as much as you do."
I am more and more surprised to hear what she wants to compare her husband with Ye Xiangyuan.
And Ye Xiangyuan’s expression seems to have changed without any change.
At this time, the servant knocked at the door and said that there was a guest coming.
I am puzzled in my heart.
Then I saw a tall young man appear at the door.
I have a good memory, and I immediately remembered who he was.
It was Wen Lu who came to school with a big belly for the first time and knocked me unconscious. When Ye Xiangyuan took me to the hospital, my car saw the young man in military uniform.
This time he was dressed in casual clothes, but I recognized him at a glance.
Perhaps because he is a soldier, his straight back and quiet temperament are really very different from ordinary people.
He gave Ye Xiangyuan a ceremony saying, "I have something to leave, Colonel."
Ye Xiangyuan nodded faintly and turned to me.
I will be busy. "You go and get busy."
Gu Changyu smiled at me when people left. "That’s how he gets busy. Don’t mind."

He slightly lowered his head. After coming out from Lombardi … I feel very annoyed … The adult world is really interesting.

Not far away suddenly burst into applause.
66 chatty
The referee signaled the intermission.
I lifted my clothes and wiped my forehead. My teammates were there together.
Master, will you still play a full game today? The sideline instructor asked
I nodded. There’s something to do anyway. You can change two strikers.
He also nodded and clapped his hands to signal the other substitutes to get ready.
Sitting on a makeshift bench, I took the warm water from the staff, and I raised my neck and gulped it down.
But playing three games in a row is not a loss to my physical strength.
What makes me feel a little tired is that I will face an unpredictable future.
Jia Xu has already left for Luoyang. Life and death and the future are out of my control. What else can I do besides playing football to vent my energy?
At the end of the break, I threw away my towel and headed into the stadium.
The two players on the opposite side are like things to me. I just hit their fragile defense line again and again. From striker to goalkeeper, it is just a dust on my way forward.
Each other’s fierce expressions have been automatically blocked by me, and my thoughts have already flown out for nine days.
Don’t even think about it! The last defender roared at me and shoveled me to the ground with all his strength.
I suddenly fell from the clouds and rolled seven times in the grass before I stopped.
You want to kick the dead! Our front line immediately picked up the defender. It’s not enough to kill your family if the young master is injured!
The other side is just a mass team. When the military scared him to tackle the ball, his murderous look immediately became injustice and panic, and he was afraid to speak.
It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter. Take back my mind. I made a roll and got up again. I was the main target of the other party a long time ago. In order to prevent being kicked off by the blackfooted people, I tied cowhide leggings to my calves in advance. I am old and magical, and I can’t do anything to protect myself.
The game continued, and I kicked the ball away.
After all, it’s flesh and blood with long legs or some weakness … I sighed.
The other team’s defense suddenly became more relaxed, and I got out of the encirclement of three people without any effort, and no one pressed forward to watch me shoot.
The goalkeeper stretched out his hands or chose to stay where he was and watch the ball roar across the goal line.
I patted my trouser legs and raised my hand to signal substitution outside the court.
桑拿网Didn’t you say you were going to play a full game? Instructor asked in wonder.
It’s no longer worthwhile for me to continue playing because my opponent is too timid to stop me. I took a look at the 40 players on the field, because my opponent seemed to regain some fighting spirit and became much more fierce.
Anyway, the overall situation has been decided. I swept the scoreboard opposite.
Twentythree ratio

Because the first round of the group match had already been held before, I surrendered to Yuan Shao and missed three more rounds (Qin Zhen Jia Mu and others made a bold claim to miss my goal gap while I was away). After these three chases, I finally scored more than 200 goalsbut according to the data analysis, Qin Zhen has a full 50 more goals than me, and even Yong Jia Mu has 20 more than me. I heard that there is a group of civilian shooters who are more than me.
I decided not to let them continue to be arrogant.
Before the first round of the group stage, I once again established the core of the game in the team and returned to the forward position. The goal was a wild shot.
At halftime, we shot thirtynine times and the score was thirtyfour.
I especially praised our midfielder for his persistent efforts at halftime.
They faithfully carried out my orders and continued to give me the ball department.
The score at the end of the game was 711.
Being slaughtered like never before, the other team almost collapsed and climbed the court.
There are twenty gaps in my Qin array, but it’s only a halfcourt gap.
At this moment of chatting, there is still a goal for me to pursue.
This is really more about things.

The final round of the group match is in the drum.
Because there are many teams with the same points in each group, I also let them compete at the same time by drawing lessons from previous life experience
The opponent is still a mass team.
I braced myself for the challenge, but the opponent lost his fighting spirit because he had already failed to enter the top two.
The whole process is worthless. The only regret is that the number of goals stopped at 93, and it failed to further break through a hundred goals in a single game.
For the first time, I finally surpassed Qin array and jumped to the 1364th place in China.
I felt the cruelty of the group stage for the first time when I watched my combative opponent leave the stage exhausted. Ten teams competed for the top two, and at least four teams had no hope for a long time, but eventually they had to play all the group stages …
I ordered a small reward for each team that was eliminated, and five big money for one person.
Don’t look down on these five coppers. A team can have 30 or 50 people. Finally, more than 300 teams will cost about 100 thousand yuan. Anyway, I can’t do it for a few days. I might as well throw some investment into the local football cause.
Speaking of millions of dollars left in the treasury, I suddenly want to help my successor spend them …
So I told Zhang Ji and Du Ji to buy some rice noodles and pork, and sent people to express condolences to the lonely, the old and the young in the village to help the grassroots people solve the most difficult problems (including helping the old houses and dangerous houses to be rebuilt, weeding the wasteland for the elderly, and digging wells and pumping water at the site). This time, the largescale rural activities lasted for ten days and all the expenses were close to 100,000.
In addition, Cheng Yu also suggested that canals should be treated at the edge of fields in various townships, and I simply handed them over to him to handle onetime expenses of 1.2 million.
When I wanted to build a military camp training ground again, Du Ji told me to stop.
Isn’t there more than two million? I still know about the library.
At least leave some money for Yi? He wry smile way and the horse will pay the soldiers …
I clap my head Bohou is right! I almost forgot such an important thing! Give more to the brothers this month?
Then pay fifty dollars for the foot soldiers? As soon as he raised the standard from thirty to fifty
Just one hundred people regardless of position! I’m a success. But it’s limited to butch riding soldiers.
I don’t have to leave with me. The soldiers in Zhaodi County make more money.
White Du Ji revealed a smile I’ll do it
I waved and he bowed down and backed out of the hall.
67 central defender Cheng Wu
On May 24th, the first round of the knockout was held in five counties of Zhao.
Considering the urgency of the time, the process of drawing lots for the precursors and then dividing the duel in the plan was temporarily changed, and the call was made after each division decided to be strong (the quota was allocated in proportion) to further save money.
Facing Pang Gan’s team, I left them in the top 32 without mercy.
The score is not ugly. Fortysix is more difficult than ten. Pang Gan can stubbornly score our goal more than a dozen times.
Jia Mu also lost in the direct confrontation in Xu Huangthis is the expected result.

Jane is not separated from the volunteer who took Lan Jingyi’s luggage and walked beside her. Her eyes fell on her arms. "Your daughter?"

"Hehe, what if I say no?"
"So no one believes you when you sayno." He laughed and continued as he walked. "Jingyi left that night, and I came to find you, but something small happened the next day, which made me unable to get away from you. Later, I finally got away, but I couldn’t find you. And I lost my contact number." He said gently with a slight chagrin. "Now I am relieved to see that you are doing well."
It turned out that he didn’t go to her because something happened. It turned out that he lost her number. She was really a little petty, and she was really angry that he ignored herself several times.
Embarrassed smile "nothing who also don’t want to have an accident isn’t it? I don’t want to do anything big or small, "just like her. Does she have less things to do? It’s a big deal for her to lose especially her son.
"Is anyone picking you up in Jingyi?"
Lan Jing Eaton remembered that Liu Wentao outside the airport gate "Oh Wentao came to pick me up"
"Is it convenient for me …?" There was a flash in her eyes, but it was more than a year since she even gave birth to a child. It seems that he appeared late at this time, completely late, and it seems that he has completely missed her.
"No" Lan Jingyi smiled. She and Liu Wentao are friends now. Really?
Can help her drag the luggage out of the airport lobby? Jane stopped politely. "Jingyi, I have work to meet a guest, so don’t bother. By the way, can I have your phone number again?"
桑拿会所"Good," she casually reported, "I still never changed my old number." So she felt weird together until he never called her, but today she is relieved.
"Well, this time I’m not only going to remember the address book, I’m leaving." I’ve seen Liu Wentao coming this way in my field of vision. Jane Fei left quickly with simple luggage, and Lan Jingyi was anxious to see her son. She didn’t think much about it, and she didn’t ask Jane Fei what happened in those days. She just followed Liu Wentao out of the car.
"How’s your investigation on Wentao’s child?" Just sit in the car LanJingYi eagerly asked.
Liu Wentao didn’t answer her question directly, but handed her a notebook that had been turned on. "Let you see the child first."
Lan Jingyi put Xiao Qinqin in her seat and let her go back to sleep. Then she took the brain finger from Liu Wentao and quickly slid across the screen. Then she saw the forum in Dijon’s rented room. At this time, all she posted was not Jiang Junyue holding her son’s photo, but another woman holding her son’s photo. "Who is she?" Lan Jingyi’s eyelids began to jump wildly. Isn’t that child her but this woman? Because the sticker clearly says mother and son.
Those four words are no matter how stupid she is.
"Well, the Luo family and the Jiang family all went to Chiang Kai-shek’s company early this morning to discuss his marriage with Lomevi." Liu Wentao gave Lan Jingyi a detailed statement of what he had heard.
Section 53
"Lome Wei?" Lan Jingyi has never heard of this name. She doesn’t know who Lomevi is.
"Sister Luo Qijiang, they have lived in a compound since childhood," said Liu Wentao in a low voice.
Lan Jingyi’s heart trembled slightly. She knew that Luo Qijiang, Luo Qijiang and Jiang Junyue were particularly good. They were friends when they were young. She and Luo Qijiang had also met.
It turns out that he likes Luo Qijiang’s sister Lomevi. It turns out that the child has nothing to do with himself. It turns out that the child is Lomevi.
It seems that she came back wrong.
"Why didn’t you tell me earlier?" Slight resentment at the bottom of my heart made her want to ask without thinking or thinking.
Liu Wentao’s eyes were dark. "I think I might as well tell you directly when your plane arrives."
Lan Jingyi bowed her head. "I’m sorry." Her tone may be a little heavy, but she didn’t mean it. She didn’t expect to come back after all the trouble, but she ran away again. It wasn’t her. It was Lomevi.
Liu Wentao didn’t say anything, but she drove quietly. The silence made Lan Jingyi feel breathless for a long time. She suddenly said, "Thank you."
Chapter 97 Comfortable
Liu Wentao didn’t say anything, but she drove quietly. The silence made Lan Jingyi feel breathless for a long time. She suddenly said, "Thank you."
"Jingyi, don’t be polite to me. I’ll help you book the ordinary standard of Case Hotel. If you don’t like it, change it again."
"No, let’s live there." Case Hotel, she knows, is not expensive or cheap, and being in the middle level is just right for her.
She took Xiaoqinqin back to the city, always worried that it would be better to be ambushed by a regular hotel.
It’s already noon, and Xiao Qinqin is still asleep. Liu Wentao has left because of the company’s business.
Lan Jingyi is fidgeting. Although I knew that the child was not her as soon as I got a car, I don’t know why she just wanted to take a look, even if it was a look. The child was too much like Jiang Junyue. She remembered on the operating table that the child looked too much.
When she gritted her teeth, she wrapped up Xiao Qinqin and put some urgent things in her backpack. She left the hotel with Xiao Qinqin in her arms. She wanted to see it far away, so she let the taxi stop in front of Jiazhou Restaurant. When the car passed by, she saw the man who used to be more familiar with the glass window of Jiazhou Restaurant.
Waiting quietly for him to come out of the California restaurant is a torment, but since she is here, she must wait.
Lan Jingyi really waited for Jiang Junyue and the little boy, but when she waited, there was another woman holding Jiang Junyue’s arm and kissing her, and the woman had a bright smile. She knew that woman must be Lomevi.

"Jingyi, I’ll take you home." Started the car, and Jane asked.

"No, I don’t want to go home. I don’t want to go home." Lan Jingyi squinted and muttered that she was so tired. She wanted to sleep, but she didn’t want to go back to that small apartment. That’s Jiang Junyue’s small apartment. She doesn’t like Yin Qingrou as a neighbor at all. Jiang Junyue still walked out of her room earlier today. Is he going to walk out of Yin Qingrou’s room early in the morning?
"JingYi you see …"
"I don’t want to go home. If you take me home, I won’t talk to you for a generation after Jane leaves."
I don’t know what to do with a sigh, but I can’t help her when she comes home like this. Her mother will worry about her more than she has to take care of nonsense. Let him stay with her all night. "Jingyi, shall we go to the seaside?"
"Ok, I’m going to the seaside" seems that he would take her anywhere if he didn’t send her home. He prefers to take her to his home because he is afraid that she will regret it when she wakes up.
Then drive her to the seaside.
Chapter 24 Killing men by day
"Ok, I’m going to the seaside" seems that he would take her anywhere if he didn’t send her home. He prefers to take her to his home because he is afraid that she will regret it when she wakes up.
Then drive her to the seaside.
Jane left the car and drove, and came to Lan Jingyi. Look at her. She actually fell asleep. She glanced back at her sleeping position. It was really ugly, but he really liked to watch her fall asleep. She remembered that when she first met her, she fell asleep at the lecture table. Everyone listened to the report. She slept alone, which made the lecturer who was giving a lecture feel embarrassed, but when she woke up, she gave the lecturer a comment, which was that his speech was too ugly and low-standard.
So it is normal for her to fall asleep, but it is not normal not to sleep.
Hehe, she is such a little woman who dares to love and hate, and then loves and hates.
I think Lan Jingyi wouldn’t have broken up with him if Min Ru hadn’t blackmailed him to marry her.
按摩However, if there is no experience in this world, it is experienced, and they may never return to their original beauty and love.
The car stopped at the seaside, and it didn’t take long for the new year to pass. It was cold and the wind at the seaside was a little good. They listened to the tide and watched the tide rise and fall in the car together, and everything was so beautiful.
"Oh … well …" A whoop came from the back seat of the car. Jane jumped out of the back seat but didn’t help Lan Jingyi. She had "wow" and vomited all over him. The smell filled the carriage. He looked at her uncomfortable face and forgot to be sick. He took a tissue and wiped her dirty face with tears. After that little face like Xiaohua Mall was finally cleaned, Lan Jingyi was that delicate and lovely little woman again.
She has always been handsome and lovely in his eyes.
Now that she is clean, he is dirty.
Just take off your coat, throw it on the beach, and then clean up the paper towel in the car. Then he sat next to her with his shirt on and her head around. His legs seemed to be asleep. Her little face was filled with an indescribable sweet smile, which made him reluctant to blink, so he looked at her so stupid that he believed that she really moved on. She actually married Liu Wentao and Ji Minru. How stupid was she?
"Silly girl" whispered her finger and dropped Lan Jingyi’s little face. When she touched her skin, he trembled slightly. I don’t know if this is right, but at least she is unmarried now, isn’t it?
He wants to touch her face, that’s all. Does he have the strength to love her again?
The sea breeze still takes a taxi to the glass. He likes her to be together quietly in this silence. If Jiang Junyue is really with that woman, he will never let go of Lan Jingyi.
He loved her, always loved her and never changed. Now Minru is happy, so he should be happy, right?
Lan Jingyi rang. He picked it up for her and looked at the screen flashing the words’ Jiang Junyue’. When he thought about it, he took the opportunity to sleep for her. He didn’t want Jiang Junyue to bother her again.
One night, Lan Jingyi’s good sleep quietly passed.
Far away, the corner where the sea and sky meet has been flushed with a fish-belly grey.
The woman who pillow his leg still shows no sign of wake up.
But he dare not continue to be supported by her.
Gently remove her little face LanJingYi slightly uncomfortable frown this just continue to lie on the seat to sleep.
Jane got out of the car and lit a cigarette because the woman in the car was afraid that she would smoke his second-hand smoke, and he sat all night without smoking a cigarette.
Smoke is really a good thing sometimes. It can dissipate some sadness when you are upset.
It’s already dawn, and the seaside air is so fresh as if it can drop water.
He rang for the first time since last night, and told him it was Jiang Junyue before he picked up his intuition.
Jiang Junyue also drank a lot last night. Hehe, he called Lan Jingyi, but he didn’t expect to hit him. At this moment, Jiang Junyue must have woken up and remembered to call him. It turned out that the man didn’t really let Lan Jingyi drink. When he woke up, the first thing he remembered was the woman in his car, "Hello, Jane is not separated." He picked up and said in a low voice.
"Where is she?" The husky man seemed to have a bad time last night with a little bit of anxiety.
"Who do you want to leave?" Jane was about to speak when Lan Jingyin suddenly came behind her. It turned out that she woke up and the bus came just now.
Listening to the words, Jiang Junyue’s face changed slightly, his lips gently sipped, and he whispered, "Hang up and don’t say it’s me." A warning meant that Jiang Junyue didn’t want Lan Jingyi to know that he had called him.
Jane is a bit stupid. He is also a man, but he can’t understand Jiang Junyue.

At this moment, the pants were partial, and the spoils rang, stabbing Jiang Junyue’s ear. Who was so persistent that he had to pick it up?

Few people know this number, and one hand can’t count it all.
Jiang Junyue heard Lan Jingyi’s lips moving away from his lips. "Pick up the words quickly. I’m going to take a shower." It’s been so long since I came here from the city. If I don’t take a shower, she feels like she’s going to be a clay figurine. She’s sticky and sick all over. She just takes a shower to relax.
Lan Jingyi opened her luggage, took her pajamas, and went to wash her hands. It was the presidential suite. It felt different. Washing her hands was bigger than her usual bedroom. The bathtub was like a small swimming pool. When she and Jiang Junyue moved in, it was filled with warm air. The air was full of smoke, which made people feel like they were in a fairyland.
Jiang Junyue picked it up outside the bathroom and saw the number with a frown. How long has it been since he heard from this person? He seems to have forgotten about him. After several rings, he picked it up and had a hunch in his heart that something must have happened, otherwise Jiang Hanyu would never take the initiative to call him.
"Go ahead, what is it?" Put him through and ask him coldly. It is because of his affection that He Ling has become what she is now.
"Master was seriously ill and came back quickly. You can’t afford to hide that girl outside the golden house." Jiang Hanyu said "Peng" and hung up.
Chapter 71 Ring hug your arms
He knew something was wrong with a hard throw in his hand, but he didn’t like the news at all.
It was also at this time that he remembered that he refused to pick up He Ling’s words in that number of his mobile phone, and hurriedly turned on the phone and called it over there. It was almost as soon as he got through. "Master LaCrosse is going to be finished. Come back soon. You cousins are all in the hospital. Are you alone? When will you come back?"
Jiang Junyue took the words and turned to the direction of washing his hands. There was a blue view of Yi Zheng taking a bath. He looked at it and said, "The day after tomorrow". It was already very fast for the plane ticket to return to him the day after tomorrow.
桑拿会所  title="Sin, come back to me, or I will never recognize you again." Like Jiang Hanyu, He Ling also hung up angrily.
Jiang Junyue narrowed his eyes and took a deep breath for a long time. He sent a short message to Jiang Han and strode towards washing his hands. The door opened and the bathtub was a looming female body. He gently walked over and couldn’t take his eyes away from Lan Jingyi in the misty smoke …
Skin as coagulated as fat, he doesn’t know when and at which glance, and this woman has entered his heart.
At first, he never wanted to play with her, but at that time, he quietly walked past her stubbornness and unyielding, and finally broke him.
Bowed his head and glanced at his finger tin foil ring. Jiang Junyue smiled gently and immediately picked it, but instead of throwing it away, he carefully put it aside. Lan Jingyi is stingy. A penny can be broken in half. It is not easy to give him this.
Slowly returning clothes and slowly stepping into the bath, Lan Jingyi is still asleep. I have never seen a woman who can sleep so much, but although she can sleep very well, she still can’t lose weight.
The long arm gently hugs her in his arms, and the water temperature is just lukewarm. The hot steam around her is blushing, and the plane ticket means that he will leave her the next day.
Finger abdomen passed over her skin. This time, the hand was a little heavy. When I touched Lan Jingyi, I immediately narrowed my eyes. "Stop it" blurred the line of sight. Jiang Junyue would only disturb her to sleep well.
But Jiang Junyue was determined to wake her up this time, but her cheeks still wandered. When she stopped her lips, she pried open her lips lightly, and her long fingers got into her mouth to touch her soft and fragrant tongue. "Uh-huh …" Lan Jingyi was so disturbed that she couldn’t help but move as if to avoid his fingers, but she couldn’t help but open her eyes. Her eyes were dark and bright, and she looked up at Jiang Junyue. "Stop that now."
"You’ll know soon." When she got dressed, he directly pulled her out of the presidential suite hotel when she saved time. That beautiful lavender modified RV had stopped firmly there. When Lan Jingyi sat down, she felt absolutely queen-like. Because the breakfast table in the carriage had been set, Jiang Junyue sat down and picked up the knife and fork, and she ate it. However, Lan Jingyi was a little stupidly. She didn’t like western food.
He glanced at her and motioned for her to sit down and eat quickly.
Lan Jingyi picked up the knife and fork clumsily, but she couldn’t cut a piece of meat for a long time. She was really bad at moving and looked stupid.
"Ha ha ….." A chuckle immediately before LanJingYi plate was taken away by a big hand, but for a moment that a plate of steak was cut into pieces and then pushed to her. "Let’s eat and have a cup of coffee."
Is he going to surprise her again?
It seems that he has become accustomed to the tone of his work. This time, Lan Jingyi didn’t ask him if he was quietly eating steak on his plate, and his body was sore. Last night, he almost tortured her to death. She really wanted to write a "wolf" word on his forehead. Why did she keep asking her if he was alive or alive, or was he not her?
The steak is very well done. Jiang Junyue’s plate is medium-cooked and bloody. Fortunately, he arranged it this way, otherwise she wouldn’t eat a piece.
After a piece of freshly baked bread and a ham were eaten up, Lan Jingyi felt a little full. He took a sip of his coffee and took a sip. Jiang Junyue had picked up a wet towel and wiped his lips. He was as elegant as a king. "Yi San will arrive at his destination in minutes. No matter what happens, don’t make trouble and don’t importune with me."
LanJingYi white his one eye "I am that person? On the contrary, you are the importune person. "Is he importune her?
"Well, it’s my fault. Here, I’ll give you the password. You know, it’s just like a password lock." Jiang Junyue had pulled out an envelope from a black oversized wallet and handed it to her.
"What?" Lan Jingyi wondered what he gave himself.
"Look at the car."
"Well," she has learned not to be curious now, otherwise he can let her be curious all the time
"Kiss me" He leaned over her head. In the blurred light and shadow, Lan Jingyi felt that his handsome face magnified his deep eyes so that she couldn’t avoid it. He kissed his face and then moved away. When the car stopped, he smiled and looked at her. "Car."
Lan Jingyi got into the car without thinking, looked up and realized that the building facing him was a hospital. "What are you doing here?"
Jiang Junyue said to a woman aside, "Take her."
When the woman got off the bus, "Miss Lan, my name is Rose and I’ll take you there" is very pure Chinese. If she didn’t have blonde hair and white skin, Lan Jingyi would have been from China.
"Okay, thank you."
"Miss Lan, please come with me." So Rose led her to the hospital, and she followed closely.
I don’t ask anyway, I’ll know everything when I go in, but her heart is pounding at every step. Is it mom?
Mom is in the hospital again?
Because Jiang Junyue said she would take her to see her mother when she came.
Wait, where’s Jiang Junyue?
When Lan Jingyi suddenly stopped and looked back, the lavender RV with a white background had disappeared. "Where is Rose?" Intuition tells her that Rose knows everything.
"Oh, Mr. Jiang went to the airport."
"I went to the airport …" Lan Jingyi murmured a word and immediately exploded. "Is he going back to China?" And throw it here with her and mom? She can’t believe that he left without saying goodbye, but it’s wrong. Did he just ask her to kiss him goodbye?
Very special way to kiss goodbye.
"It’s Mr. Jiang who is going back to China." Rose calmly stated a fact. Lan Jingyi discovered that the stupidest and most stupid person had always been himself. She was the only one who didn’t know that he had already decided to leave.
Leaving like this is definitely not a surprise.
Lonely, as Rose entered the hospital, there were strangers everywhere. Fortunately, Rose was there. Although she just met Rose, Rose was introduced to her by Jiang Junyue. Only by this, she looked at Rose kindly.
Take the ladder and slowly arrive at the inpatient department of the hospital. When the ladder stops at that floor, when she goes out with Rose, her heart keeps beating violently when she sees the nephrology card. Isn’t it better that her mother is ill?
If it wasn’t better, the hospital in the city wouldn’t let her out of the hospital, but now what mother has moved in?
A lot of questions are never asked.
Rose stopped in front of a door, and Lan Jingyi looked up at the house number, which was the vip ward of the hospital.
Gently push the door and a quiet hospital bed. Lan Qing is lying there with her eyes narrowed, but even if she opened the door lightly, she woke her up. When she saw that it was Lan Jingyi, her eyes lit up and then went dark. "Who asked you to come?"
Chapter 72 inexplicable photos
Gently push the door and a quiet hospital bed. Lan Qing is lying there with her eyes narrowed, but even if she opened the door lightly, she woke her up. When she saw that it was Lan Jingyi, her eyes lit up and then went dark. "Who asked you to come?"
"Mom, what’s going on? Aren’t you better? Why did you come into the hospital again? " Lan Jingyi rushed to the bed, feeling weak and weak, and her mother was still sick. What is this?

Lan Jingyi was relieved and smiled and went back to her little family. Yin Qing was soft and stupefied and went back to her princess room. Then she looked at the flames scurrying about the stove and forgot to heat the milk.

Has she already lost?
Jiang Junyue was bringing breakfast to the table when he saw Lan Jingyi coming back and said, "What’s the matter with Qingrou?"
"Oh, the gas won’t turn on. I’ll help her turn it on." Lan Jingyi smiled very kindly, but that smile made Jiang Junyue have a creepy feeling. This little woman must have done something to Sunny Soft.
It’s just that he can’t take care of the recent days by himself. He is really used to Lan Jingyi, and he is used to this ordinary day when there are women and children.
The family sat around the dining table, and the two little things also had their own special baby dining chairs, and few people managed to sit on them, so they could help themselves to eat them, except milk. Of course, adults must put straws in the liquid and stare at the two little things to drink it, otherwise the two little kids would like to wash their faces with milk. Although it is beautiful, it’s quite a wave, isn’t it?
Lan Qing watched the young couple seem to be reconciled, and when they were happy, they ate happily and urged Lan Jingyi. "Don’t worry about the two children for a while, and then I’ll slowly feed them some porridge and they won’t be hungry. You should finish eating quickly and go to class with LaCrosse."
"Good" mother gave herself a step, so she went to class. Anyway, from the moment she saw Yin Qingrou, she told herself that she would never let go. Jiang Junyue crossed her, and her two children could not let go. She didn’t want to bully Jiang Junyue. He first bullied her, and he was responsible for her and the children. This must be a man’s responsibility or a father’s responsibility.
Jiang Junyue didn’t say anything. Let her toss and turn. Looking at her, the speed of turning from cloudy to sunny is quite fast. She can change her mind without his adjustment. Hehe, his woman is really different from other women, crying and crying, and it will be over soon.
Maybe this is life.
No matter how rich you are, no matter how heavy you are, life is so ordinary and trivial.
品茶论坛It is even more true that nothing is true.
After breakfast, the two little things are still playing while eating in the baby chair, but they are happy. That little face tut tut that smile is too brilliant. That’s what adults are asking for, because it’s the purest and truest smile in the world without any fake.
Lan Jingyi ate breakfast and went in to wash her hands and put on makeup. She wanted to dress herself up and not lose to Yin Qingrou. What’s wrong with having a baby? She’s not a yellow-faced woman. She’s still beautiful.
Chapter 197 Take her to pull the card
Watched the woman into the health two children also sit firmly in the baby chair eating and playing with Jiang Junyue got up and walked beside Lan Qing, saying, "Aunt Qing, you come in with me."
"Oh, lacrosse, what is it?"
The figure and sound of the two people soon disappeared in the bedroom. When Lan Jingyi finished taking care of herself, Lan Qing had already returned to her seat and sat in the chair. She was eating porridge with two little things, and Jiang Junyue was already waiting at the door in a suit and saw her come out on the sidewalk. "Let’s go."
Lan Qing smiled. At the moment, she smiled and drew an equal sign with her grandson and granddaughter. It was a heartfelt smile. "Yi Yi will come back to spend time with her mother and children and LaCrosse when she is busy at night."
Jiang Junyue swept the palm-sized place and frowned. When he turned to go out, he thought he had to move and live in this small place again. He really had no sex. There was a sofa here for him.
Lan Jingyi followed Jiang Junyue closely and looked at his tall figure and walked to the ladder, but she stopped the door and said, "Jiang Junyue, you come back."
"Huh?" Women don’t need him to coax them into being quiet, which makes Jiang Junyue very upset. Without thinking about anything, he walked back towards Lan Jingyi.
Seeing that he really came back, Lan Jingyi pouted a little face and just squeezed out a smile, but the little appearance made Jiang Junyue look at it and had a creepy feeling before he wanted to ask her what she wanted. Lan Jingyi’s little hand had knocked on the door of the small apartment next door, and of course, he didn’t forget to ring the doorbell.
"Yi Yi …" Jiang Junyue tried to stop it, but it was too late. His voice was not as good as her competitors.
"A distant relative is better than a close neighbor. Say goodbye, but they cooked breakfast for you. It’s a pity that you don’t understand amorous feelings."
"Nonsense" Jiang Junyue lowered his voice and shouted a voice.
The door opened, Yin Qing was soft, and Jiao Jiao was soft, like flowers blooming early in the morning. There was "LaCrosse Blue Sister".
That blue sister is very kind, but she didn’t meet herself for the first time today. It seems that she is an uninvited mature woman. Even Li Xuefeng didn’t call her blue sister. Lan Jingyi didn’t send "Miss Yin and LaCrosse went to work. If you are missing anything here, you can ring the doorbell for my mother’s help. And I seem to be younger than you. You can call me Jingyi." Anyway, she won’t let Yin Qingrou find her own home to help. She also wants to find a way to turn on the gas early. It’s an example where it’s not easy to turn it on That’s Yin Qingrou looking for Jiang Junyue again. Listen, that blue sister is a little harsh. She and Yin Qingrou are really not good enough to be called sisters. It’s less than an hour since they really met, isn’t it?
"Oh, thank you." Yin Qing’s soft face still kept smiling. Before folding his belly, he gently twisted it a little embarrassed.
Thank you for your coffee last night. I’ll invite you with Jingyi another day. Or just take this opportunity to express your position. Nothing needs to be said. This sentence proves that he loves her is true, but that’s a thing of the past. Now she is still important in his heart. She will be his best friend and he will take care of her for the rest of her life. At that time, love was beautiful.
No one will forget the good past, and everyone is looking forward to a better future.
But not forgetting doesn’t mean living a generation in memory.
The word "good" is low with a faint sadness.
Jiang Junyue’s eyebrows are slightly wrinkled. She must have heard what he said.
"Jingyi, let’s go" took Lan Jingyi’s hand, and Jiang Junyue pulled the woman and strode towards the ladder. He never looked back because he didn’t look back. He knew that Sunny would cry and think about Yin Qing’s soft tears, and his heart was sore and a little sour.
The ladder came and went in together, and the big hand was still holding the small hand. Yin Qing was always looking at him leaving the direction, but he had a person who now belonged to Lan Jingyi and his daughter, so he could never belong to another woman.
You can never have it both ways in this world.
Men want to be happy together, which is a kind of greed. On the other hand, if women think so, wouldn’t the world be in chaos?
The ladder door closed and Yin Qing’s gentle and lovely face finally disappeared. In front of him, Jiang Junyue’s hand was still clutching Lan Jingyi. Lan Jingyi looked down at him clutching his big back and then broke his fingers with the other hand. "Pack it, you can pack it."
But she broke one of his fingers, and the other one had fallen to the ladder, and she didn’t break his hand.
This makes Lan Jingyi particularly angry with this man. He can’t understand her more and more. He plays deeply.
But it’s cool that he plays deep. She likes it.
Out of the building door, Jiang Junyue had an extra car key in his hand. After a ring, Lan Jingyi saw the car outside the building door. "Tilt, are you sure you want to drive this car to class?" It’s a little too cool
"Well, let’s drive."
She followed because even if she didn’t look up, she could feel a woman’s eyes falling on her and Jiang Jun’s body, and that woman was Yin Qingrou.
Like a small car, Jiang Junyue has started the car. Lan Jingyi walks around here and there to see "Dump France and check it back?"
"Well," he likes his car and doesn’t like to drive Cheng Qingyang all the time. Then he has two other cars, one of which hasn’t been driven since someone tampered with it. He feels uncomfortable and doesn’t want to drive the other Land Rover. It’s still the case that this ungrateful woman crashed the night before. Although it can be repaired, it can’t be repaired in a day or two. Fortunately, he asked Jiang Han to bring this RV back a while ago, and he bought another new car. It will always take a day or two.
There is a magazine, a morning paper, an inventory and diced apples on the dining table. Anyway, there is Jiang Junyue driving. Lan Jingyi happily took the morning paper and looked at it while eating the diced apples with a toothpick.
The newspaper is nothing more than some political propaganda, and then there will be some absolutely unreliable hexagrams in the corner, and those hexagrams are definitely when celebrities and talents attract attention. It’s good to look at this RV while Lan Jingyi is killing. It’s really a mobile room rather than lying in that bed for a while.
Section 114
It’s been a while since the car left, and it will arrive at the company in ten minutes. Lan Jingyi looked up and looked outside. She was a little confused. "Which way are you going?" It seems that you didn’t go through this road to the company, did you?
Although she has been there several times, she still has the impression that she is wrong. She must be wrong. "What’s the matter with tipping? There is a traffic jam on the previous road, so I can’t go? " She really didn’t go to Jiang Junyue’s live broadcast of road conditions.
"Yes, it will be here soon. You can read magazines." Jiang Junyue drove steadily and looked at the briefcase around him. There were two things that he asked Lan Qing for before leaving the door. They were both Lan Jingyi things.
Lan jingyi id card
One foot is better than one inch. He said nothing. Now that the master has fixed the wedding date, let Lan Jingyi go and get Xiaohong together.
If you get a certificate, even if you are a real husband and wife, Lan Jingyi will not be swayed by considerations of gain and loss.
Maybe that’s what women want.
Although he has always felt that there is nothing wrong with this guarantee, even if he gets a certificate, he can change it into a green divorce certificate, but a woman likes it, so she can do it.
It’s also a shame to do something. While driving, I thought about myself. After all, Yin Qing was soft. She didn’t come back to see him. He was going to get married in Lanjingyi.