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I have said that I want to let bygones be bygones.

Can the foot soldiers return to their hometowns?
This nature at present, I really don’t trust to directly incorporate these people.
In that case, please wait a moment. He bent down to me and turned his horse back to the shore.
Pang Gan leaned in. Master, why did you keep calling me?
品茶论坛I slightly zheng different … ha I smiled a he is friendship and righteousness but it’s really hard to tell the difference after
He said with a bitter face, Look at Taishi Ci’s archery. I’m afraid it can only be matched by two battalion commanders, Zhang Liao and Qin Zhen.
I’m afraid so. I agreed with him that Taishi Ci’s bow skill is also recognized as less accurate than mine by three points.
There seems to be no shortage in our army … He whispered.
I gave him a white look. Don’t worry about it.
He said yes with a smile.
Taishi Ci has generals who can be battalion commanders. I made a decision.
Pang Gan has obviously predicted that our army will grow again
Fu Jun wants to forgive them? Aaron interjected.
It’s just some soldiers, and the boss is dead. There’s no need to pursue it, right? I looked at him sideways.
Fu Jun’s generosity belongs to admiration. He quickly bent down and agreed.
Taishi Ci came again Pang Gan woke up at a side.
See Taishi Ci led dozens of riding slowly to the city, about all of them are captain teenagers.
When this group of people came to the city for thirty feet, they turned over and fell to the ground with all their horses brushed.
Door I asked Wu Shiling, the gatekeeper, and then took the tower.
Master, be careful The gate was slowly beaten. Wu Shi held a knife in front of me.
Pang Gan has also led a row of soldiers to follow closely.
I stepped in front of the 30odd people in no hurry. Get up, everyone. I won’t help you one by one if there are too many of you.
Armor askew drops have looked at each other a few times in Taishi Ci to lead the shaking cable.
I carefully looked at Taishi Ci, who was nearly thirty years old, and I was similar in length, with white face, long eyes, bright lips and teeth, but without losing the mighty spirit, leopard head, swallow jaw ape arm and waist, and he had to be more than a foot tall and luxuriant. Judging from my aesthetics, he was as handsome as Gongsun Zan.
Liaodong Qingzhuang has lost tens of thousands of dollars and can’t be less. I sighed. Let all the foot soldiers be dismissed and let them farm with peace of mind. You thirty people can stay in the army or return to your hometown to live. It’s up to you.
They moved neatly this time, and many of them bowed down with their fists in their hands and said, Xie Fujun won’t kill you!
If you are willing to continue to join the army, you can come to Xiangping Camp to report the location. I clapped my hands and turned to Taishi Ci to get straight to the heart. Is righteousness like me?
Or didn’t expect me to be so direct. Taishi Ci didn’t react at the moment
I added, A gentleman was born in troubled times. How can he be buried in the grass when a threefoot sword can calm the sky and make great achievements? !”
Taishi Ci’s eyes suddenly lit up brilliantly as if she were shining Fu Junci?
I immediately replied, It’s only the generals who are righteous that Ma Chao is unscrupulous. I hope that the generals will be polite to each other. There are tigers and leopards flying to the military camp. If you don’t give up, please ask the battalion commander.
1,500 rides? He confirmed
I nodded. Although I dare not call it a double day, most of them have been fighting with me for several years and are called elite.
He suddenly shivered. Taishi Ci came from humble origins and is now a guilty petty official. Can you believe me?
If my father was born as a thief in his early years, wouldn’t it be even worse? I took the opportunity to hack Marten. It is enough that I am faithful and brave.
Behind him, several people urged, Ma Taishou is tolerant and kind, so you can just obey without looking at your origins!
Yes, you are worthy of loyalty to the Lord than cronyism, Gongsun Du Ma Taishou!
When Taishi Ci was thinking, he was not too long. He immediately bowed his head and held his fist on one knee. Mengfujun knows how to be kind and brave!
I immediately threw away all my faces and reached out and pulled him up. Righteousness belongs to me … Yang Youji belongs to Chu! Taishi Ci is good at archery, but I’m not sure that he has a record, just like Yang Youji, the marksman of Chu State.
Taishi Ci stood up and bowed respectfully to me before straightening up and sinking, Fu Jun, can this boat brother go home?
I am so happy that I can’t manage those people to rush to nod. I have already said that they can return to their hometown immediately. If they lack rations, they can be seconded from the government.
So I thanked the Fujun on behalf of six thousand brothers. Taishi Ci was another gift. Please come into the city and wait until you have settled down your boat brothers.
I nodded I’ll wait for you
He crossed the horse with a fist and returned to the shore with the others.
There was a faint cheer on the shore
Then there were soldiers coming to the city in twos and threes.
Master, it’s safer to enter the city. At the sight of thousands of people approaching Pang Gan, they became nervous reflexively.
They didn’t bring a weapon. I was confident in my eyes.
Even with bare hands, that’s 6 thousand soldiers! Wu Shi couldn’t help sweating. Master is too risky.
Master, now that you have decided to die to protect him, someone said behind his back.
I turned my head to see Are you … Liu Ren? It’s that passerby who can fight against Zhao Yun.

Torres! Fernando Torres! He helped Liverpool lead the score again!

Liverpool’s counterattack completely destroyed Real Madrid’s defense line. I don’t know how to deal with the Red Army’s counterattack storm!
Leila passed Ramos beautifully and then gave Gerrard a forward ball. Gerrard made a strong cross to Torres near the bottom line of the penalty area. Hehehe, Torres won’t miss this opportunity. He stabbed again in the heart of Real Madrid!
The total score is 4:3, and Liverpool leads Real Madrid by one goal.
Real Madrid fans are a little tired and don’t know how to face such a situation.
Real Madrid’s attack seems to be no problem and can play enough threats.
However, the defense line is vulnerable to the fastbreak counterattack of top teams, so what’s the point of attacking again?
Real Madrid just equalized the score, and the opponent took the lead again after six minutes, which was a blow to morale. Raul clapped his hands to encourage his teammates not to lose heart.
After the game resumed, Qin Xiong became more calm in the frontcourt sideline activities.
He doesn’t want a fastpaced offensive to fail and give Liverpool a good chance to fight back.
Be more calm and spend enough on Liverpool
At this point, the team can still do well.
In the 41st minute of the game, Qin Xiong made a trip to the left and cut into the middle. In Mascherano Kuyt, he suddenly returned the ball to the middle.
Before touching the ball, Steer observed the situation in the frontcourt. Because Qin Xiong played on the winger, the threat he showed made Liverpool more afraid
In this way, the defensive pressure on the other side will be reduced.
That’s exactly what Sid saw. The ball rolled to the right of the frontcourt. Aurelio also paid attention to defending his dribbling trend, but Luo picked the ball directly behind Aurelio when he touched the ball.
Moving sideways, Aurelio didn’t expect Luo to play against common sense. He was neatly passed by Luo
Ronaldo controlled the ball in front of the baseline and went into the penalty area. When Agger Alonso rushed in, he followed Gerrard’s example and drew the ball flat in front of the center.
Higuain ran to the back point to catch the fighter, while Raul crossed to grab the front point. He tried to fly the shovel and tried to stab the toe of the ball into the goal, but Luo’s power was too strong. When the football rolled, Raul flew the shovel and it was too late!
Carragher also fell to the ground in front of the door and shoveled the ball out of the baseline in a thrilling way. The football rubbed against the post and rolled out of the baseline, almost making an own goal!
Carragher gave a hand to the Liverpool fans in the Anfield stands after they calmed their psychological pressure.
桑拿网It was a thrilling and wonderful rescue!
Real Madrid’s corner attack did not pose a threat, but Liverpool took advantage of the corner attack to clear the way and kicked the ball to the frontcourt to try to create a counterattack.
However, when the football rolled in front of the restricted area of Real Madrid, Ramos cleared the ball first, and Torres might be two steps away from touching the ball first than Ramos.
Real Madrid continues to organize offensive.
In the 44th minute of the game, Luo dribbled the ball on the right and pushed it straight to Raul, who turned around and swept the ball to the left in front of the restricted area.
Qin Xiong started to volley the football directly into the restricted area of Liverpool and aimed at the dead corner of the right corner of the goal. Qin Xiong had strong confidence in the ball.
However, the football was blocked by Agger’s foot in the restricted area and formed a parabolic trajectory, which flew over the crossbar and flew to the stands.
Qin Xiong secretly gritted his teeth and immediately returned to normal color and ran to the corner kick.
This corner kick attacked Real Madrid with a lot of players. It seems that this will be the last attack of Real Madrid at half time.
Landing in front of the penalty area, the football was headed by Higuain, but his header was wide.
This made Ramos Heinze feel extremely depressed when he ran wildly.
Come and run back without doing anything.
After Liverpool went out, the referee blew the whistle at the end of the half game.
Liverpool Real Madrid’s Champions League quarterfinal second leg ended at halftime, and the two teams scored 21 in 45 minutes. Liverpool led Real Madrid 43. Although the score was behind, Real Madrid’s attack in every game was obviously better than that in the Bernabeu. Now they need one less goal to come back to life, leaving Real Madrid with 45 minutes. Can the defending champions turn over at Anfield? to be continued
[The first volume of sword unsheathed has become the advantage and disadvantage of 963 high position grabbing]
Arrive at halftime
Real Madrid walked into the Anfield visiting locker room, and the morale of the squadron players was not necessarily low to what extent.
After all, in theory, Real Madrid still needs to score a goal to qualify after 11.

But then the whole castle will be in danger.

After all, Han Qingshan is not an easy man to deal with. Who knows how many people he brought?
But Ye Xiangyuan is very cool and doesn’t seem to want to retreat.
My heart is a little anxious.
Now the lives of a large family can be here.
But on second thought, he has always been safe, and he must have had a solution.
I also tried to calm myself down.
Ye Xiangyuan hugged me and stroked my back one by one, holding a document in his hand without speaking.
After about half an hour, Han Qingshan finally came.
He walked into the living room with a gun in his hand.
At this time, the guns outside stopped and the whole castle was quiet again.
I can even hear a few birds chirping insects.
Ye Xiangyuan put a file on my forehead and kissed me in judo. "You go back to the room with the baby first, and I’ll accompany you when I’m done with things."
I shook my head and grasped his arm.
Ye Xiangyuan didn’t insist that he looked up at Han Qingshan gently and said, "Please sit down."
Han Qingshan squinted at him without moving.
He was followed by rows of hands with guns.
And Pan Dong has already taken the bodyguard Ye Xiangyuan behind him.
The confrontation between the two sides is explosive.
I think it’s the same outside the castle. Both sides are deadlocked.
Just from the present situation, I can imagine how fierce the gun battle was just now.
After being silent for about half a minute, Han Qingshan sat on the sofa opposite.
He still looked at Ye Xiang far away. "Where are you?"
Ye Xiangyuan gently tilted his head to Pan Dongdao to "bring people"
It wasn’t long before Li Yuyan was brought by bodyguards.
Her limbs were tied and she was thrown to the ground.
Having become mute, she opened her mouth and cried, but she couldn’t speak.
Look at where her unkempt head is pointed at by Panton, and the arrogance and dignity of the aristocratic lady look like a mess.
Han Qingshan eyes transient sharp fixedly staring at Ye Xiangyuan.
Ye Xiangyuan smiled faintly. "I want to know two things."
Han Qingshan looked at him with an expression on his face for a while and also evoked the corners of his mouth. "I have surrounded this town."
Ye Xiangyuan smiled slightly, "It’s a big deal to die together."
Han Qingshan face heavy.
Ye Xiangyuan "If you tell me these two things, I will let you take Li Yuyan away."
Han Qingshan squinted and seemed to think.
Ye Xiangyuan also don’t urge him.
The whole living room fell into silence, and even Li Yuyan stopped calling.
I’m a little tired of this silence and I’m afraid that a gun battle will break out again in a moment.
Fear leaves hold my hand far away, and warm feelings spread all over me through the palm of your hand.
I took a deep breath to calm myself down.
A long time Han Qingshan finally said "good"
Ye Xiangyuan directly asked, "Did your Han family participate in that year?"
He should mean that Ye Dabo and Ye Dad were framed by the Li family for their sacrifice in Africa.
Han Qingshan didn’t play with the gun in his hand. He said bluntly, "When I was young, I was in Korea’s house … and I really had a connection with the Li family."
Ye Xiangyuan didn’t speak waiting for him to continue.
桑拿Han Qingshan smiled. "Didn’t you find out early?"
Ye Xiangyuandao "I want to hear you say"
Han Qingshan reminded the corners of his mouth, "Korea’s family really joined the Li family more than 20 years ago and has been supporting the Li family, but we can’t control what we want to do with the Li family’s funds." He glanced at Ye Xiangyuan Gherardini and said, "It was the Li family that planned and implemented it. If you want revenge, go to the Li family."
Ye Xiangyuan quietly looked at him?
Han Qingshan smiled. "If you think Han Jia participated, you did. If you think Han Jia didn’t participate, you didn’t see what you think."
Ye Xiangyuan still didn’t answer the words.
Han Qingshan looked at the "second question" of the Li Yu flue that was thrown to the ground.
Ye Xiangyuan eyes light lift eyes fell on his body slowly way "in addition to those forces behind your scenes who else"
I listened to leng leng.
Haven’t he found out the details of those behind-the-scenes forces yet?
So he will set up such a bureau specially waiting for Han Qingshan in the castle?
Han Qingshan wind him gently hook up the lip angle "how can I betray my partner?" His hands spread out and he said, "You’d better change the question."

Smooth and round.

Xiao E shivered shyly and opened her eyes. Would you like to blow the light?
I couldn’t help laughing. It’s not the first time for us. What are you afraid of?
I haven’t waited on the public for … months, so I’m a little nervous. Her left hand is still hidden.
Still hiding half her face from us behind her guitar? My imagination is fairly vertical and horizontal
I took a breath and sprayed the candle three feet away.
The candle flickered in the wind but refused to put it out.
It’s not kidney deficiency, is it? I touched my waist, suspicious.
Hurry up … Little moths gently urged.
I don’t know if she can’t wait or if she is too shy.
夜网论坛I inhale again, my lips gather slightly, and I spit at the candle again.
The bedroom suddenly darkened.
I took off my clothes by the light moonlight leaking through the window, and then I jumped out of the bed.
Little moths suddenly stretched out his arms and grabbed my wrist.
Why? Is it urgent? I laughed and then pressed it.
She crooned for half a minute before I caught her lips.
The young girl’s lips, which have not been tasted for a long time, are particularly attractive to her master.
She was almost out of breath and slightly feverish.
I have been mulling three ways and two big hands repeatedly stroking on the dome on her chest.
Although I can’t see it in the dark, I can clearly feel two meat grains flirting in the palm of my hand and getting stronger.
The first kiss has just ended, and Xiao E, panting, is ready to surrender. Gong, Gong Xiao E is very uncomfortable … hurry up … come in quickly.
What’s the hurry? We have to make out for days. I pretended to be calm.
Male … it’s so itchy here … Her voice was faintly audible.
Where? I think I can play something restricted.
Please, hate … Little moths didn’t say the specific name of this organ after all.
I regret that for so many years, I have been exploring the popular names of human organs at the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, but no one has told methe great medical sage Zhang Zhongjing? I am really embarrassed to ask him.
Now that I have mastered the initiative, I decided to speed up the foreplay and fill the other person’s physical deficiency first
Along the flat and slightly hot belly, I tentatively touched her secret place.
Xiao E can’t help shivering. Well, it’s already a little wet.
I stretched out my index finger and went to the enemy’s cave to explore the enemy’s cave, as if there was a suction sucking this notsothick finger desperately.
Hurry up, Xiao E unconsciously climbed my waist with her legs.
Do you know the taste by eating pith?
I couldn’t help pulling out my index finger.
Go naked into the enemy’s den
Throw yourself into the sea of Wang Yang.
27 Zhao Amateur League
Xiao Yue’s arrival didn’t have much impact on my life.
At her age, infants sleep most of the time every day, and to be honest, I don’t like being a father who can hold his daughter all day and giggle happily.
So I threw a spotless ball beside her cradle and left.
The second competition is approaching, and I must practice two tricks when I can.
In order to have a high breakthrough ability with the ball, I deliberately let many players of the other team defend closely to stimulate their potential and creativity.
But with little success.
Although the old man has changed his body … but is he still attached to this sport? I’m a little frustrated to myself.
Jia Mu took the opportunity to fall to the ground and shovel my ball.
I stand hand this fellow progress speed is much faster than me!
Watching him ride alone with the ball and rush directly into the penalty area, our defenders really couldn’t react and could watch him shoot.
Jia Mu roared and volleyed vigorously!
The ball roared and bombarded the goal!

"Oh, you like mature women. When I get to work, I’ll introduce you to a serious woman who is willing to marry you. You are a man, not a man, not a woman." Lan Jingyi’s sympathy has flooded again, and it must be hard to see the scenery on the surface.

"Bang" fart ` shares really fell on the seat Jiang Junyue mercilessly threw her to "shut up, I’ll ask you less afterwards" eyes glanced at her and turned and jumped out of the driver’s seat.
The car flies towards the hospital. It’s good to have a car. It’s really comfortable to lie down with Liu Wentao. Men are car-loving creatures. Seeing the man in the driver’s seat, Lan Jingyi has been silent. Just ignore it. Whoever is missing in this world, the earth turns the same.
It took Jiang Junyue a few minutes from the apartment to the hospital when the car stopped abruptly in the hospital parking lot. "Can we go?"
"I can’t, but I can jump myself." Lan Jingyi struggled to sit up, stretched out his hand and pushed open the door and jumped on one foot.
Jiang Junyue didn’t move his eyes and looked at her with a bracelet holding his chest a step away from her.
Lan Jingyi suddenly felt very embarrassed. Is it ugly for her to move like a rabbit?
One foot fell to the ground and she whispered, "Let’s go."
"Ah, it’s quite strong." He said that people have turned and marched towards the entrance of the ladder.
"Hey, slow down …" "Bang" A muffled sound made Lan Jingyi feel like a golden flower. She wanted to keep pace with him, so she fell down beautifully.
Hands on the cold floor were struggling to get up, and then the body suddenly fell into a warm embrace. It was very warm and warm, so she couldn’t help leaning against the man’s chest. She heard his heartbeat for a moment, and Lan Jingyi had an illusion. At this moment, holding her seemed to be a simple separation, which made her heart beat faster and hit like a deer.
Who rang at this moment? The signal in the ladder was really hard to pick up, but the root of the sentence didn’t stop. Jiang Junyue set up a leg to support Lan Jingyi’s body and then freed up his hand to find out, "What’s the name of Luo?"
"I’ll give you back that rotten dog named Jiang. You have half an hour to take it away, or I’ll just skin it and stew it."
"No" and Jiang Junyue hung up directly.
Lan Jingyi’s pathetic little face is so close to him that I can’t even hear it. "Jiang Qing, don’t be like this, okay? My little girl is my only partner" or even her only dependent partner.
When the "Ding" ladder rang, he made a call on the way, and went directly to the doctor’s office. Soon Luo was released from the examination table, and the doctor carefully examined her feet. The man was a flash of shape and quickly flashed outside. Through the semi-transparent mosaic glass window, Lan Jingyi could faintly see that he was holding a conversation.
I really don’t like it. I didn’t forget to call him old frame after such a short time.
Looking back, she looked at her feet quietly, but she didn’t know that she had drifted to Fang. Will there be someone who loves her and loves her in this life? Will she stay with her when she is most sad?
Chapter 34 Seemingly Leng Qing
Pick up the broken-hearted glass of the foot and then bandage it with medicine. Lan Jingyi bit her lip in pain and didn’t know it was broken.
Finally, Jiang Junyue’s figure is still shaking outside the door, and she can still hear his voice in a low voice, which makes her unable to hear clearly. It should be that he still talks. It is that he likes women, and it is endless when he talks about it.
"All right, it’s been dealt with. It’s best not to walk these days and not to get wet …" The doctor told Lan Jingyi the precautions when he was listening, and the man finally flashed in.
"Is Dr. Lin ready?" Jiang Junyue asked and put it in his pants pocket.
"Well, all right."
"Do you need to pay attention to anything?"
"Change the dressing every day and then the foot can’t walk or get wet …" The doctor repeated.
Jiang Junyue nodded. "Got it. Thank you, Dr. Lin."
I asked some common sense that should be paid attention to. Jiang Junyue just checked the doctor’s prescription and medicine, then picked up Lan Jingyi and left without asking.
"Hey, give me a wheelchair." His gesture of hugging her like this is so ambiguous that it really makes people think. With a wheelchair, she can take care of herself.
"It’s too expensive to buy it yourself." Holding her, she strode to the condensation surface of the ladder as if she were moistened with how much frost, which made Lan Jingyi vomit her tongue and swallow it back.
Where can she afford it? She relies on him for three meals a day. I don’t know if I can go to the talent market to find a job on Saturday. I sighed lightly and one person involuntarily went to the man holding her.
Her soft body makes Jiang Junyue hug the woman in her arms tightly.
From entering the ladder to putting her in the car, his face was always cold and calm, and he didn’t say a word. That expression made Lan Jingyi dare not say if he was angry with her and thought she was too much trouble.
Watching the car leave the parking lot smoothly, Lan Jingyi took a deep breath and whispered, "I may not be able to help you cook these days, but the laundry should be ok." She washes it once a day, but cooking has to move around. Unless she doesn’t want her feet, she really wants to listen to the doctor.
"Whatever you want"
The three words are still light, so the topic is broken as soon as it starts. Neither of them talks, and the anger is instantly dull. What should Lan Jingyi do if she keeps twisting her skirts?
I also want to sell those trinkets. I earn a penny and sell that one. If she wants to sit still, she will move around late. She has to sell so little that she can no longer take advantage of the river.
Back to the community without a wheelchair, the consequence was that Jiang Junyue continued to pick her up and walk through the lobby. Jiang Junyue counted his heartbeat in his arms. Lan Jingyi was lazy and didn’t think about entering the room, but she had a beautiful sleep. It was late and even painful and tired. She is now eager to kiss a bed.
"Ding" the ladder door opened and Jiang Junyue got out of the ladder with Lan Jingyi in her arms, but before she took a step, a little thing jumped up enthusiastically and circled around two people, while still barking "little girl …" Lan Jingyi exclaimed with surprise that this little thing was really capable of finding her and finding her here.
Just as Lan Jingyi is a little girl, when she found her, an evil man suddenly came. "Your md is really a toss-up. I have to send this little thing in the middle of the night. Come on, how do you thank Xiao Ye for sending it for you myself?"
Jiang Junyue strode over Luo Qijiang without looking at him. "I didn’t ask you to be a little girl and ask for the door."
"Hey, I’m wrong, aren’t I? Don’t be ignorant of people’s hearts if you are surnamed Jiang? " Two big men choked up the saliva rack at the door.
Section 13
Lan Jingyi was shocked. It was a little girl who found it herself, but it was Jiang Qing who asked Brother Luo to send it. Didn’t he say that he didn’t care?
The heart is steep and warm, which is the most annoying thing in this world, that is to say, not to be that kind of person, but the most touching thing is to be that person, and Jiang Qing obviously belongs to the latter.
People were thrown off the sofa. Lan Jingyi picked up her handbag and touched it. She wanted to see if anyone would ask her to interview herself. I don’t know if I can go now.
Actually, at this time, there is no one working except overtime, and it is impossible for anyone to call her for an interview, but she is just looking forward to it.
However, when she opened it, it was not that she had been waiting for words, but that she was familiar with the missed words. There were dozens of missed words by Liu Wentao, and dozens of the same text messages were attached. "See the reply or you will not want to divorce me in this life."
Lan Jingyi is a little confused. Didn’t she leave long ago?
She signed the agreement without thinking, so she called over there. Liu Wentao’s deep voice soon sounded, "Go home immediately or face the consequences."
Go home?
Back to what home?
Listen to Li Yinyin, Lan Jingyi laughed at herself. Once it was the home she was most looking forward to, but now it is just a golden cage for her, and it is not happiness to bring her perfection again.
桑拿会所"Bang" the deafening door woke Lan Jingyi. She turned her head to Luo Qijiang and somehow left Lan Jingyi. She immediately jumped up on one foot and went straight to the door. Liu Wentao didn’t sound like a fake. He didn’t say that she wanted to go back and ask about the divorce. It was a big deal. She began to worry.
"Why go?" Just jumped two steps and my wrist was caught by a warm palm.
"I want to go back."

"Don’t you have guests?"

"It’s not convenient for me to stay here!"
"What’s the inconvenience? Can’t my wife Mu Lingtian meet people? "
Shit, she didn’t mean that! They talk about things and she stays … It doesn’t make any sense!
After a long argument, Xihan said that he could stay.
The bearer is a foreigner. Night Xihan feels familiar. Suddenly, I remembered that the foreigner sitting in front of me turned out to be the most famous wedding dress designer in the world. Night Xihan once noted that this designer knew something about him. This designer produced four wedding dresses a year. This is his principle and he never made an exception. Even if he paid more money, he would not take orders. Because of this, she was particularly impressed by him.
Mu Lingtian invited him over, which surprised her and delighted her.
She looked at MuLingTian suddenly white MuLingTian leave yourself is to do? He actually found the most famous wedding designer in the world to design her wedding dress.
"Did Mr. Mu design the wedding dress by the lady beside you?" The designer looked at Xi Han’s eyes at night and smiled at Mu Lingtian.
"well! This is my wife Ye Xihan! "
"Your wife is really a beautiful China girl!" The designer praised
Mu Lingtian readily accepted the designer’s praise that his woman is of course beautiful. "It is very beautiful!"
He asked, "How long will it take to finish the wedding dress?"
"Mr. Mu, do you know that a wedding dress takes less than three months from design to ready-to-wear?"
Three months? Their wedding is two weeks later, and he asked for "one week!"
"I’m sorry I’m in a hurry! It’s impossible to finish it in a week … You want your wife to be the most beautiful bride at most? "
桑拿按摩"Of course." That’s why he invited him. "Our wedding is in two weeks."
"If Mr. Mu has to rush out, I can say that the wedding dress is absolutely not perfect." The designer truthfully said that he usually designed the wedding dress by himself, from design to production to details, which is why he produced four sets a year.
"Add 10 million more" Mu Lingtian felt that no money could not solve the problem.
"It’s not about money!" The designer said, "Well, I have a ready-made wedding dress, which is absolutely unique and I am most satisfied with the design for so many years, but I have never found a bride who is suitable for wearing it. Your wife’s beauty and temperament are very suitable for that wedding dress. It doesn’t take long to change the measurements and length …"
The designer also deliberately opened his mind to show them that both of them looked at the photos and it was really beautiful.
Mu Lingtian was satisfied and felt that it was really suitable for his beloved little woman to wear a big red carved wedding dress. It was the designer’s hand that became quiet and beautiful. He looked at Ye Xihan. "What do you mean?"
Yeh hee-han also likes it when she nods if she has no opinion, but she is worried about whether she can wear that effect …
"When do you try on the wedding dress?"
"Three days later!"
After the designer left, Mu Lingtian stayed overnight and Xihan sat on his leg. "How do you feel unhappy?"
Night Xihan shook his head. "I still feel so tight."
"Two weeks is not enough for you to prepare?"
"I’m afraid you’ll regret it!"
Fool, I won’t regret it. I can’t wait to marry you.
"I feel so extravagant for such an expensive wedding dress!"
"A woman is only once in a generation. Of course I want to give my woman the best, don’t you think?"
Although I still feel that the waves can’t match Muling’s words, it really makes her feel so sweet and happy.
"By the way, can the wedding be simple?" She knows him well, and he must be known to everyone, but she doesn’t want to be so happy. They don’t have to be seen and known by everyone.
He listens to her.
Kissed her twice "Good!"
"Husband has done so much without giving some rewards?"
Ye Xihan hammered him twice. "It’s time for you to get down to business!"
"I really don’t want to go!" He buried his head in her chest and sniffed her scent.
"Well, if you don’t go, you’ll be really late."
"I’ll take you and the children shopping when I’m busy!"
"What’s the sudden need to go shopping?"
"I haven’t taken you and your children shopping and I want to take you there once."
Night Xihan nodded just as she hadn’t bought anything with the children for a long time …
Mulingtian hugged for a while before leaving.
Night Xihan returned to her office. She looked at her brain in a daze and remembered that the big red wedding dress just now was not something that ordinary people could control.
I always feel that I can’t wear that smell, and I’m a little afraid I’ll let him down.
Section 34
In fact, if she is not in a hurry to get married, she would rather design her own wedding dress. Although it is not as good as this designer’s, she feels that it would be better to wear her own wedding dress. However, if she wants to come to Mu Lingtian, she will not let her design her own wedding dress. She will not let her work so hard. This is a little regret in life!
Forget it, forget it. You can’t design it for yourself. She can also design it for her daughter’s future wife.
Mu Lingtian went for an hour and talked about the project.
He didn’t go back to the company directly. He went to school to pick up two children before picking up his own woman.
Shopping spree with Ye Xihan and two children.
Whether Ye Xihan and the children like it or not, they pick up something and look at it again, so he swipes the card to pay the bill, which arouses a burst of envy among the shopkeepers and guests. When it gets dark, they will come back to a restaurant after dinner at 9 pm.
From the car, Mulingtian walked with two children in her arms. Night Xihan followed her and was about to enter the house when she saw several policemen stop them from behind.
"Is it Mr. Mu?"

So teasing him, he felt that he might eat her up before he could get married.

Although they stick together every day for more than a year, she is very shy, and he doesn’t want to always show affection and stop being polite if he doesn’t respect her before marriage
But he knows what he’s been holding back
Especially now he really wants to tear her clothes so that she can breathe on her own.
It’s a pity that South-South didn’t feel the danger at all and blushed and continued, "Then we’ll have two children, preferably a son and a daughter …"
Tracing the cause can’t help but gently pinch her tender face "listen to you"
He can barely control the evil fire by sitting in a precarious position.
Nannan is quite shy, but she also wants to make her lover happy.
She looked at Lu Xun’s serious face, and he was sad and couldn’t help but take the initiative to kiss him.
Lu Xun felt that she might be burst by someone in her arms.
spa会所All his restraint was to break the work in one second and directly kiss her on the back of the head.
When he arrived at Nannan’s door, the car stopped for a long time before he stopped plundering her
South-South gasped heavily against his shoulder.
He imprisoned his slender waist and said, "Baby, let’s get married."
South-South stare big eyes.
Is this a proposal to her?
Section 37
Gu Changyu was sent away before Gu Changning and Xu Xin’s wedding.
Because after that meeting Ding Shishi and Nannan, she had to make a scene every day. On several occasions, she treated the servants as Ding Shishi and Nannan punched and kicked them.
She’s out of her mind.
The invitation was also sent out because of the date. It is impossible for Gu Changning to postpone the wedding.
But he personally sent Gu Changyu to Switzerland.
The environment there is very good and suitable for rest.
And waiting for Gu Changyu is naturally those internationally renowned psychologists.
Xu Xin didn’t stop Gu Changning.
She wouldn’t have stopped Gu Changning from being kind to Gu Changyu if the facts hadn’t violated the principle.
After all, she is also his sister.
She despises Gu Changyu and hates Gu Changyu, but Gu Changyu has become a ghost, and there is no need for her to cling to it.
What’s more, Ye Xiangyuan and Lu Xun both have their own homes.
This is the biggest punishment for Gu Changyu.
After the wedding of Gu Changning and Xu Xin, Lu Xun and South-South wedding were ushered in.
Lu Xun is finally anxious to marry South-South.
What about Nannan? She loves Lu Xun so much. Of course, she listens to Lu Xun.
Make Ding Shishi and Xu Xin laugh at her. She has no concentration and is completely confused by beauty.
But in the end, the wedding day will come to the end of autumn.
Although Lu Xun looks much more stuffy than Gu Changning, he is much more romantic than Gu Changning.
He asked for wedding leave and planned to travel with Nan Nan after the wedding.

"Li, since I’m here, let’s make things clear. Let’s go in." Yin Qing is soft and natural and graceful, holding documents and materials, and leads Li Tianyan towards the building.

"Sunny and soft …" Li Tianyan shouted a few times, and Yin Qing, who was soft, walked to the front with a hint of intimacy that was not easy to detect.
The president and the secret have always been the most reminiscent of divination and dog blood fragments. Lan Jingyi couldn’t help looking at Li Tianyan and Yin Qingyou. The latter still ignored Li Tianyan’s low call with elegant steps, while Li Tianyan quickly chased Yin Qingyou after a few steps. "Well, then solve it this time."
In the exhibition hall on the third floor, there are all kinds of children’s wear, women’s wear and men’s wear. Jiang’s production chain is a bit miscellaneous. The department store has done everything, so there are so many customers and so many achievements. I really don’t know how Jiang Junyue manages so many industries by herself. If she combs it, it will take several days.
Several workers have brought Meixin here and worn the model for a second time. It was really that the clothes were not in the right proportion or the stitches were unqualified. There were many things. The people in the production department and the management department looked at each other and their faces had changed. Their foreheads had long been sweaty. However, Lan Jingyi looked at things that were not good and didn’t care about her. She managed to find out the problem, but she still had to return it to the production department and the management department to deal with it. It was clear at a glance that there was no need for her to say anything. Both departments were sweating.
In the exhibition hall, Yi Zheng swept every piece of debris one by one, and suddenly she felt that a heat flow gushed out badly. Being a woman is the trouble, but there will be such a situation. But in recent months, she has worn sanitary pads, but no one can help her with this. She has to do it herself. "Miss Yin, I suddenly feel a little uncomfortable. You accompany Mr. Li, the person in charge of our production department, to discuss a problem. If you ask me, I will come back."
Yin Qing’s soft eyes flashed and smiled sweetly, but the eyes were filled with a nasty disdain. "Miss Lan will always handle it at will." The implication is that if you love Lan Jingyi, will you come back or not? Meixingen didn’t treat you as a dish.
桑拿网Lan Jingyi also ignores that this is a guest service. She is duty-bound to "Xiao Zhang, what do you want to leave?"
"Blue manager …" Xiao Zhang showed a bitter gourd face, and Li Tianyan was serious and juryman, as if she were a beast that could hit people at any time, which made her afraid.
"I’ll be back soon." It will take at least ten minutes to buy sanitary napkins and wash my hands. She can also find someone to help, but this woman really doesn’t like to hand over her private affairs to others.
I went to wash my hands and put on several layers of pads, so I can do this first
It takes a long time to get to the stairs. Lan Jingyi simply takes the stairs. It’s faster to take the stairs on the third floor and three floors than to take the stairs.
She walked very fast, and the stairs in high heels clattered. Lan Jingyi was anxious.
"Bang" finally reached the exit on the first floor, but she just flashed out and bumped into a person. "I’m sorry" and blurted out "I’m sorry" before I could see who the bearer was. At the same time, she lifted her legs and walked outside. She was going to buy sanitary napkins.
Chapter 21 Embarrassed to turn over the sky
"Live" and drink low, but with his natural aura, people want to ignore it.
"Chief … President …" Lan Jingyi turned around. "What’s up?" There are still people behind him. If she ignores him and walks away directly, it will be too hard for her to stop and look at him. Don’t delay her life or she will make a fool of herself.
"Don’t move" but didn’t want the man to talk again. It was such a sentence. At the same time, when the long legs slowly stopped to her, that Lan Jingyi was very familiar with masculinity and instantly killed her, which made her feel dizzy. "President …"
LanJingYi sleep around eyes to see her, she can’t escape those eyes is then Jiang Junyue conveniently untied the suit button, he incredibly … Actually took off his coat in public and elegant LanJingYi handsome face a prone extremely ambiguous her ear, "your skirt is wet ` …"
The word "wet" made Lan Jingyi messy in the wind, and she turned over the sky …
"Come with me …" There are so many people and everyone’s eyes are on her and Jiang Jun, but his favorite person took her hand and turned into the president’s ladder.
No one dared to come to her outside the ladder, so he led her inside until the door closed. "What are you doing?"
"Do you want to show off when you are all wet?"
It was so wet that he said it naturally, but she blushed more and more. "I didn’t mean to."
"It’s not the first time for a woman to come to her period, but she can’t even take care of herself." He snorted. "I don’t want to make a fool of myself in front of others."
Well, she’s really dumb to do a good deed but have to give herself a bad charge.
"Ding …" What exactly is the president’s special ladder? It soon reached the top floor. "Let’s go." He took her and walked to his office.
"I have my own office" LanJingYi or awkward.
"Do you want many people to know?"
She hung her head. She didn’t mean to, okay?
Section 122
People who followed him into his president’s office were pushed by him to wash their hands. "I’m waiting for the toilet to sit inside. I’ll be right back."
"You … what are you going to do?" Can you sit on the toilet? It won’t solve the practical problem. She can’t sit on the toilet all the time, can she?
"What do you say?" Jiang Junyue raised his eyebrows slightly. "Do you want to get wet and buy Spongebob yourself?"
Lan Jingyi is embarrassed. "Are you … are you going to buy it for me?"
"Well," but I never thought that he really should "okay, I’ll go out first."
"Wait … you wait …" The little hand suddenly caught Jiang Junyue’s arm. Lanjingyi Trail "I can’t buy it at random. I have to … I have to … I have to have cotton mesh."
This is a mess in the wind. "What cotton and what fiber do you mean?"
Lan Jingyi blushed, went to his desk, picked up a pen, and then took a piece of post-it paper to write his usual brand ab cotton mesh, which was extended by two packs at night and two packs a day.
"Well, you go to the mall according to this and ask the salesperson to help you choose it."
"Oh" Jiang Junyue took the turn and left.
He walked so fast that he couldn’t help but want to yell at that woman again when he thought of the blood in Lan Jingyi’s skirt. She was so pregnant that she couldn’t take care of herself.
"Jiang Zong, what are you …" Jiang Han came here with an ordinary ladder.
"Just leave it to you. Don’t wait for me. I have work to do."
"Oh" Jiang Han is really puzzling. I don’t know what happened to the president and Lan Jingyi just now. He even took off his suit jacket and put it on Lan Jingyi. Didn’t he say that he wanted Lan Jingyi to distance himself?
However, he didn’t question Jiang Jun’s strength, so let him, his own woman, and he can do whatever he likes.
"Come on, don’t be curious. Let’s all go to the conference room for a meeting." Looking back, everyone turned out to be as strange as him
Jiang Junyue once again entered the president’s ladder and thought it was too slow.
There is a large shopping mall diagonally opposite Jiang’s. He seldom visits the shopping mall and turns around, but he can’t find out where the spongebobs are hiding.
"Can I help you, sir?" The salesgirl became enthusiastic when she met the handsome guy.
"Who … where is the tampon?" When Jiang Junyue spoke for the first time, his face turned slightly red. If he was not in a hurry to buy it back for Lan Jingyi, he didn’t want to ask others to look for it slowly.
"Oh, turn left at the front and it’s about 200 meters away." The salesman is very happy to be such a handsome guy like Jiang Junyue
"Thank you" Jiang Junyue walked in that direction. Li Xuefeng, a small supermarket in front of Lan Jingyi, used to sell sanitary napkins when he was working. At that time, Lu Wentao also went to make trouble for her. He also bought all the sanitary napkins with torn packages, but looking at that pile, he is still not white. What kinds of sanitary napkins are there?
Finally found the sanitary napkin shelf. After a glance, I found that there were two rows of shelves with ab brand. I picked up a bag to see if it was the kind that Lan Jingyi wanted. Several women also came over here. They all picked up sanitary napkins while watching, so that a big man was no longer embarrassed to look at it carefully. Just take two bags of cotton or fiber on the net. Go back and let her pick it herself. Either throw away all the cotton or you can’t let him choose this kind of thing from a bunch of women.
Walking towards the cashier’s exit with a basket full of sanitary napkins, people passing by couldn’t stop looking at him, making him uncomfortable and eager to fly out of the cashier’s desk.
It happened that it seemed that God was right with him, and there was a long queue at the cashier’s desk. There were more aunts and grandfathers in front than women with children in line. He wanted to cut in line, but he gave up the idea.