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10 May by admin

China provides immunity assistance to Papua New Guinea

  Xinhua News Agency, Sydney, November 12 (Reporter Hao Yalin) Molzbird News: The Chinese government was held on the 12th of Papua New Guinea Antiomptotrug Assistance Ceremony on the 12th. Malamenti, Prime Minister Marape, expressed its heartfelt thanks to China.   China’s New Ambassador, Zeng Fanhua said in the handover ceremony, Bar’s new is China’s good friend, […]
2 May by admin

China’s digital talent gap is close to 11 million talents last year to improve

China’s digital talent gap last year is close to 11 million digital economies to open employment new space (online China) employment scale continuous expands intelligent manufacturing engineering technicians, industrial Internet engineering technicians, virtual reality engineers, intelligent hardware installations, industrial vision systems Waiter … In recent years, a group of new professionals related to digital industries […]
26 Apr by admin

Accelerate New Crown Treatment Drug R & D

Beijing October 19th, the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China, Vice Premier of the State Council, from 19th to the National Food and Drug Administration Drug Review Center, to understand the clinical trial of new crown viruses, review services, etc., and convened related companies and Expert symposium, listening to the advice of drug […]
18 Apr by admin

2018 Professional en Technical Personne Qualification Examenwerkplan

Naam Examatiedatum 1 Consulting Engineer (investering) 14 april, 15 2 Makelaar Associatie, onroerend goed Broker 21 april 21, 22, 3 Geregistreerde architectenniveau 1 mei 5, 6, 12, 13 mei 5, 6 Verpleegkundigen Kwalificaties 5-7 5 Accounting (Primary) mei 12-20, 6 Supervisor Engineers 19 mei 19, 20e milieueffectbeoordeling ingenieur 8 Vertaling Professionele kwalificaties (1, twee, niveau […]
6 Apr by admin

De lijst "Anhui Good Man" is in november aangekondigd

Een paar dagen geleden, na de publieke aanbeveling en deskundige beoordeling, Wang Shangyong en andere 13 mensen werden in november geselecteerd als "Anhui Good People". Hefei City, Ancha Express Area Half Deco Street, de bewoners van de Hot Spring Community Resident Wang Shangyong en zijn vrouw zijn een auto-ongeluk tegengekomen, een van de auto’s keerde […]
4 Apr by admin

Closed "small door" is involved in the community mediation gate

Report (Reporter Yuan Di) recently, 12345 Mayor public telephone platform has received many calls from the 45-block residents of the auto open area, reflecting the 45 blocks and 45 blocks in the 45th neighborhood, there is a road in the middle. The small door can be interoperable. After the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the famous […]
22 Mar by admin

Pregnancy encounters constipation, these methods should be remembered ~

  During pregnancy, pregnant mothers will encounter a variety of problems, including the constipation is a very headache thing, it is too big to be abortion, don’t have to be uncomfortable, eat medicine is afraid of side effects, do not take medicine It is uncomfortable in the sky, so I drink honey water, eat bananas, and […]
20 Mar by admin

Special discussion: Symptience I know what I know – talk about Mao Zedong’s reading method – Zhonghong Net

Zhonghong Net Beijing April 15, 2020 (Wang Jinfeng) "Zhaoshan Huihai Chuanhui", text and writing inventions, books into carriers, reading, writing, written in human knowledge and wisdom in writing into human knowledge and intelligence The way, reading has become a fundamental way of human civilization continues. Advocating reading is an embodiment of Chinese civilization and is […]