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5 May by admin

Beidaihe in Qinhuangdao City Public Security Bureau to create "red network" anti-fraud technology laboratory

People Shijiazhuang, August 17 electric wire fraud Scene "simulation" of the crime, "the whole process," training "real combat" …… Recently, the Beidaihe in Qinhuangdao City Public Security Bureau Dongshan community police station Zhang Qi invited 16 area residents, relying Recreation Road Policing "anti-fraud simulation laboratory" to carry out the police camps open house once to […]
29 Apr by admin

China’s 19e Yeng’s Learning Lei Feng Volunteer Service Series

  Deze website (Correspondent Tan Kaiwen) 1 maart tot 5 maart, China’s 19ejaren Herzien het thema, actief uit de reeks van Learning Lei Feng Vrijwilligerswerkactiviteiten en uitgebreid het maken van de "vrijwilligerservice hand in de hand Civilization en Praktical Heart" Lei Feng een sterke sfeer.   In het geval, alle units hebben de groepsconstructie van de Partijgebouw […]
24 Apr by admin

2021 "De mooiste chauffeur" in de provincie Guizhou begon! Kom om je favoriete ta-stem te helpen →

  Om de gezonde en ordentelijke ontwikkeling van de Guizhou-wegtransportindustrie te bevorderen, bevordert u de geest van het nieuwe tijdperk van Guizhou, de geest van arbeid en ambachtsman, Guizhou provinciale transportafdeling, Guizhou General Trade Union georganiseerd gezamenlijk de "Mooiste chauffeur "In de verplaatsingsindustrie van het provincie in 2021-activiteit. Vroeger is Gan bereid om je de mooiste […]
8 Apr by admin

Chinese archaeological learning experts went to Zhangzhou, Zhangjiang, Zhangjiang, Tomb of Meng Jiangcun

  From November 9th to 10th, the Director of the Archaeological Society of Archaeological Association raised the team to visit the Tomb of Meng Jiangcun. Experts examined the archaeological excavation site, visited the specialty exhibition in the Xe Zhou high-grade tombs located in the Fujiang District Archives, and observed the precious cultural relics unearthed in the […]
25 Mar by admin

Some major problems in the national economic and social development strategy

During this anti-epidemic process, state-owned enterprises rushed in front and played an important role in promoting industrial cycles. State-owned enterprises are an important material foundation and political foundation of socialism with Chinese characteristics. It is an important pillar and strength of the party’s ruling. It must be strong. Of course, state-owned enterprises have to reform […]
20 Mar by admin

Celebrate the establishment of the party’s 100-year Heilongjiang Harbin Municipal Party Committee Network Office planning launched a series of network theme communication activities

Take advantage of the high-level media platform level, high influence and wide range of propagation, and cooperate with Yangguangwang joint plan to carry out the "100-year brilliant road to enter Harbin" network theme communication activities, through "Red Anti-Pediatrics", "RepublicThe eldest son "new pursuit" "Agricultural Municipality" The first chapter "Red Anti-Psychic Spirit" is recommended in the […]