Month: January 2001

30 Jan by admin

Chapter Four Hundred and Thirty Four Strange young man

Naturally,The police questioning focused on Wu Fang,He put on a posture that dead pigs are not afraid of boiling water,Do not answer all questions,I only asked to see my leader, Chief Bai,SZThe person in charge of the Second Division and One Division of the Municipal State Security Bureau。 May be due to Wu Fang’s […]
29 Jan by admin

On the way,His eye angle is light,Charles who have just turned into a flew。

And they are ready,A slender figure。 Light dim,Night scene outside the window,Can’t see the appearance of people。 Just the heart of the two, if it is pressed against a boulder,Even breathing has become a bit difficult。 Brief hand,Realize,This person’s strength has exceeded the category they understand。 “Provincial saving gas,The people outside are killed by me.,Don’t […]
28 Jan by admin

Ok,This is actually similar to failure。

When other people’s technology is mature,Normal people who want to open a hole in their head to enjoy brain-computer interaction? Especially after implanting the chip,The functions that can be achieved by interacting with mobile phones are not better than those of Huaxia products。 My own brain-computer chip has not been studied,The research of operating system […]
27 Jan by admin

at this time,Suhangong University。

Lin light snow looks at the many tolerances in front of you,Her heart is very urgent。 even though,The mission has been arranged.。 But don’t know why,Lin light snow,Suddenly there is a different feeling。 For such things,Lin Xiaoxue is even more, the more it feels very headache.。 Otherwise,Don’t say it for the time being。 but now,Lin […]
26 Jan by admin

“Do not go。”Wang flow decisive refuse。

He is too lazy before a few times.,It’s going to be closed.,He is too lazy to go,What to do??Do you have to lose? Li Xiang Tao wrote,road:“That is still me.。” …… A few days later。 Re-opening。 Like I guess,Baidu really took several key evidence,Completedly confident in the Crime of 372 Malicious Competition,The lawsuit of being […]
25 Jan by admin


“nothing” “I am most annoying to talk about half.。” “Oh。” “Oh?” “understood” “You are very annoying this person!” “This way.。” Zhouzhi still did not poke her with chopsticks and packed spicy soup、Roasted rice cakes in grabbing,Not afraid of inciting tired,After all, he has already included a feet in the red envelope sent by the bun.,This […]
23 Jan by admin

“Li Peng,Don’t listen to them,I,I like you.。”Xu Li is based。

Li Peng will kill her.,This man is nothing,When one of them。 They are college students,The two love to engage in engagement and have been very smooth.,She originally thought that Li Peng is a nice man.,But I think that the salary is not enough for his mother.,How to raise her in the future。 She didn’t have […]
22 Jan by admin

“Since you say that summer brothers exceeded one hundred degrees,Test it,This is true,I will be driven by Li Zong.!”

Qing Xuan also looked at the summer,Look forward to。 He also wants to know how the summer is now achieved.。 Exactly99Draft,Still surpass one hundred。 This is two levels! Subsidal accumulation beyond one hundred,Although it is not necessary to holy king’s realm,But it has reached the power of the Holy King level.。 “Also,Then I will http://www.szedfkqnxwimws.cntest […]