Month: May 2021

31 May by admin

Surrounded by white walls,Simple decoration,There are a few medical instruments on the wall,There are no windows around,Like a completely closed operating room。

She moved,Only then discovered,Both hands and feet are tightly tied with twine,Can’t move at all。 I was actually tied to the operating table! The fear has not had time to spread,Warm Nuan heard a familiar and gentle voice。 “Warm,You finally woke up?I saved you!” Side of the operating table,A woman who has a particularly outstanding […]
30 May by admin


Guanshan is stunned,Less than two months before and after,Even if I have great abilities,It’s impossible to turn Xia Chenglong into the head of a first-class family! “If you can’t even count as a first-class family,How can I go to Baili’s and Murong’s homes?” Xia Chenglong smiled slightly,This is a real problem,Even the first-class family in […]
29 May by admin

after all,Brother Xiao Fan is the person she cares about most in Shen Xiaoya’s heart,It’s too late for her to please her brother Xiao Fan,How could you think of leaving a bad impression in front of Xiao Fan?!

When I saw Xiao Fan’s unsightly face at this moment,Shen Xiaoya bit her lip unconsciously,Then it looked like a little wife was angry,Said to Xiao Fan: “Brother Xiao Fan,You won’t be angry anymore,I swear,When i was just now,I really didn’t mean it,I just think it’s fun for a while,and so,and so,I didn’t hold my temper […]
28 May by admin

See the convoy arriving。

Manager Zheng Xianghong of the Friendship Hotel who has been notified long ago,Hurriedly greeted us with more than 20 waiters in uniforms。 Look at this20Similar in height、Beautiful young girl with similar body,Statham and other bodyguards were dumbfounded:Just like we are blind to foreigners,Foreigners see us Huaxia are actually a bit blind,In the eyes of Statham […]
27 May by admin

Can be sent to the United States to participate in this negotiation for establishing diplomatic relations,Without exception, they are the top elites in the diplomatic field of the Republic,Each eye is very poisonous,They can clearly feel the sturdyness and strong military aura of Chen Geng’s bodyguards,My heart’s assessment of Chen Geng’s strength has subconsciously improved a bit。

This is the first meeting between Chen Geng and a domestic official team,A greeting、After you are polite,Chen Geng pointed to Mirren and said to everyone:“Everyone,This is my personal assistant, Miss Mirren,Do you have any needs and questions,Can find her、ask her。” “Ni Meihao。”Mirren took a small step forward,Bow slightly,Smiled and said a very strange tone、But everyone […]
26 May by admin

Liu Jiajun also had a headache:“I know too,But we really want to express our apologies,No matter what the conditions,As long as you open it here,I do my best to satisfy your side。”

I don’t know that such a thing can? Liu Jiajun’s response is also very good,Qin Feng said blankly:“Sorry,It shouldn’t be like this,I have nothing to say,You go to Huang Longwen?” Qin Feng was ready to leave after speaking,Because he has no intention to stay here,But that person is anxious。 If Qin Feng leaves,Then they are […]
25 May by admin

After Qin Feng has done this,He went back to the village and announced that the village was going to build roads,Although Qin Feng is not the village chief now,But his words are much more useful than Huang Longwen’s words。

A group of people all agreed,Because they have already felt the benefits of the strong village。 Now some of their bachelors,Someone was willing to marry at the beginning。 There is no alternative,Everyone is interested。 If this place doesn’t develop,Who wants to marry,Isn’t that asking for trouble?? Yangshan also found Qin Feng directly,His meaning is also […]
24 May by admin

Lu Menglin hugged her gently,Like holding a wisp of breeze,Softly,For fear of disturbing her。

Kim So Yeon gently pressed her cold cheek to someone’s warm chest,She wants to remember this brief warmth,Remember this incredible night,Remember the man in front of you。 After a long time,This intimate couple reluctantly separated。 “Gone!”Jin Soyan gave Lu Menglin a sweet smile and said。 “Ok,Goodbye!”Lu Menglin nodded,Wave goodbye。 The moment Kim So Yeon turned […]
23 May by admin

so,The acting commander of this sandstorm city,Is it a super combat force?

Want to be here,Hu Lin couldn’t help feeling a little hot,She glanced calmly at the officers around,I found that they don’t seem to know the inside story,No abnormal expressions and reactions。 then,Hu Lin is determined,It’s better only you know this news,Others don’t know yet,Because this is related to the increase in the strength of the […]
22 May by admin

If those people are discovered,Wouldn’t it cause a lot of riots。

I was just venting my breath,I neglected such an important matter。 at this time,A nurse came in for rounds,Wang Mingyang asked:“Miss nurse,May I ask what happened to the hospital tonight??” Miss nurse gave Wang Mingyang a white look,Said badly:“Accident?Something big happened?Of course not,if so,The hospital exploded before long!” After speaking, he didn’t even leave a […]