Month: May 2021

21 May by admin

At the beginning,Lu Jinning made coffee that suits his taste,Was transferred to be his secretary,Plus a series of things that happened later,They are together naturally。

I am a lesson from the past,Daughter IQ can,Worrying EQ,Maybe it’s not resuscitated yet,Not keen on male and female emotions,Don’t think much,She can only pretend to be confused。 Take a step back,Even if she thinks too much,My daughter can have such a good opportunity to work in a big company,Also a good thing。 Lu Yao […]
20 May by admin

Amei returned her phone to Xiao Xiao:“Don’t answer his phone!”

Chen Wenjin and Wang Shuai were both surprised,I didn’t expect Amei to be so responsible,About outrageous,Never stop,And I’m not afraid that A Bao will come out for Li Xiang。 “Go to my break together。This is not a place to chat。”Wang Shuai greeted everyone on the bus,He asked on the way:“Abao will stand out for Li […]