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When entering the community,Chen Wenjin raised the window。

Entrance to the mentally handicapped person,Sitting outside the store as always。 ‘Will you find Abao driving a car?,Treat this as an exception?’Chen Wenjin hasn’t felt the uncomfortable things on the person stay away,But still think we should be more cautious,So the force of inverse motion,A leopard who came to the entrance of the community,Holding the […]
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Chapter Three Hundred and Sixty Seven Childhood sweetheart Moreover,How comfortable it is to stay at home lying down and sleeping?Anyway, Emperor Xin, the lord of business, has no time to find him,He spent his childhood at home。 “Really?how to say,I still don’t believe you can have such courage,Or wait for the Monkey King group members […]
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Chapter Four Hundred and Four Southern Finch The four pairs of eyes in the ward looked at each other,In the half-hour conversation,Xiang Chen did know everything,But Xing Rufeng and the others felt that they didn’t understand anything。 It’s like school,The teacher clearly said a lot,But remember,Always the two words after class。 “I seem to understand,But […]
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After Xiao Fan returned to the security department,Went straight to the training room,Which is the previous lounge,He needs to see if he is away,Are these people lazy?。

really,The new security staff did not let him down,Although he is not here,But the security guards under him are doing training seriously。 To this group of people,Xiao Fan is satisfied,He believes more,In the near future,He will definitely serve Lin Yoona,Set up a strong security team for Lin。 After watching their performance,Xiao Fan came directly to […]
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And you want to have relationships with these people,Then the most important and easiest way is to let them enjoy the treatment that ordinary people can’t enjoy.。

Only to improve the comfort of these people,Then these people will feel that they are different。 And for Xiao Fan who knows the truth deeply,He is naturally going to be a secret base。 so,Whether it is considered from any detail,Then he absolutely arranged everything clearly。 have to say,Xiao Fan has these talents,Also have to say,His […]
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“big-block”496What kind of engine is it??Him and CorvetteC3The same series of engines used above,Common“block”series,In order to better divide this series of engines,Displacement in5.7Rise(350Cubic inch)below,is called“small-block”,5.7Higher than,Is called“big-block”。

———————————————— PS:Thank you brothers for your support,This chapter is thanks to everyone for your rewards。 ———— First23chapter Crazy modification plan:under&Demon Claw CorvetteC3Engine used above,Displacement from entry5.0RiseV8“small-block”305type(This one305Refers to the displacement305Cubic inch,Converted into5.0Rise,All below appear inblockThe following numbers are in units“Cubic inch”Displacement)until7.4RiseV8“big-block”454,Up to10Balance——Yes,This top-of-the-line7.4RiseV8“big-block”454engine,Is codenamedLS6Generation of magic machine,Countless modification enthusiasts、countless“V8cancer”The patient’s dream opportunity。 but“big-block”454NotblockThe strongest model […]
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In the house,Zhang Yuzhi said with a smile:“Can’t make a slap,Your boss is holding my sister,That’s what the big guys are watching。Say again,Yesterday at the brigade,Your family is not this attitude?In this case,Let’s go to the commune police station and talk about it……”

Knowing she is a threat,But the second elder of the Yang family didn’t dare to be angry with her,Captain Jianxi had a son who was demobilized and returned to his hometown to work at the police station,At that time, the villagers in several villages were envious enough。 “Oh, you believe the child,We can also let […]