Month: June 2021

10 Jun by admin

At this moment,That Shao Chai has become completely angry,He glared at the man who suddenly killed him,Especially when I saw Zhu Qiuhong and this guy look at each other,Smile very brightly,The anger in my heart won’t even hit a spot。

“I’m Shao Chai!I won’t let her film,She didn’t have to shoot!”Chai Shao is anxious,Yelled viciously。 The spectators around suddenly trembled like a cicada,Chai Shao moved so angry,Few people dared to speak out at this time。 “I do not believe,I said he has filming,There must be a movie!”Lu Menglin turned his face,Staring at Shao Chai without […]
9 Jun by admin

finally,The bus convoy stopped in front of a towering archway。

This archway is tens of meters high,Let people see at a glance,There is an illusion,The top of the archway,Faintly surrounded by clouds,More solemn and mysterious,There are four big gold lacquer characters written on it“Kasuga Taisha”。 “The front is the scope of the Songzheng School headquarters,After passing through this archway,Go straight uphill for 600 steps,It is […]
8 Jun by admin

The black blood cavalry guards who were in the room took the initiative to give in,Because this is a challenge between seeds,According to the traditional practice of God City,No one can interfere!

Wu Hao is in trouble!Everyone’s mood is extremely heavy at this moment,The mood is also particularly contradictory,I don’t know if I should help。 Lu Menglin is in danger,Although I was hit by the opponent’s qigong wave,,But not injured,Instead, there is a certain assessment of the strength of this person。 This person is not weak,But it’s […]
6 Jun by admin

The reason is simple,As early as a few months ago,The Soviet Union and India have basically reached a consensus,After ensuring that the modification project of the aircraft carrier and the procurement of the carrier aircraft are handed over to the Soviet Union,The Soviet government can make the first ship of the Kiev-class aircraft carrier:The Kiev aircraft carrier was given to India for free。

According to the project schedule provided by the Soviet Union,It will take five to six years for the Kiev aircraft carrier to be fully refitted at the earliest,After two years of sea trials and adjustments,To be officially delivered to the Indian Navy,Which is almost to the end of this century,The modification of the Kiev can […]
4 Jun by admin

“you guys,Why not laugh?Do you think I am not fair enough??”The Duwang stared at Lu Menglin and Liu Guofeng with a single eye,His eyes are full of killing。

Liu Guofeng couldn’t help being a little nervous,Because he knows that these mutants are extremely powerful,Never take it lightly。he I even secretly estimated in my heart,Even if I lose to this group of people,Just run away desperately,At least 30% chance to get out,But if you add a Lu Menglin,Then there won’t even be a half […]
3 Jun by admin

“Who is that strong man over there?He doesn’t hit people at all,Grab one and throw one,The seniors of the Fifth Military Region look like little chickens in front of him,Terrible!”

“That is Liu Guofeng,Before the age of mutation,Is the top soldier in the army,Now people have mutated,If you want to do it,Hit one to death,It’s gentle to leave the stage。” With the explanation from the discerning people in other military districts in the audience,Cao Wen and Beiwu University students finally know,What a vigorous group of […]