Month: July 2021

18 Jul by admin

She doesn’t have time to think,The door just closed,The old lady clutched her chest and screamed,Tao Zhen really froze,“Mom what’s wrong with you?Is there something wrong with the heart??Do you want to go to the hospital?”

The old lady screamed louder,This woman cursed her heart trouble?Isn’t she too bad-minded?She was so angry that she didn’t forget to teach her:“What hospital to go to?Then don’t spend money?You have the money?” Tao Zhen is really not convinced,She’s so sweet,You can’t ask for money or life!“Of course you have to go to the hospital […]
17 Jul by admin

I didn’t expect Tie Qin to be so strong,After learning the news,There was an uproar in the entire chaotic circle。

The South Korean regime immediately issued a public statement,Strongly condemn Tie Qin for disregarding the overall situation of the human race,Ripped up the agreement,Unjust war。 Tie Qinguo’s response was also quite tough,Said the previous agreement was purely the act of Win Fan,Does not have the right to represent Tieqin,And the envoy leader Yingfan,Deputy Envoy Yinghao,Yingxiong,Have […]
16 Jul by admin

Furthermore, Wang Dahua immediately pulled Liu Fengguang,Whispered:“Scenery,Pay attention to your eyes,We’ve all done so much,You can’t give up so much,Do you understand?”

Liu Guangguang glared at the direction Lin Yuner was leaving,Whispered to Wang Dahua:“grandmother,I know,Let’s talk about everything when we get the money!” “Yes,This is my good grandson!Don’t forget what your grandpa said,Do you understand?”Wang Dahua continued to tell。 Wang Dahua is fine without mentioning his grandpa,When Wang Dahua mentioned Liu Neng,Liu Guangming’s face immediately became […]
15 Jul by admin

When Liu Neng said this,,That’s really getting angry the more you talk。

———— Chapter Three Hundred and Fifty One Shake the pot Oh,Do not,wrong,I can’t say that Wang Dahua is useless at all,For this Liu Neng,Wang Dahua has another very useful use,That’s the punching bag。 What does that mean? that is,Once Liu Neng received any grievances outside,When Liu Neng can’t argue with others,,When he gets home,Exhale at […]
14 Jul by admin

Nothing,What is it like?

Leopard looked at the ceiling blankly。 What is it like to be poor with nothing? A leopard smoking a cigarette,Numb…… He is not strange at all,He has been poor since he was little,Go out for fun,Make some money occasionally to invite a guest,Taxi rides against others,Occasionally, when I finally ride home, I rely on the […]
13 Jul by admin

I don’t know how to describe the behavior of the Duan brothers,Kidnapping is indeed expensive,But just the operation of three people,It’s really too catchy。If it wasn’t for Xiang Chen’s cooperation,There are a little more people in Li Tianxing’s car,They can’t control it!

“Someone sold my information to you,Didn’t they give you some weapons as standard??” Xiang Chen frowned and asked,The three Duan brothers around him seem to have thought of something,Duan Bao first put his hand in his arms,But Xiang Chen was rewarded with a big chestnut。 “Don’t dig guns,Otherwise easily!” He threw the captured gun back […]
12 Jul by admin

The man in uniform named Mao Sen tilted his head,Ask loudly:“Who gave you the official letter?Which part of?Call him out!Are from the Fifth Military Region,Everyone knows!”

Heard such provocative words,Lu Menglin frowned,Lightly:“I have an official invitation,It is the official seal of the Fifth Military Region,What is your opinion?” Maosen was stunned for a moment,I found that it makes sense!He has an official letter with an official seal,I really can’t do anything to him,No matter how fierce I call it,People ignore you,I […]
11 Jul by admin

“Ugh,Why are you polite with your uncle?,If you have any difficulties in the future, just talk to your uncle!”

Warm and Nuan returned a bright smile。 Turned around,The warm eyes are all moist。I was killed by my brother and sister in my previous life,I don’t care about my father,The stepmother’s hypocrisy and targeting made her disappointed in this world。She has already closed her heart,Don’t give your sincerity to others easily。 Words from Wen Guoyuan,Let […]
10 Jul by admin

“When will you be back?……”Brother Xiu is doing this kind of work for the first time,Thought it was easy,I now know why the car owner is giving him money,Because the car owner doesn’t want to suffer this sin,The money is not worth his sin!

When Chen Wenjin went back,There are only Taozi and Abao in the private room。 Seeing Abao’s appearance is too much drink,Obviously not suitable for driving,He didn’t come back after Di sent Lin home。 Got in the car,Leopard and Taozi in the back row。 Chen Wenjin just started,I heard Abao’s drunk Chong Taozi order:“Come,Give me a […]
9 Jul by admin

The important place is,COMAC occupies the world’s most potential civil aviation market,The Tupolev Design Bureau of the Soviet Union is recognized as one of the world’s top major trunk aircraft design units.,To say that the Tupolev Design Bureau is more capable than Boeing、Airbus、Macdonald·Douglas、Lockheed(Lockheed Company in this period,It is also one of the world’s top manufacturers of large trunk aircraft,The technical level is not weaker than Boeing,The masterpiece of this period isL-1011“Samsung”airliner,With Boeing747、McDonnell DouglasDC-10Is the same class of aircraft)How much difference between these large European and American aircraft manufacturing companies,That’s not necessarily true,A series of aircraft designed and manufactured by the Tupolev Design Bureau are somewhat less economical than European and American products.,I am afraid this gap is mainly due to the gap in the industrial technology level of the Soviet Union itself.。

And anyway,The overall technical level of the Tupolev Design Bureau is better than that of Falkland-United Aviation Technologies is much higher,And the worst is,Figure—204But a200Seat level、With Boeing757A similar new generation of large narrow-body trunk airliner,Than previously proposed by COMACF150I don’t know how powerful it is。 ———————————— PS:Brothers sorry,Please wait a few minutes。 Originally according to […]