Month: August 2021

31 Aug by admin

“Read more books or chat with patients when you are fine……Chat with these boring people all day,Will hinder your progress!”

Li Juyuan said coldly。 “Brother Fang is not that kind of boring person……People have their own ideas,And I successfully completed an extremely complicated operation just now! Compared to Dr. Lee,I believe Brother Fang more!” Shu Ling hummed coldly。 “what did you say……” Li Juyuan is speechless。 Shu Ling actually looked down on him? What does […]
30 Aug by admin

Just exhaust the other party’s energy,There is no difficulty in capturing him。

“Although the exertion of the Star Zhou Array does not consume much energy,But at most half an hour!” “It seems,Deal alone with this old dragon and his large formation,Really suffer!” “In that case,Then go first。。。” Li Ming’s heart moved,Formation changes,Stars change,The change of just one star,It triggered a chain reaction。 Stars collide with each other,A […]
29 Aug by admin

Must hurry up,I believe Ling Feng and others will soon rush to the second floor,Perception plays a very important role at this time,Li Tianzhen quickly judged,There is an ambush in the corridor connecting the hall on the front left,And someone is approaching him right in front,He can even go back to the suppressed roar,It should be in the box from the left front passage。

Although the eye of insight cannot be used,But Li Tianzhen’s night vision is already very strong,Two big guys who touched quietly thought they were close enough,So I confidently gave up hiding,Suddenly both in trouble,One left and one right swept across like two walls。 These two are also‘Xufengtang’Old acquaintance,Five years ago in‘Water and sky’In the small […]
28 Aug by admin

The car quickly drove to the reserved restaurant。

In order not to be noticeable,The chosen place is relatively remote,The people inside have been arranged,The whole atmosphere is invisible。 for safety,Cheng Yunxiao arrived here half an hour earlier,So as not to do anything。 And the other party seems to be exactly what she thought,Also arrived early,This caused two groups of people to meet at […]
26 Aug by admin

A plate of spicy potato chunks,Then there is a plate of homemade tofu stewed cabbage,So average beef。This is already very appetizing。Xi Zhen doesn’t wait for Xia Jian to speak,She ate。Such a dish,If in peacetime,They will definitely pick it up,Available now,Turned out to be delicious。

Three people poured white wine,While eating,While drinking,I feel that they have never eaten such delicious dishes。A few dishes won’t take much time,I have already seen the bottom。Xi Zhen wanted to serve another plate of potato wedges,But Xia Jian shook his head and said:“The leg of lamb will be ready soon,It’s very good after we eat […]
25 Aug by admin

This is very confident,He stuffed a piece of paper into Wang Youcai’s hand,Go away with a smile。Wang Youcai took this note,Wanted to be lost,But he changed his mind,Wanzhen is like this man said,He has expanded here,It’s good to have a spare。

Think so,He quickly saved the person’s name and mobile number in the phone。 He Jingchong who is prescribing the patient and Wang Youcai smiled slightly:“Don’t be fooled,The doctor from West China Hospital can go here,Lie to the ghost!” Wang Youcai is not a fool,He can feel it,This is He Jing’s pressure。What he wants is such […]
24 Aug by admin

A group of stunned little brothers raised the guy in their hands and rushed towards Li Tianchou,And Li Tianchou guarding sister Qiao flashed left and right,But high tension in my head,He has clearly sensed that the threat from a distance is a sniper rifle,And the front sight is facing itself。The red hairs in front of them have been beaten to the ground.,He is very anxious,A distraction,Got a stick,Staggered,Was surrounded。

———— Chapter Fifty Nangang Terminal(3) Li Tianchou roared,Hold sister Qiao on your shoulders,Grab a steel pipe,It’s rounded up and hit hard,No room left。Several bastards immediately screamed and fell to the ground and rolled,Others are pushing their edge,Gesture hand guy,Keep a distance,But no one dares to get started easily。 At this time, Wang Zhaokun ran out […]
23 Aug by admin

What I said on the second floor,Li Tianzhen also told these monsters,Don’t expect them to reply immediately,I’ll see Qi Ling later,Then I can’t help them。

“Above is‘Son of Metaverse’。”Li Tianzhen pointed his finger at the fourth floor。 Dayan was silent,I have already felt the familiar breath in my divine consciousness,Can’t help but frown slightly,Still the kind of contradiction that combines coldness and irritability,Although he knows‘Son of Metaverse’,But never had a decent relationship,This proud guy does not seem to have too […]
22 Aug by admin

“in fact……Mr. Qi treats me very well,I also know the Qi family better now……Words from the Cheng family……”She shook her head slightly to express her rejection,Seeing Cheng Yunxiao’s sharper eyes,A bit dark in my heart。

“Did you really think about it?I think we may have some misunderstandings before,If you choose me,I will explain clearly,And make sure you won’t be in any danger。”Cheng Yunxiao is still trying his best,I want Shi Muluo to change my mind。 “Miss Cheng,You can be somewhat induced like this‘foul’Up,Our Qi family didn’t say a word that […]