Month: August 2021

21 Aug by admin

“sleep tight,Grow up quickly。”I wish Minglang know that Xiao Qingzhuo still remembers her voice,So he whispered。

Not long,Shenmu Qingshenglong fell asleep peacefully,And the little world circled by its cyan silk,Like a green forest fairyland with gloomy spring,Is constantly giving it vitality,Give it a stronger natural source。 …… “how is it?”Mr. Koi asked eagerly。 “The effect is very good,It seems to come out soon,And vitality。”Zhu Minglang said。 This phoenix nest is indeed […]
20 Aug by admin

Xia Jian smiled and said:“You run into my room like this,Not afraid of others talking nonsense“Xia Jian’s words sound like he wants to drive Ma Chuntao out,But he is kind。

Unexpectedly, Ma Chuntao’s eyes widened and said:“whatever!There is no one I know here anyway,If there is rumor in the village,Not what you said,Ma Yan“ “So you already thought about it?”Xia Jian laughed and said。 Ma Chuntao stood up fiercely and said:“I am very straightforward,I just like a man with personality like you.?You don’t like me […]
19 Aug by admin

“Who told him Li Lanxiang to make it up?。Can’t move now,Even holding a pile of money,She can’t use it。Like what her brother-in-law said,She can’t eat and drink with money every day!Even if you have money,Also pass them,Turn money into what she needs”

“Talk a lot,People still need to be healthy。If Li Lanxiang is not seriously ill,With her temper,We can’t take this child back anyway。While he is dying,Finally see clearly,As long as the child returns to the mother,She won’t suffer” Liu Ying said,I turned my face out of the car window a little bit。 Yao Chunni hugging her […]
18 Aug by admin

“Mental attack?”Wright’s face changed slightly,Mental attacks cannot be resisted by will alone,fortunately,He is also a magician at the ninth level,Mental power is not weak。

And Cecilia as the descendant of the four beasts,Special energy protection in the soul,It’s easier to resist than Wright。 But Mao Qiu and Xiao Hei lie directly on the ground。 “Hairball,Little black!”The flame in Wright’s eyes was burning furiously,But was wiped out by the man with blue eyes。 A hint of helplessness also appeared in […]
17 Aug by admin

The two settled their suspicions,Everyone was relieved,Wu Fang roared,“Hurry up these five days。The family settled down the daughter-in-law,Single, hurry up and set a target。Disband!”Everyone laughed and left one after another,He stayed and had something to say to Xu Wen。

“I’ve tried Li Tianzhen,Give a comment。” “You sincerely run me?Didn’t you see them all yesterday??I, the instructor, lost my old face in the base。”Xu Wen glared at Wu Fang。 “Haha。”Wu Fang succeeded in sarcasm,Will not continue,Paused,“and so,I really want this guy to get him,But everything goes wrong,Seeing that time is so tight now,You give me […]
16 Aug by admin

Xu Yan said a lot in one breath,But the tone and tone are getting weaker,The body also started to chill,Accompanied by a deep sense of sleepiness。

“In fact, sometimes I don’t know why I chose to betray the Cheng family.……After all, I sold a lot of intelligence to the Cheng family’s opponent, Qi family.,Maybe it’s because I can’t understand the hypocrisy of these people,And want to deliberately create a chaos……Maybe you just don’t want to be bored……Who knows。” “But you don’t […]
15 Aug by admin

“You old stuff,People are sick,But you are pumping hard,Not afraid to kill you“Chen Yueqin scrambled up,Keep scolding。

Wang Degui glared at Chen Yueqin,I knocked the dry tobacco rod hard on the edge of the kang,Wang Youcai finally couldn’t help it,He reluctantly shook his head and said:“dad,What age is it,You still smoke this,Our family is not short of these two money,You said that the head of Xiping Village,Go outside,Holding a dry tobacco rod […]
14 Aug by admin

“Hey!Are you really Zhou Li’s boyfriend??“A man’s voice came from behind Xia Jian。

Xia Jian surprised,He turned around abruptly。A man in his thirties,Very ordinary,But judging from his clothes,He should not be a farmer。 “Yes!what happened?“Xia Jian asked unkindly。He is recalling his childhood,I didn’t expect to be destroyed by this guy,So he still feels a little upset。 Which man is of medium build,Belly a little bulge,He said very arrogantly:“I’m […]
13 Aug by admin

Doctor Lu glanced at Wang Youcai and said:“Nothing,I have a sense of measure,Our little clinic takes inventory in the afternoon,Closed”

What Dr Lu said,These patients are in a hurry,Rushed forward。Thus,Where did Wang Youcai stand to maintain order,Let everyone line up to see a doctor。Dr. Lu is dedicated,Don’t say a joke,Just to see a doctor。 Hundreds of patients,I finally rushed to watch it all at one o’clock。Doctor Lu’s business is done,But Julan has become a pot […]
12 Aug by admin

Seafood for Xia Jian,There’s really nothing delicious,His favorite is this bottle of Moutai。Big table of seafood,I can only make Li Yue happy。

Because when eating,Bai Li said a lot to Xia Jian,I couldn’t help but evoke them againSTTrip。Two people talk about it,It’s endless。I ate this meal for two full hours。 Until Ali’s phone call,Xia Jian told Bai Li that he was leaving。A bottle of liquor,Xia Jian drank most of it alone,The rest is given to Bai Li。 […]