Month: September 2021

30 Sep by admin

Wang Youcai didn’t know what he did to make Wang Degui sad,Anyway, in Dad’s eyes,But nothing good,He yelled to the inner room a bit coquettishly:“mom!Look at my dad,Did he say that to his son??And let people come back”

Chen Yueqin,Came out with the sewing box,She sullied Wang Youcai and said:“You love it,You don’t come home and save some food,Raising a dog knows how to be grateful,You are a white-eyed wolf” Wang Youcai wanted to let his old lady support him,I didn’t expect Chen Yueqin to scold him even harder,He just squatted on the […]
30 Sep by admin

This is the safest、The most stable way,You can prevent yourself from being recognized,You can also clarify your own history。

And his goal is to love island。 This island has no characteristics,The only advantage is that it is closer to the windless zone,Should be safer,Sea animal resources are also relatively sufficient。 Want to be stronger,Quality food is indispensable。 There are so many thoughts in his head,Want to minimize their exposure,Keep making plans。 And at this […]
29 Sep by admin

“Just had a fight,thirsty,Sit for a while,I’m going to make tea。”Dayan is about to talk about collapse,Interrupted quickly,It’s a pity that even he doesn’t know how to alleviate the tension of the needles on the wheat,Said to make tea,People didn’t move at all。

“Not necessary。”Liu Mo suddenly calmed down again,Since it’s just a mountain guard,Since I have been indifferent to common things,There is no need to get angry because of a few false statements,He doesn’t like Li Tianchou,And very little intersection with the gods,It’s enough to meet once,Turn around and leave immediately,Dayan can’t hold it。 “Don’t forget,You are […]
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Guan Tingna smiled and said:“There are a lot of bosses who may be visiting this time,If they are interested in the investment environment of Pingdu,Just an industrial park in the southern suburbs,There may be a situation of looting”

“I hope so,But this is unlikely。the first,These people are going to investigate,Explain that they have nothing to do with it。second,These people who can go,Everyone is better than monkeys。If they really need,Already started”Xia Jian analyzed this for Guan Tingna,What he said is not without reason。 Guan Tingna nodded and said:“you are right。If someone takes the lead,These […]
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“How can you have such a big face when you are late,I only represent the teacher,This time I came here mainly to greet the Great Asura God,By the way, put forward the idea of cooperation,Understand your attitude,If it is difficult,Naturally won’t force it。”

Not a small tone,There is support behind this kid,The eyes of the Great Asura god shined again,The posture seems to be lowered again,“Oh?Who is Xiaoyou’s master??” “Can’t say。”Li Tianzhen’s answer almost choked the Great Asura God to death,So he hurriedly said,“I can’t say,It’s a strict order not to be said,Great Shura God。” “Ha ha,Could the […]
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There is a tea cup on the living room table,It was the water that Hua Yun poured for him when Tan Hongchun visited in the afternoon,Forgot to clean up when I went out,There is nothing strange about this,But I don’t know when a note was pressed under the cup。

Hua Yun clearly remembers that she cleaned the house this afternoon,Especially the living room,There was nothing on the table except a pot of hydroponic plants.,Not to mention any paper or something,Could it be that Mr. Tan left behind secretly?Her eyes were back to normal after a short daze。 Xiao Pan didn’t notice the change in […]
27 Sep by admin

Liao Wenjie shook his head,I didn’t guess the wrong words,jackieI didn’t find the so-called buyer at all.。

A knife,But back a life,jackieNo more,I bought a beam in Liao Wenjie.,I have to leave for ten minutes.。 “and many more,I still have a problem,This knife is brought from neon which shrine?” “not sure,Black light,I only know the Izu peninsula in Shizuoka Prefecture.,No clothes nearby,Pooh,A lot of hot springs nearby。” “jackieBrother,You should not peek to […]
26 Sep by admin

“Blue Swordsman,Isn’t it the Yunzhonghe of the Sword Sect of Yaoshan???”

“I heard that Yaoshan Jianzong this year,Only one person participated in the big competition,It is the river in the cloud。” “This cloud in the river,Isn’t it too strong?,Huangmen and Qi people are like children in front of him,Those fierce looking dragons and beasts,More like a chicken, there is no difference!” Where there is a beacon,It’s […]
26 Sep by admin

I didn’t expect Alice to suddenly walk to Xia Jian’s side,Took out the car key from him and said:“I’m going to town with Ruth to get our clothes,What else do you want to say?“

To such a woman,Xia Jian really has no choice,Don’t wait for him to speak,Alice and Ruth have gone away laughing。It seems impossible to send these three women away。 Zhao Hong, who was cooking, heard the conversation in the yard,She put her head out the door and said to Xia Jian:“Don’t sit idle,Open up several houses […]