Month: September 2021

10 Sep by admin

Grandma Luo is getting older,But I know everything。Even Xia Jian treated her,She also knows Xia Jian’s intention。It seems that Grandma Luo Yi is definitely not waiting。

Xia Jian originally wanted to increase the difficulty of treatment,But Grandma Luo’s condition is not what he thought。It seems to have reached a very serious point。 Since I dare not venture again,Can only maintain the status quo。Xia Jian asked Ali to close the windows of the room tightly,I personally lit two plates of sandalwood。 He […]
9 Sep by admin

Li Tianzhen laughed,Smile full of tears,“Yuwen Old Piff,Come out and have a look,These are the old brothers you miss,Surface majesty,Self-esteem,But in his bones, even ordinary people are inferior,fear death、cowardly、greedy,These are what you call Haoerlang?They are also worthy of God?The so-called high spirit world is nothing but this!”

“Vertical,Ann dare to laugh at me waiting?!”A true god is furious,There is no new master in his bones at all,Now that the treasure is here,It’s equivalent to Li Tianzhen surrendering his life,If you rely on true skills、Do not degrade,The strength of every true god here can easily obliterate Li Tianzhi,It’s just fear of treasures and […]
8 Sep by admin

Okay,There are a few fishermen by the bridge,They still have a boat,“fast,Save people,Who saved it,I give five thousand。”Yu Ge shouted at them loudly,I can only expect them now。

A fisherman said coldly,“Five thousand too little。” “Ten thousand,I beg you。”Yu Ge is about to cry,The voice is choked。 “Call brothers,Have work,Someone jumped into the river,10,000 salvage fee。”That person finished the call,Several people by the river immediately went into the water one after another,Some started rowing。 Yu Ge ran down the river bank desperately,Rapid current,but,The […]
7 Sep by admin

“Head,Girl Lingsha once used painting skills to display the sword and the sword in the power competition,Defeated Yunzhonghe。”Bai Qin’an said。

“In that case,Then we will wait and see。”Wen Lingfei smiled。 …… Nan Lingsha went outside the sword pavilion,Facing the green pine sloping towards the vast valley。 Raise your hand gently,The pen emerges from the air,Light as a feather fell between her white palms。 Look back,Take a look at this Mianshan Jianzong、Sword Masters of Yaoshan Sword […]
6 Sep by admin

The guards outside the gate still come in every hour,But by this time at one o’clock,They came in half an hour late,This shows that these people have begun to feel sleepy。

Wait for them to close the door and leave,Xia Jianli sat up。He gently pulled Gu Yue,Gu Yue immediately understood,She let go of Xia Jian’s hand tightly,Sat up gently。 The two tiptoed towards the bathroom。When entering,Xia Jian also brought in the two instant noodle boxes at the door。 Turn on the light in the bathroom,Xia Jian […]
5 Sep by admin

This reminded him of the city-wide crackdown and eradication operation three years ago,Many inSZThe dark and evil forces that have long been infamous in the city were completely eradicated in that operation。Xiao Yadong witnessed the whole process of the action,Fast and efficient,This is the deepest impression left him。The only strange thing is that many valuable clues are almost at your fingertips,Victory seems too easy,But the effect is extremely obvious,The face of public security in the city is new,People clap their hands and cheer。

There were regrets in that action,Since there is no direct evidence,Several gangsters、The evil boss escaped legal punishment,Xie Fushun、Biao Qi、Mahjong and others。Geng Huanzhang is an exception,He seems to be prepared,Disappeared before the action,Then I drove a car shop,Just make a living,Not illegal。As for the previous major criminal cases,Although it may involve Geng Huanzhang forces,But after investigating […]
4 Sep by admin

However, the line of fire easily penetrated this invisible barrier,Bombarding the lord’s fists,Bang,Two fists that are as indestructible as steel blast to pieces,The huge impact force immediately broke the lord’s arms and his bones,The lord flew out with a scream,The next moment the volley turns into a streamer and drills into the clouds。

So tough!Such a terrifying high-explosive bomb actually failed to keep the opponent,Li Tianzhen sighed,Body suddenly disappeared,But he just left,Suddenly a dark and thin old man appeared beside the rock,Wrapped in a big robe,Can’t see the face,He only appeared for a moment and then quickly disappeared。 When the two-headed Jiao was fighting with two priests,There is […]
3 Sep by admin

From the current point of view,Wang Teng is very indifferent。

“All right,Next words,It’s time to make a decision。” “If you don’t choose to surrender,Then people including you,Will surely die!” When Wang Teng’s words are finished,Now,For the surrounding,What will be the result of such a thing。 Actually just these things,It’s already interesting。 And here,Wang Teng looked at these things a little bit。 After seeing here,Wang Teng […]
2 Sep by admin


486 Walk away,Come come Bill·Gates is gone。 Different from other big guys,Bill·Gates walks silently,And did not reach any cooperation intention with Changxiang Technology。 Of course this is what was expected。 Microsoft is Bill·Gates founded it right。But that was decades ago after all,The more critical point is Bill·Gates has left Microsoft management for more than ten […]
1 Sep by admin

“What shall we do?“Chen Erniu lowered his voice and asked。

Zhao Hong thought for a while and said:“Call Chen Gui to the village committee tonight,Ring the alarm for him first,If he closes,If you don’t listen to advice,We will call the police again“ Chen Erniu,Nodded,So I said hello to Zhao Hong,I went back to the farm by myself。 Wang Youcai finally got on the pickup truck […]