Month: October 2021

18 Oct by admin

more importantly,Yunzhong Crane is neither a strong trick、There is no hard work,Continuous internal force,And because of its kidney,Internal force,Easier“Adsorption”stand up,It can be said that the Chu Deer is blaming.。

“You don’t want to remove it for people?Hide,What kind of hero is good?!”Heads in the cloud,At the same time, the kung fu is not stopped.。 “In the rivers and lakes,Naturally, no hero……”Chu Deirers he violated。 Yunzhong Crane itself is not as good as Yue old,In addition, the moving style is also restrained,Chu Deirers actually do […]
17 Oct by admin

“That third is more than five seconds.,If he wants to answer,The strength is really very strong!If he is really a spy, it is a pity.!”Zheng Yao said first,

“I hope he is not!Because his file is very clean,From his understanding of the records of all ages, all ages are all right.!And there is no suspicious person in the communication network of this person.!”Talk statement, “That strength?Have him so strong??” “Strength said that the truth is also worth,He is graduated from Huangpu Military Academy.,It […]
16 Oct by admin

Xia Jian was arranged by Grandma Luo,Go back to the villa at night。Go to the hospital during the day for infusion and dressing,Actually only went there for three days。The doctor secretly told Xia Jian,You can go home and raise a wound like him,No need to run to the hospital。

Since the doctor said so,What are you doing in the hospital??Xia Jian tells Grandma Luo his thoughts,The enlightened old man immediately agreed to him。 Not going to the hospital,Xia Jian takes a walk in the courtyard every day,Then go to the vegetable plot behind。Wait for Luo to come back at night,They can talk about something。 […]
15 Oct by admin

“Stop looking for me,Say the last time,I didn’t kill your friend。”Li Tianchou’s tone is flat,But he kept playing,In a few seconds, Zhao Yong’s pistol was disassembled into parts。

Bullets and parts scattered all over the place,Zhao Yong was shocked,He and Li Tianchou can be said to be very familiar,Repeated arraignments,Let the two make a lot of“fighting”Friendship,Whether it’s fighting wit、bicker、Fighting。Zhao Yong can’t do anything to this young man,Can’t win this case。 And the so-called fighting,Is actually a self-venting attack,Li Tianchou can only act as […]
14 Oct by admin

Shu Deer:“It’s really strange.,The previous month has just been checked.,Please leave this month this month。”

“Medical examination?What is your body??” “The whole hospital employee check last month。” I heard the unintentional disclosure of the deer.,Zhou Ye has a terrible guess in my heart.。 Is it sick?? But why is the house?? Isn’t it a fake?…… Instead, resignation has evaporated? NS493chapter Focus Zhou Niwu’s eyes become slow,He is a hurry to […]
12 Oct by admin

“I don’t want any money,It’s not that I don’t lack money,But I am very short of money,But doing so will damage my self-esteem,So you have to withdraw the money“Xia Jian put the envelope on the coffee table,Then turned around and left。

Dong Jianlin and Xiao Wei both chased it out,But Xia Jian went fast,When the two of them arrived in the yard,Xia Jian has left the gate。At this moment Dong Xuanxuan shouted from behind:“wait,I drive you“ Listen to Dong Xuanxuan’s words,Xia Jiancai stopped。 The car drives fast,None of the two in the car spoke,It’s like they […]
11 Oct by admin

The night is getting deeper。Xia Jian was talking with Luo Yi,Their voices are small,Until midnight,Xia Jian said goodbye and went upstairs。

He had insomnia this night。What he didn’t expect was,Luo Yi turned out to be such a woman,It’s totally different from what he thought。Very powerful from the outside,Actually the same as other women,She is also fragile。 I promised to start watering the seedlings with Grandma Luo,But when Xia Jian opened his eyes,,I found the sun was […]
10 Oct by admin

Xia Jianyi sit on it,And started the car in a cool manner,Yamaha disappeared into the traffic with the whining sound。Wang Youdao with a blank face,Like a fool,Standing at the gate of the city government,He never understood,How did Xia Jian know Bai Ruyu, the proud secretary of the mayor?。

Two side dishes,Two bowls of rice,This is Bai Ruyu’s standard of eating,Xia Jian wanted to treat someone to a meal,But this Bai Ruyu refused to live or die,Saying she is losing weight,To stay in shape。This is just an excuse,People still want to save Xia Jian a few dollars。 In the small private room near the […]
10 Oct by admin

but,Drop in the bucket!

People are saved,But the memory is completely missing! This is not a good thing! “Doctor Fang is here!” I saw my boyfriend still chatting,Li Yan reminded。 “Doctor Fang……My sister is like this,Will you never remember me?” Jing Mu looked at Fang Yu,Hope and hope in his eyes。 Since Fang Yu can know his sister’s illness,It […]