Month: October 2021

30 Oct by admin

Fang Yu hurried over,This is just a discussion。

The old man is too serious! Fang Yu gave the old man his pulse,Very stable。 No problem! Just a little weak! “grandfather……” When Fang Yu helped the old man up,A tall,The beautiful girl with melon face is walking quickly。 Peng!!! Girl flying kick,Directly blocked by Fang Yu! “Rouran……He didn’t hurt me!I was just blown away […]
29 Oct by admin

“who is it?“Brother Long put down the kettle in his hand,Asked unhappily。

The young man said busy:“Xu Yiming, Vice President of Yunmao Group。He is a capable cadre of Gu Changlong, chairman of Yunmao Group,Maybe he came to you with Gu Changlong’s intention“ “Humph!Yunmao Group is a wealthy owner,If you have money, you will be willful!I said I don’t want to see,What else can they do to me?Moreover,A […]
28 Oct by admin

Xia Jian glanced at him and said nothing,But took out the car key,Opened the door。But which Liu Cheng was stuck in the door of the cab,It looks like I don’t want Xia Jian to go up。

“Please go away!I want to go back,As for my relationship with Chen Xiaolan,I think it has nothing to do with you。The conversation just now was pure joke,What do you think,What you love to say is your freedom,But there is a crime of defamation in the law,So you have to have a door on your mouth”Xia […]
27 Oct by admin

“to you,Did you guess that your deity plans to leave Chaos City soon?,The treasures I prepared for you are also in Li Ming,Enough for you to use in the immortal stage。”

“Thank you brother!”Li Mingyi was taken aback,Defeat the Nightmare Candle King by himself,Forcibly took that treasure,Gave it to brother,Said it was the brother’s favor。Then Venerable Lieyun clearly returned his favor with the third brother,Half is enough,The remaining half will be replaced with a treasure suitable for him,Wait for him to leave Chaos City and give […]
26 Oct by admin


Chen Near’s condition has always been very strange “Blood transfusion?”Zhou Ye thinks that several problems of the infectious department。 Eight of blood transfusion is five hepatitis B five、HIV andHCV,Mainly used to exclude infectious diseasesRPR。 “Time measurement was normal。”Chen Riyuan recalls。2 When I said, I have always sparkling.,So Chen Riyuan is somewhat uncertain.。 At this time, […]
25 Oct by admin

Liao Wenjie collaborator,Directly into your own pocket,give a thumbs up,Confident:“This is the standard of adult measures things,Don’t be discouraged,Don’t be lost,One day,You will also become as good as me.。”

Ghost wants to become a big person like this!x2 …… “Headquarters call each mobile force,There is a large type in Tokyo.cEvil spirits……” “Please patrol according to region serial number,Once the evil spirits are found,Clear immediately。” “Repeat!Whistling……” “……” Night street,Members of the countermeasures dragging the tired body,Complaining is a happy day。 Depths in the alley,Two long […]
24 Oct by admin

As for the empathy of Lu Zhanyuan,Up to most……Emotional rupture?Slag is a slag,But did not cause huge consequences。

At that time, Li Mozhen left the ancient tomb.,Although it is broken,But it is just the nature away from home.。 After all, the ancient tomb is the big cat kitten.、Three masters,Extrame an old servant grandmother,Not so big,From the original content of the triple version,Li Mozhen was sad after being sad,It is an old tomb.,Master didn’t […]
23 Oct by admin

Tang Tang Chan is going to catch each other。

Just haven’t waited for her to reach out to grab the other party.,I feel a blooming flower,Sky-hound。 Fortunately, Xue Tianci is amazing,There is no feeling like Tang Can.。 But dizziness is disgusting, he still has。 “mean,You have a medicine again.!” “Hey-hey,Catch up with medicine,How can I get away?。” Finish,This,Luo Yichen is also straightforward.。 Not long […]