Month: November 2021

9 Nov by admin

Wang Jing said that this is completely from the heart.。

Xu Ruzhen is so large that she is really exceeding her expect.。 “Aunt,This wine should be, I respect you to my uncle.,You are too polite.。” Say,Xu Ruzhen is also an end of the wine glass and Wang Jing and Li Shouye once again drank a cup.。 “Aunt,In fact, the little wind is I know.,Qin Su […]
7 Nov by admin

Fusion of six sky fires,Five hundred thousand years of Sanxian level。

Fusion of seven sky fires,Seven hundred thousand years of Sanxian level! Fusion of eight sky fires,Vaillant reaches the threshold,Comparable to a million years。 Combine nine kinds of sky fire,The power of each other will undergo a transformation,The power is comparable to the level of a bombardment with a pure sun magic weapon,If as a domain […]
6 Nov by admin

obviously,Such a thing,In fact, it looks like,The more I look, the more I feel,It should be resolved as soon as possible.。

And looking at these,at this time,In fact, it looks like Wang Teng,This Tan Hongsheng,Still too confident。 “can not tell,You are very confident。” “but,Since you are so confident,Then don’t blame me for being rude to you。” With Wang Teng’s words finished,obviously,at this point,In fact, the more you look at it, the more shocking people feel。 And […]
5 Nov by admin

Yan Bixia is quite speechless,Cold snort to the door,After the other party knocked on the three sounds,I don’t want to open the door.。

“Friends come from far away,Happiness?” Liao Wenjie mentioned wine,Laugh:“Long time not see,The temper of Yan Herism is still so hot,If you don’t welcome,I will leave.。” “Go away,It seems that I am so rare.。” Yan Bixia flashed in the eyes,The face is hung in the face:“Don’t see you two years,Your kid is a lot of peaks.,how,Plan […]
4 Nov by admin

After seeing the world,She thinks the photo studio has many shortcomings,and so,Sitting in a corner that the housekeeping cleaner has cleaned,Holding paper and pen in hand,Think of what to write。

Have a plan for what to change,Where need to add new elements,She wants to make a big change。 It feels so busy,Xia Shuyue felt very fulfilled,She was emptied enough during this time,Today finally restored to its original state,Life is finally on the right track。 After Liu Shuqin lost Ye Jia,,Ye Boping has been looking for […]
3 Nov by admin

“I want you!Salted Fried Carrot Egg Fried Heart,Take care of your business。I am not your girlfriend,I think I’m fat and thin”Zhao Chunling raised her neck as she said,Unhappy。Xia Jian forgot to talk to the girl,The most taboo to talk about people’s fat and thin body。

Xia Jian looked at Zhao Chunling’s cute look,Can’t help laughing:“How dare i despise you?I mean it looks good”Xia Jian said this,He couldn’t help crying secretly。 as expected,Zhao Chunling frowned,Asked coldly:“what did you say?Stinking rogue。Look around,I won’t look for you again” “Damn!Your words are too hard to say。I’d better shut up,You say i listen!”Xia Jian said,I […]
2 Nov by admin

Fuming nodded and said:“I know”

“okay,It’s late,I have to rest,Remember not to be seen by Mo Qing when you go,Otherwise she will pester me to let her go out!” Nodded,Morfin turned and walked into the house。 。。。 “Here it is!” Gan Xin took Lin Heng to the place where they fought,Wang Zhenming’s corpse has only a stump and a broken […]
1 Nov by admin

Last time in the hospital is also deer speech,But how many preparations this time!

But this time,Really unprepared。 Aiming at a guideline,Let me go?What Nima made?。 “let’s start,Doctor。”Xu Lu sat in the auditorium at this time, I still didn’t play the stupid.。 Sure enough, watching the lively is not too big.。 Zhou Yewu brews the slogan emotion:“Colleagues,Hello everyone,Next, I will tell you the latest edition of the eighth edition […]