Month: January 2022

31 Jan by admin

Strengthen Chinese and Western medicine combined better guardian people’s health

  People’s health is the foundation of social civilization and is an important symbol of national prosperity and national prosperity. In March this year, General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: "Health is 1, others are behind 0. 1 Nothing, nothing. "Since the founding of New China, our party has always put the people’s health in the strategic […]
30 Jan by admin

The current epidemic prevention and control situation is grim and complicated about this epidemic situation is here!

People’s Network Beijing October 30 (Reporter Zhang Wenting) This afternoon, the State Council’s joint-defense mechanism held a press conference, introducing the situation in which epidemic prevention and control and vaccination.Ministry of Health and Health Committee, the deputy director of the propaganda division, the propaganda division, in the meeting, rice said, to fully promote the improvement […]
28 Jan by admin

Video Chongqing opened 2022 "college entrance examination physical examination"! Doctor reminds candidates to pay attention to these points

Hualong Net – New Chongqing Client December 13th 18th (Reporter Indian) Chongqing 2022 "college entrance examination medical examination" is turning success in various secondary schools. On the 13th, the first day of the "college entrance examination physical examination" was carried out in Chongqing, and the doctor was answered around candidates and parents. "College entrance examination […]
27 Jan by admin

Shigati Nieramu County People’s Hospital remote real-time medical treatment platform is enabled

  Recently, under Shandong Province Yantai Health and Health Committee, Shandong Yantai City, the ninth batch of Tibetan Tibet Working Group, Yantai Yutao Hospital-Nielau County People’s Hospital remote real-time medical treatment platform was officially opened.   The remote real-time medical treatment platform is unpaid for Nielau County People’s Hospital from Shandong Yantai Yutan Top Hospital. After the […]
26 Jan by admin

The National Association of the First National Association of the Captus Cloud Chamber of Commerce is successfully held

Minor transformation exchange symposium. Gong Zhijun, executive deputy secretary-general of Jiangxi Chamber of Commerce, Guangdong, Jiangxi Jingde Town Chamber of Commerce, Secretary-General, Guangdong Nutrition Health Industry, Teng Zhihong, Zou Li, Qi Jiaqi, Guangdong Gansu Chamber of Commerce, Guo Hongxia, deputy secretary Changyan Season, Chi Yanling, Guangdong Guangxi Yulin Chamber of Commerce, Hua Hongguang, Lu Guiyu, […]
25 Jan by admin

To make a strong entity economy to make a solid foundation for comprehensive construction of a well-off society

  The sudden new crown pneumonia is better than that we have built a well-off society in a well-off society, destroying this "dinner", requires brave and tenacious spirit, flexible mobile tactics, and strong "fire" suppression, this " The firepower is a solid guarantee for the entity economy.   It is gratifying that the masks, protective clothing, reagents, […]