Month: March 2022

31 Mar by admin

Decision of Lishui District People’s Government of Lishui About Some Reserve Land in the West Side of Liquui Yulin Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.

Due to the construction of the pre-reserve land for the west side of Liquui City, the main development project construction, according to the "Regulations on the Collection and Compensation and Compensation of the State – owned Land" (Order No. 590 of the State Council), "Zhejiang Province’s state-owned land on the housing collection and compensation regulations […]
30 Mar by admin

2020 China Re-Manufacturing Industry Development Forum Held experts-geleerden om de geavanceerde technologie opnieuw te produceren

2020 China Re-Manufacturing Industry Development Forum Site. 璇子 摄 人民 长 长 长 25 september (Reporter Lin Luo) Vandaag, "2020 China Re-Manufacturing Industry Development Forum" werd gehouden in Changsha, dit forum is 2020 Hunan International Green Development Expo (vermeld als Hunan Green Expo) dezelfde periode Forum In het forum, in het thema van "verdieping en […]
29 Mar by admin

2021, Guizhou Province, de Basic Public Health Service Performance Evaluation Site-aanpassing, zal Anshun City Feedback worden gehouden in de pingdam

ontmoetingsplek. Tijdens de vergadering, Guizhou Province Research Team Feedback-beoordeling, en volledig bevestigd de resultaten en het werk van het Basic Public Health Service-project in de stad Anshun, wees op de problemen en onvoldoende werk in het werk en doen een elementair Public Health Service-project voor de volgende stap. Het werk stelt duidelijke vereisten en constructieve […]
28 Mar by admin

Ancient city Zhangzhou Dragon Boat Raidth

On July 4th, in the vortex rush to the vortex ridge bridge in Yucheng District, Zhangzhou City, Anhui Province, the competition dragon boat team launched fiercely.On the same day, "I want to go to the Games" 2021 Anhui Provincial Community Sports Association Dragon Boat and the 14th National National Games Mass Competition Dragon Boat Anhui […]
27 Mar by admin

Adhere to the people’s first writing age

Original title: Adhere to the people’s first writing A times the party’s 19th China Plenary Session of the Communist Party of China on the Communist Party of the Communist Party of the Communist Party of the Communist Party (hereinafter referred to as "resolution"), deeply revealing "Why we have in the past Can succeed, how can […]
25 Mar by admin

China @ 四 | | 2021 "New Times Country Reading Festival" held in Chengdu

  Xinhua News Agency, October 15th (Reporter Yuan Qiyue, Xie Shi) "Golden Autumn October, Shu Xiang Ten Miles. "On the afternoon of the 15th, China Tianfu Agricultural Expo in Xinjin District, Chengdu, accompanied by exciting recitations and cheerful songs and dance, next to the land just harvested, 2021" New Times Country Reading Festival "kicked off.   The […]
25 Mar by admin

Some major problems in the national economic and social development strategy

During this anti-epidemic process, state-owned enterprises rushed in front and played an important role in promoting industrial cycles. State-owned enterprises are an important material foundation and political foundation of socialism with Chinese characteristics. It is an important pillar and strength of the party’s ruling. It must be strong. Of course, state-owned enterprises have to reform […]
24 Mar by admin

The 2nd "Bright Small Reporter" training mode was held in Beijing

This publication (March 17, the "Education Home" magazine, the second "Guangming Small Reporter" training mode hosted by the Guangming Small Pudentator Management Center was held in Beijing. China Academy of Social Sciences, CCTV, Tsinghua University, Beijing Open University, Guangdong Unicom and other units, responsible persons of institutional departments, as well as workstations in all parts […]