Month: May 2022

10 May by admin

China provides immunity assistance to Papua New Guinea

  Xinhua News Agency, Sydney, November 12 (Reporter Hao Yalin) Molzbird News: The Chinese government was held on the 12th of Papua New Guinea Antiomptotrug Assistance Ceremony on the 12th. Malamenti, Prime Minister Marape, expressed its heartfelt thanks to China.   China’s New Ambassador, Zeng Fanhua said in the handover ceremony, Bar’s new is China’s good friend, […]
9 May by admin

Chinese fruit artist Sydney street engraved pumpkins

The Yan Fujian in Fujian was a five-star chef. I came to Sydney more than 30 years ago. I found my carving talent under an accidental opportunity. I decided to study the fruit engraving. He can not only engrave simple patterns, but also engrave celebrities and attractions to fruit. In addition to the halloween pumpkin […]
8 May by admin

Close to the Winter Olympics to accumulate confidence in the sled World Cup

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing November 21 (Reporter Zhang Yu, Ma Bangjie) "Meeting Beijing" 2021-2022 International Sled Federation Sleigh World Cup 21st at the National Snow Sleigh Center. The Chinese team ranks ninth place in the group relay competition, and won the best results in the history of Chinese sled team, further accumulating confidence.   China Solden […]
6 May by admin

Dingzhou went to Beijing Zhongguancun investment to sign up 20 projects

Original title: Dingzhou went to Beijing Zhongguancun investment contract to sign up 20 projects on May 16, with "Science and Technology Innovation · Intelligence" The Investment Merchants Association held in Beijing Zhongguancun. Signed about 20 projects on site, with a total investment of 16 billion yuan, involving new materials, new energy, resource cycle utilization and […]
5 May by admin

Beidaihe in Qinhuangdao City Public Security Bureau to create "red network" anti-fraud technology laboratory

People Shijiazhuang, August 17 electric wire fraud Scene "simulation" of the crime, "the whole process," training "real combat" …… Recently, the Beidaihe in Qinhuangdao City Public Security Bureau Dongshan community police station Zhang Qi invited 16 area residents, relying Recreation Road Policing "anti-fraud simulation laboratory" to carry out the police camps open house once to […]
3 May by admin

Chen Kang: Endless to do every detail

  Police Archive: Chen Kang, male, born in March 1978, in December 2003, the police, the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau Longgang Branch pre-trial team secondary sheriff. From the police, Chen Kangrong has a third-class work and won the honor of the 2012 Municipal Bureau’s outstanding people’s police, personal award.   From the police, Chen Kang has […]
2 May by admin

China’s digital talent gap is close to 11 million talents last year to improve

China’s digital talent gap last year is close to 11 million digital economies to open employment new space (online China) employment scale continuous expands intelligent manufacturing engineering technicians, industrial Internet engineering technicians, virtual reality engineers, intelligent hardware installations, industrial vision systems Waiter … In recent years, a group of new professionals related to digital industries […]
1 May by admin

China Bouw Seventh Bureau General Contracting Contracting Contracting binnengegaan de Zhengdong New District Signing and Unbile Ceremony

Op de ochtend van 16 maart werd Zhongjian Seventh Bureau Algemeen Contract Co., Ltd. in Zhengdong New District ondertekend en onthulde ceremonie. Directeur van het Partij Werkcomité van Zhengdong Nieuwe District, Director van het Managementcomité van het Comité Management, Directeur van Zhengzhou Zhongyuan Science and Technology City Management Committee, adjunct-directeur van de Zhengdong New District […]