I saw Dad was scared like this,Wang Youcai smiled and said:“okay!Don’t listen to the doctor now,Just listen to me”

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“Young master,This guy is too reckless,According to his character,Very likely to destroy the plan”Said the attendant。

“I know,Just because he is an idiot,So we can better control him,This kind of guy is still useful,Like you give him a big cake,Even if this pie is just an imagination,But it’s enough for him!” “Command the Yun family in the college,Always ready,As long as Murong Qingling arrives at the college,Kill her at all costs!At […]
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“Who is this?”After shaking hands,The middle-aged man pointed to the young man beside him and asked,From the beginning to the end he was curious about such a strange face,I didn’t even have time to explore the situation on Ningde Road。

“he?Ha ha,Someone will introduce to you。”Lao Liu looked back and pointed,Just next to the second car,A middle-aged man with a slightly stocky figure came over here。 “Instructor!”The middle-aged man was surprised again,Unexpectedly, there were so many old acquaintances who hadn’t seen each other in this operation.,It seems that the game is really determined this time、Big […]
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“Mr Ming,I have to go back to the hospital first……You put him in the basement first。He and this,Can’t get rid of!”Fang Yu has an intuition。

These people’s problems,All because of that poisonous insect。 previous,All for testing! As for the purpose,Not yet clear。 but,Definitely not a good thing! ———— First152chapter Three hours In the hospital。 Dean Chang organized an expert team,But still helpless about Jiang Yiyun and Hu Yongchang。 Wait for Fang Yu to arrive,Chang Yuan is full of excitement,“Doctor Fang,You […]
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Gao Biyi said very politely,This makes the smile on the face of Cui.。

“then,I am with Nafu.,Just you are in the house,I have never seen it.。 Now,You win your big brother。” Cui Yen said。 This makes the Gao Boi sharper,This Cui,Yang Wei with honesty,The heart is not a little bit.! Gao Biyi is secretly vigilant。 Why do you say this?,Cui Yen’s words were in the old saying,In fact, […]
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“Nineteen Constant Star Rank Nine,A constant star second-order。”Babata says。

“Damn。”Li Ming cursed in his heart,His mental power has felt a weapon of thought power flying。 This is a fiery red streamer,Is an arrow wrapped in flames。 “It’s the third-tier best thought weapon【Yanlan Bow】”Babata quickly issued a warning sound:“Be careful,This fire-attribute mental weapon is extremely powerful!” Bow and arrow,It can be regarded as one of […]
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“Ha ha,Meaningless,Just guess。”

…… Everyone is talking,The noise suddenly became,Especially the next few sentences sound very harsh。Hai bald, who was in a bad mood, immediately swelled,He stood up again,“Noisy?Annoying?I knew I would stop talking。Paralyzed,Left。”Saying that he will turn around and get something。 Hai bald child suddenly roared like this,Everyone was quiet again,Li Tianchou grabbed the bald man,“uncle,and many […]
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“nothing,I just think why this plane is not flying at this time?”Xia Jian was insincere,Actually, where does Guan Tingna know what’s on his mind?。

At this time,The stewardess came out and told everyone to turn off the phone,fasten your seatbelt,The plane is about to take off。 Flew,Finally rushed to Yunxiao。Xia Jian couldn’t help but let out a long breath。He doesn’t know why he feels like this。 “President Xia!What do you think we should do this time?Are you confident?”Guan Tingna […]
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White ceiling,White wall,White sheets,And the white hospital gown。

“strange,Am I not at work?,Why blink,Come here?” Ye Xuan remembered,Boss has something,Let Ye Xuan drink,I accidentally drank too much,Then I came across here。 And the owner of this body,I am a small employee of the company,Because the son of a company executive bullied a woman,Ye Xuan sees justice。 Finally outnumbered,Then went to the hospital。 “did […]