Self-report: How to increase weight in hereditary lean people

27 Nov by admin

Beware of the poison hidden in the home

Beware of the “poison” hidden in the home After the renovation of new and old homes, the increase of indoor formaldehyde concentration, or the discovery of radioactive materials in granite materials, has already attracted people’s attention. It can just neglect the variety, chemistry and chemical properties, and the level of harm that must occur after […]
26 Nov by admin

Old Chinese medicine sums up vegetarian health characteristics

Old Chinese medicine sums up vegetarian health characteristics Dietary nutrition experts survey results show that as long as attention to nutritional balance, vegetarian diet will not affect health, but can prevent many deadly diseases. The various interests of vegetarianism are recognized by everyone, the number of vegetarians is increasing, and vegetarianism has become a healthy […]
24 Nov by admin

Cane aerobics

Cane aerobics In addition to playing a major role in walking, the cane uses a cane for aerobics, making the activity more in place, stretching more fully and more diverse, and taking the hands-on exercise to a new level.   Body side movement: The feet are slightly wider than the shoulders. Both sides of the cane […]