Disability "Run Men Dad" rescue women: chasing a light for her daughter suffering from 16 diseases

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Disability "Run Men Dad" rescue women: chasing a light for her daughter suffering from 16 diseases

Xiao Jing is receiving blood dialysis. People’s network mulberry for 3 years, Xiao Jing also "sleepy" in the room for 3 years, did not dare to go out, she was afraid of the same eyes, she couldn’t stand at her "big belly."

This is at the age of 8, Xiao Jing is cirrhosis, which causes 16 diseases such as uremia, sepsis, severe anemia. The disease erosion, so that she is full of the traces of Qing Qing Zizi, the bloated belly and the thin limbs are particularly conspicuous.

Xiao Jing is the treasure at home, Zhou Minjin couples have been born in 40 years old. Her arrival, let this special family have a vision, Xiao Jing will be happy, will give them to persuade, will sweep the floor for them, peeled with shrimp … In order to let Xiaochao accept better education, couples "心" Send Xiao Jing to the four aunt from Fuzhou.

Xiao Jing is also very sensible. On the weekdays, Xiaoyu will help do housework, go home with parents on the weekend; in the class, Xiao Jing has been a squad leader, is a good child in your eyes.

But everything is broken on May 21, 2019. Zhou Jin Min said that Xiao Jing suddenly became yellow, followed by emergency delivery to the hospital affiliated to Fujian Medical University for treatment. After the examination, it was found that Xiao Jing suffered from acute liver failure. In the conservative treatment, a series of diseases have been triggered. Two years later, Xiao Jing is further deteriorated. On June 16 this year, Xiao Jing suddenly felt chest pain, difficulty breathing, soon, she was sent to the hospital. After diagnosis, Xiao Jing caused kidney failure due to hepatic failure, and the hospital will reach three disease notices. How to make Xiaojing "sleepy", doctors recommend liver and kidney transplant surgery. But huge surgical fees, mountains fall in this family. Xiao Jing mother Zheng Shu Wei is a deaf man. At present, it works in a print factory in Fuzhou, only more than 2,000 yuan. I can’t hear it, I can’t say it, I don’t understand, so far, Zheng Shu still doesn’t know the doctor’s condition, my family is afraid that she can’t think of it, I didn’t dare to tell him.

But the motivation of my mother seems to make her aware of an exception.

"Ah, ah, ah …" Every time I saw a guest arrived home, she will always laugh and turn out the photo of her daughter from the mobile phone, while playing photos, as if it is silent: "My daughter is really beautiful. She will be good. "The burden of the family naturally presses on the shoulders of Dad Week. The 51-year-old Top of this year is in Nanping. When you are young, you will be smashed in the construction site, falling down for lifelong disabilities, because the brain nectus is affected, and the hands and feet are not very flexible, often cramps.

He can only engage in the simple work, before you have cleaning in a hotel, a month’s salary is only 2300 yuan.

"Tianshures crack", this is Zhou Jinmin, I learned that my daughter’s illness is, and I am in my heart, I feel that he is desperate. But he quickly came out, and the cruel reality told him "To run the time".

Run with time racing, chasing a dawn over time, Xiao Jing’s condition is getting more and more optimistic.

There is also a singer, a singer, who has brought hope to Xiao Jing. Xiao Jing really likes to listen to Cai Xun’s song. "He is very kind, often doing public welfare.

Sometimes I will expect: Will he help me one day? "Xiao Jing said. Little quiet expectations, wait for echo. In early October 2021, the reporter tried to contact Cai Xun, and explained the situation of Xiao Jing family.

Subsequently, Cai Xun donated 100,000 yuan with his personal account, and recorded a video to her. He must listen to the doctor, he will treat it well, and it will always pay attention to her, I hope she can recover soon, return to the campus.

In order to "grab" time, Zhou Jinmin resigned and took "running male dad."

For these three years, he ran hospital for a good party, running relatives, and ran a love agency to seek help, and even ran to the media to help.