Yoga helps you transform into a slim figure

12 Jan by admin

Yoga helps you transform into a slim figure

Yoga helps you transform into a slim figure

Are you a woman over 18 years old: the position you want to lose most: face, hands, waist, lower abdomen, legs, hips, back, whole bodyYour diet: often eat while working or watching TV, often eat snacks to reduce worry, eat quickly. Other methods: no brief description: the diet is basically light, but in fact fast food;No movement; the face is always fleshy and the waist is thick.

  Weight loss plan: Basically from your information, all parts of the body have a tendency to gain weight. Although you are already trying to adjust your eating habits, the current cause is not enough.

Although aunty meat high metabolic food has been kicked out of your food list, fast food still has a place.

In addition, all girls have a bad habit of snacking and watching TV. You also have to, and gobbling becomes another reason for your weight gain.

  If you want to lose weight, you still have to change your diet.

In diet, pay attention to control the substitution of animal protein (meat and egg milk) and transform vegetable protein (soy products).

Eating fast will unwittingly expand your stomach and cause obesity.

  If you want to eat light, you can refer to the following method: eat more for breakfast, full, you can choose whole wheat, and another fruit, to eat before 8 o’clock, it is best to eat within an hour of getting upFinish, because the digestive ability at that time is the strongest, try to eat lunch as much as possible, you can eat some meat, many MM do not eat meat, but protein is also a factor to maintain metabolic levels, not less, the choice of meat is the best white meatIt ‘s like fish and chicken, but chicken ca n’t eat skin. If you eat dinner, you have to eat it early, but it ‘s difficult for office workers like us. Then do n’t sit and go for a walk after eating to promote digestion.
If you can’t keep up, it will relax. At the same time, people with muscular obesity often have a problem of thick waist. It is recommended that you lose weight through exercise.

Let’s talk about the method of waist reduction through yoga, it will not be difficult to do, as long as you have the intention to do it, it will be easy to lose weight.

  People with thick waists and legs will not affect your body shape, but will also make you change your figure, become shorter visually, and want a perfect and even body shape, which does not prevent you from trying the following three types of weight loss yoga to make you thin waist and thin legs.


Lie flat 1.

Bend your knees with your feet in a seated position. Fix your calf with a brick sponge. Lie down slowly and hold for 5-8 minutes.

Keep lying down with your legs straight and rest 3.

Lie against the wall, lie down against the wall, add pillows at the back of your waist, put your feet close to the wall and straighten them for 5-8 minutes4.

Hold 3 moves and do cross-legged 5-5 minutes.

End and lean against the wall, straighten your right hand to the top of your head before you get up, and bend your legs together and knees 6.

Turn your body slowly to the right, and then stand up with your left hand on the ground.

Twist 1.

Kneel on both knees, sit in a kneeling position, place a pillow on the right side, and twist your body to the right in the direction of the left hand of the illustration to prepare to lie down 2.

Keep the waist and abdomen twisted, and lie slowly on the pillow with your hands hanging down at both ends. Change the sides after 2-5 minutes.

Shoulder stand 1.

Place the chair 30 cm from the wall, add a yoga mat to the chair, and a pillow underneath.

Sit with your hips as close to the back of the chair as possible and place your legs on the back of the chair 2.

Release your hands at the end and carefully slide your body slowly down 3.

Lie on your upper body slowly, with your head on the floor, leaning on the cushion, holding the back of the chair with both hands, leaning your legs together and straightening them up. Then there are 2 other people holding the operator to exert force, and even pushing the chair towards youTo the wings, hold for 10-20 minutes