Two homemade breakfasts make women eat younger

27 Dec by admin

Two homemade breakfasts make women eat younger

Two homemade breakfasts make women eat younger

What do office women most want to have some kind of breakfast?

First, the waiting time should not be too long, it must be obtained quickly in the fast-paced morning; second, it must be digested well, and the food that is not easily digested will cause gastrointestinal discomfort throughout the day, and it will reduce the work efficiency; third, the need for hot food pairing.

Consuming warm food in the morning can help revitalize the body that has not yet fully woke up.

If so, consider a cup of soup for breakfast.

In the delicate morning, take 15 seconds to make a cup of instant soup.

Eight different flavors, including corn, mushrooms, pumpkins, pumpkins, tomatoes, potatoes, chicken, spinach and other nutritious flavors as raw materials, rich milk, accompanied by crunchy and crunchy bread grains, rich and smooth taste, seven days a weekYou can find new patterns every day.

Convenient, nutritious, and rich, you should not have any excuse to skip the most important first meal of the day.

1. A cup of fresh yogurt + two slices of whole wheat bread + one tomato yogurt and tomatoes have very high vitamin A content.

Vitamin A is a good thing. Professional women who often use computers or desks need to pay attention to the maintenance of their eyes. At the same time, the main effect of vitamin A is to promote the regeneration of skin cells, increase the rate of deep skin cell regeneration, and strengthen the connection between cells.Power, make the skin full of elasticity, and regulate the process of keratinization of skin cells.

2, a bowl of red date corn porridge + chicken sandwich corn is high in carotene and various vitamins; red dates can nourish blood and qi, and can effectively enhance immunity; add a chicken sandwich, so that the breakfast can be paired withIt is the first choice for working women with high-intensity workloads to make their physical strength fully and overcome the heavy and busy work in the morning.

Maybe there are still too many working women who are distressed: “I understand these principles, but it is a bit difficult to implement them.