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Yu Jinchuan took a look at the fruit in the ward. "Where is Zhiqiu?"

"I don’t know, she wasn’t here when I came." Feng Chenan said with beautiful fingers, picked up the dice and threw a number, then picked up the villain and took a few steps.
Vivian took a sip of his mouth and didn’t get hurt. He took the dice in his left hand and threw one.
"Ha ha ha you’re up shit creek! A’ one’ has to go back five steps! " Feng Chen’s smile is so happy
"…" Vivian took five steps back with a black line on his face.
I’ve played three games, and I always lose by myself. What bad luck!
"vivian" Yu Jinchuan sounded again. "Where did your mother go?"
Vivian looked up at him and whispered, "Mom went upstairs to buy me food."
Yujinchuan nodded directly and turned and went out.
Vivian watched him leave until the door was closed and his eyes were still fixed on the direction of the door.
"Hello? West? What’s wrong with you? It’s your turn to throw away "seal Chen Ann said and stretched out his hand and waved a few before her eyes.
Vivian looked at Feng Chen’s eyes in black and white during the recovery. It took him a long time to say, "Doctor Feng, I seem to have done something wrong today."
Feng Chen’ an first picked his eyebrows and then he was very excited. He rubbed his hands and leaned forward. His eyes shone and asked, "What did you do wrong? Come and tell me about it."
"…" Vivian frowned for a moment … but didn’t know how to say it.
"Go ahead and treat me as your best friend or … treat me as a big tree.
Think of me as a big tree and spit everything out at me, "Feng Chenan encouraged.
Just as she was thinking about what to say, the door was suddenly knocked a few times and then it was pushed open from the outside.
"seal the doctor?" A little nurse looked at Feng Chenan with a reddish cheek by the door. "The dean wants you to go to his office."
Seal Chen An "…"
Skimming his thin lips, Hao Nai got up. "I’ll go to my dad’s first and come and see you later."
Section 516
品茶论坛"Goodbye, doctor." vivian nodded and waved cleverly.
After waiting for the door, she stretched out her hand and took the left hand of the mobile phone and slid into WeChat.
Some things can only be said with strangers.
Yu Jinchuan went into the ladder and directly pressed the first floor to seal the hospital canteen.
Although it is said to be a canteen, the conditions are comparable to those of a five-star hotel, not to mention the price of the kitchen. Even the dining area is designed to be quite magnificent and circular, and a large wall is transparent to glass, and the scenic view is excellent.
After buying a meal, Yu Jinchuan visited the door and walked in one direction.
Somewhere by the window, Gao Zhiqiu is sitting there looking out of the window. Looking from the side, her eyelashes are long and warped, and she is quiet. Adding a floral dress with a partial ethnic style is like a beautiful picture of an ancient lady.
Yu Jinchuan directly sat opposite her.
Gao Zhiqiu slowly turned his head to look at Yu Jinchuan and asked, "Why are you here?"
Yu Jinchuan glanced at it in a low voice. "It’s twelve o’clock. What about buying dinner for vivian?"
"Oh" Gao Zhiqiu hastily got up and picked up the desk wallet "I’m going to buy it"
"No" Yu Jinchuan grabbed her arm. "I have already bought a horse."
As if being scalded, Gao Zhiqiu felt stiff and then quickly pulled his arm back.
Sit down again, lower your head and stop talking.
The scene was a bit eerily quiet at the moment.
Although there are not many people in the restaurant during the meal, they occasionally speak softly for fear of disturbing others.
Looking at the silent woman in front of her eyes, Yu Jinchuan squinted and suddenly said, "Do you have a month?"
"…" Gao Zhiqiu blinked and raised his eyes to see him. "What is it?"
"A comrade-in-arms is getting married, and I’ll take you with me." Yu Jinchuan said calmly and just came to pick up the meal notice on the radio.
He got up and lifted his feet and walked towards the counter.
Gao Zhiqiu some froze and stared at his back.
Yu Jinchuan, who has been practicing in the army all the year round, is still tall and straight despite his 49-year-old back, and his figure is vigorous and looks no different from that of a man in his 20 s and 30 s
She bowed her head and slowly spread her right hand.
The wedding line in the palm of your hand is twisted, messy and of different lengths.
Many years ago, a fortune teller once told her that it is difficult for a woman with such a marriage line to meet a good man in her life, and it is easy to end up alone in her life.
She didn’t believe it when she was young, but now …
Back to the ward, Gao Zhiqiu told her daughter about going back to Chongcheng to sweep the grave in two days while feeding her.
"Mom, how long are you going?" Vivian looked at her at once and asked
"I’ll be back in two days," Gao Zhiqiu replied.
"…" Vivian chewed the beef for a few times and then asked, "Is the elder sister going too?"
Gao Zhiqiu gave her a look and said, "She won’t go."