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Lan Jingyi was relieved and smiled and went back to her little family. Yin Qing was soft and stupefied and went back to her princess room. Then she looked at the flames scurrying about the stove and forgot to heat the milk.

Has she already lost?
Jiang Junyue was bringing breakfast to the table when he saw Lan Jingyi coming back and said, "What’s the matter with Qingrou?"
"Oh, the gas won’t turn on. I’ll help her turn it on." Lan Jingyi smiled very kindly, but that smile made Jiang Junyue have a creepy feeling. This little woman must have done something to Sunny Soft.
It’s just that he can’t take care of the recent days by himself. He is really used to Lan Jingyi, and he is used to this ordinary day when there are women and children.
The family sat around the dining table, and the two little things also had their own special baby dining chairs, and few people managed to sit on them, so they could help themselves to eat them, except milk. Of course, adults must put straws in the liquid and stare at the two little things to drink it, otherwise the two little kids would like to wash their faces with milk. Although it is beautiful, it’s quite a wave, isn’t it?
Lan Qing watched the young couple seem to be reconciled, and when they were happy, they ate happily and urged Lan Jingyi. "Don’t worry about the two children for a while, and then I’ll slowly feed them some porridge and they won’t be hungry. You should finish eating quickly and go to class with LaCrosse."
"Good" mother gave herself a step, so she went to class. Anyway, from the moment she saw Yin Qingrou, she told herself that she would never let go. Jiang Junyue crossed her, and her two children could not let go. She didn’t want to bully Jiang Junyue. He first bullied her, and he was responsible for her and the children. This must be a man’s responsibility or a father’s responsibility.
Jiang Junyue didn’t say anything. Let her toss and turn. Looking at her, the speed of turning from cloudy to sunny is quite fast. She can change her mind without his adjustment. Hehe, his woman is really different from other women, crying and crying, and it will be over soon.
Maybe this is life.
No matter how rich you are, no matter how heavy you are, life is so ordinary and trivial.
品茶论坛It is even more true that nothing is true.
After breakfast, the two little things are still playing while eating in the baby chair, but they are happy. That little face tut tut that smile is too brilliant. That’s what adults are asking for, because it’s the purest and truest smile in the world without any fake.
Lan Jingyi ate breakfast and went in to wash her hands and put on makeup. She wanted to dress herself up and not lose to Yin Qingrou. What’s wrong with having a baby? She’s not a yellow-faced woman. She’s still beautiful.
Chapter 197 Take her to pull the card
Watched the woman into the health two children also sit firmly in the baby chair eating and playing with Jiang Junyue got up and walked beside Lan Qing, saying, "Aunt Qing, you come in with me."
"Oh, lacrosse, what is it?"
The figure and sound of the two people soon disappeared in the bedroom. When Lan Jingyi finished taking care of herself, Lan Qing had already returned to her seat and sat in the chair. She was eating porridge with two little things, and Jiang Junyue was already waiting at the door in a suit and saw her come out on the sidewalk. "Let’s go."
Lan Qing smiled. At the moment, she smiled and drew an equal sign with her grandson and granddaughter. It was a heartfelt smile. "Yi Yi will come back to spend time with her mother and children and LaCrosse when she is busy at night."
Jiang Junyue swept the palm-sized place and frowned. When he turned to go out, he thought he had to move and live in this small place again. He really had no sex. There was a sofa here for him.
Lan Jingyi followed Jiang Junyue closely and looked at his tall figure and walked to the ladder, but she stopped the door and said, "Jiang Junyue, you come back."
"Huh?" Women don’t need him to coax them into being quiet, which makes Jiang Junyue very upset. Without thinking about anything, he walked back towards Lan Jingyi.
Seeing that he really came back, Lan Jingyi pouted a little face and just squeezed out a smile, but the little appearance made Jiang Junyue look at it and had a creepy feeling before he wanted to ask her what she wanted. Lan Jingyi’s little hand had knocked on the door of the small apartment next door, and of course, he didn’t forget to ring the doorbell.
"Yi Yi …" Jiang Junyue tried to stop it, but it was too late. His voice was not as good as her competitors.
"A distant relative is better than a close neighbor. Say goodbye, but they cooked breakfast for you. It’s a pity that you don’t understand amorous feelings."
"Nonsense" Jiang Junyue lowered his voice and shouted a voice.
The door opened, Yin Qing was soft, and Jiao Jiao was soft, like flowers blooming early in the morning. There was "LaCrosse Blue Sister".
That blue sister is very kind, but she didn’t meet herself for the first time today. It seems that she is an uninvited mature woman. Even Li Xuefeng didn’t call her blue sister. Lan Jingyi didn’t send "Miss Yin and LaCrosse went to work. If you are missing anything here, you can ring the doorbell for my mother’s help. And I seem to be younger than you. You can call me Jingyi." Anyway, she won’t let Yin Qingrou find her own home to help. She also wants to find a way to turn on the gas early. It’s an example where it’s not easy to turn it on That’s Yin Qingrou looking for Jiang Junyue again. Listen, that blue sister is a little harsh. She and Yin Qingrou are really not good enough to be called sisters. It’s less than an hour since they really met, isn’t it?
"Oh, thank you." Yin Qing’s soft face still kept smiling. Before folding his belly, he gently twisted it a little embarrassed.
Thank you for your coffee last night. I’ll invite you with Jingyi another day. Or just take this opportunity to express your position. Nothing needs to be said. This sentence proves that he loves her is true, but that’s a thing of the past. Now she is still important in his heart. She will be his best friend and he will take care of her for the rest of her life. At that time, love was beautiful.
No one will forget the good past, and everyone is looking forward to a better future.
But not forgetting doesn’t mean living a generation in memory.
The word "good" is low with a faint sadness.
Jiang Junyue’s eyebrows are slightly wrinkled. She must have heard what he said.
"Jingyi, let’s go" took Lan Jingyi’s hand, and Jiang Junyue pulled the woman and strode towards the ladder. He never looked back because he didn’t look back. He knew that Sunny would cry and think about Yin Qing’s soft tears, and his heart was sore and a little sour.
The ladder came and went in together, and the big hand was still holding the small hand. Yin Qing was always looking at him leaving the direction, but he had a person who now belonged to Lan Jingyi and his daughter, so he could never belong to another woman.
You can never have it both ways in this world.
Men want to be happy together, which is a kind of greed. On the other hand, if women think so, wouldn’t the world be in chaos?
The ladder door closed and Yin Qing’s gentle and lovely face finally disappeared. In front of him, Jiang Junyue’s hand was still clutching Lan Jingyi. Lan Jingyi looked down at him clutching his big back and then broke his fingers with the other hand. "Pack it, you can pack it."
But she broke one of his fingers, and the other one had fallen to the ladder, and she didn’t break his hand.
This makes Lan Jingyi particularly angry with this man. He can’t understand her more and more. He plays deeply.
But it’s cool that he plays deep. She likes it.
Out of the building door, Jiang Junyue had an extra car key in his hand. After a ring, Lan Jingyi saw the car outside the building door. "Tilt, are you sure you want to drive this car to class?" It’s a little too cool
"Well, let’s drive."
She followed because even if she didn’t look up, she could feel a woman’s eyes falling on her and Jiang Jun’s body, and that woman was Yin Qingrou.
Like a small car, Jiang Junyue has started the car. Lan Jingyi walks around here and there to see "Dump France and check it back?"
"Well," he likes his car and doesn’t like to drive Cheng Qingyang all the time. Then he has two other cars, one of which hasn’t been driven since someone tampered with it. He feels uncomfortable and doesn’t want to drive the other Land Rover. It’s still the case that this ungrateful woman crashed the night before. Although it can be repaired, it can’t be repaired in a day or two. Fortunately, he asked Jiang Han to bring this RV back a while ago, and he bought another new car. It will always take a day or two.
There is a magazine, a morning paper, an inventory and diced apples on the dining table. Anyway, there is Jiang Junyue driving. Lan Jingyi happily took the morning paper and looked at it while eating the diced apples with a toothpick.
The newspaper is nothing more than some political propaganda, and then there will be some absolutely unreliable hexagrams in the corner, and those hexagrams are definitely when celebrities and talents attract attention. It’s good to look at this RV while Lan Jingyi is killing. It’s really a mobile room rather than lying in that bed for a while.
Section 114
It’s been a while since the car left, and it will arrive at the company in ten minutes. Lan Jingyi looked up and looked outside. She was a little confused. "Which way are you going?" It seems that you didn’t go through this road to the company, did you?
Although she has been there several times, she still has the impression that she is wrong. She must be wrong. "What’s the matter with tipping? There is a traffic jam on the previous road, so I can’t go? " She really didn’t go to Jiang Junyue’s live broadcast of road conditions.
"Yes, it will be here soon. You can read magazines." Jiang Junyue drove steadily and looked at the briefcase around him. There were two things that he asked Lan Qing for before leaving the door. They were both Lan Jingyi things.
Lan jingyi id card
One foot is better than one inch. He said nothing. Now that the master has fixed the wedding date, let Lan Jingyi go and get Xiaohong together.
If you get a certificate, even if you are a real husband and wife, Lan Jingyi will not be swayed by considerations of gain and loss.
Maybe that’s what women want.
Although he has always felt that there is nothing wrong with this guarantee, even if he gets a certificate, he can change it into a green divorce certificate, but a woman likes it, so she can do it.
It’s also a shame to do something. While driving, I thought about myself. After all, Yin Qing was soft. She didn’t come back to see him. He was going to get married in Lanjingyi.