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"My horse is going back to Australia to send joie."

Mu Qingyu explained, "Sister-in-law should not know that I’m going to put joie in Nancheng first. My legs need rehabilitation to take care of the children. His grandparents are too busy, so I thought I could let Yu’s family take the children first."
Section 323
Fumin nodded at this explanation.
The problem with children is that Yu Tingchuan and Mu Qingyu should negotiate to solve the problem. She has no position to interrupt.
"Is joie not going back to Australia?" Yu Jing asked questions.
Compared with Fumin Yujing, she is young and doesn’t know how to hide her emotions.
Mu Qingyu looked at her and smiled. "joie doesn’t seem very happy to stay in Nancheng Xiaojing?"
"… no" Yujing looked at Fu Min with a guilty conscience, digging his finger and whispering, "I just had some accidents and didn’t mean anything."
Knowing that joie is going to stay in Nancheng Yujing is not unhappy. It is thought that her second uncle has gone to Qingcheng with Qingcheng, and now she has a baby in her stomach. She is afraid that Qingcheng will mind joie staying at Yujia’s house and quarreling with her second uncle in three days.
At this time, Mu Qingyu changed the topic and said, "Sister-in-law and Xiaojing haven’t eaten yet, have they?"
"I’m going to let the child go home first." Fu Min smiled faintly. "The hospital accompanied me with her father for one day. If I keep her again, she might give me something."
"How can you say that about your daughter?" Yujing muttered.
Mu Qingyu seems to be amused by the corners of his mouth. "If you don’t eat in your building, I’ll watch here and call a nurse if something happens."
Fu Min wanted to decline Yujing’s belly, but she cried loudly.
Yu Jing "…"
"It seems that Xiaojing is really hungry," Muqingyu said with a smile. "Sister-in-law, take Xiaojing to eat quickly, so as not to starve this beautiful girl. I have nothing to do tonight because I heard that Sister-in-law made a special trip to say goodbye before you left Switzerland."
桑拿网It is not good to embarrass people when it comes to this Fu Min.
Fumin took the wallet from the closet and told Muqingyu a few polite words to take Yujing to dinner first.
Yujing walked to the door and didn’t forget to thank you back. "That’s a trouble for Aunt Mu. I’ll come back with my mother as soon as possible."
Mu Qingyu nodded and looked kindly. "Go!"
Ward door gently closed.
Mu Qingyu heard the footsteps outside, and her smile faded. She turned her attention to the man in the hospital bed. After a few steps, she saw the man’s deep eyebrows, like the man in the memory, and it seemed that his heart was not racing and his hands were slowly clenched in a wheelchair.
Even if you don’t love it, you will still be affected, because looking at this man who makes himself devote himself to his body and mind will remind you of how stupid he was.
It’s ironic that I’ve been in a wheelchair for as long as you’ve been in bed. Mu Qingyu’s eyes are red and she can’t help but speak, even if the other person is a vegetable who responds to her. Your wife is going to take you to Switzerland for treatment, but I can fall in the rehabilitation room alone, but she can’t support me. That person actually exists, so I abruptly pushed him away from me.
There is a sound of Mu Qingyu in the ward.
"joie is almost thirty years old. Did you not expect this child to come alive?"
Mu Qingyu remembered the terrible car accident and took a deep breath. "I just came here to tell you that you are not so sleepless because I don’t want you to be joie’s father. Unfortunately, you can’t hear me. But you can lie like this, but you will still take care of you for ten years without your wife. Sometimes it is a blessing to be kept in the dark like this."
"You know, Hengyuan is now a Tingchuan manager. I always knew that he was very capable. Even if he was excellent, your father wouldn’t consider him. It’s time for your mother to die. No matter how much your father likes children, Adou can’t afford to give Tingchuan shoes."
Speaking of which, Mu Qingyu’s tone is sarcastic. "Do you think it’s ridiculous that such a large family business is born out of disgrace in the end? Even if you don’t say I know the truth, you can’t see your father having a baby outside, but what should I do? Tingchuan is better than you. Whether it’s managing the company’s talents or his father’s responsibility, you are desperately trying to kill the child. Even if you hide it again, your depressed family is still full of filth. You can rest assured that I won’t tell Fu Min that you are joie’s biological father. I think it’
Something fell to the ground outside the ward.
Mu Qingyu followed the past, and the door was still closed. The sliding wheelchair used to open the door and the aisle was alone.
Just about to turn the wheelchair wheel quilt to something stuck.
Mu Qingyu bowed his head and found that it was a roll of medical packaging tape.
Just then, the nurse in the next ward came back with the medicine cart and saw Mu Qingyu’s adhesive tape showing an epiphany expression. "I told you I couldn’t find it."
Muqingyu smiled slightly and returned the tape.
Fu Min has only been back for 20 minutes.
Pushing open the ward door, Fu Min saw Mu Qingyu sitting by the bed.
Mu Qingyu heard the door open and turned to see Fu Min coming back with takeout. "Why didn’t Sister-in-law eat well outside?"
Fu Min sighed and put the takeaway bag on the coffee table. "It’s not Xiao Jing who said that she would eat here for a while and then clamored to go home. At this moment, it’s raining outside and I just went upstairs. I asked her to come back and get an umbrella, and then I went to my hands and didn’t know what to do."
Mu Qingyu’s heartbeat stagnated and asked, "Did Xiaojing just come back?"
"Yes," Fu Min said with a lunch box. "This child is spoiled at home. I said that she just threw her face and ran after it."
"…" MuQingYu listen some absent-minded.
Fu Min didn’t stay long when he came back for Mu Qingyu.
Coming out of the ladder, Muqingyu Hall met Fu Min’s mouth and left Yujing Yujing’s eyes red, as if she had cried before. She looked straight at Muqingyu and said, "Aunt Mu, I have something to ask you."
Mu Qingyu raised his eyebrows. "What is it?"